Saturday, November 25, 2006

Huffington Post Insanity, Part 724


Okay, well this isn't really Part 724, but it just as well may be... with all the hysterical leftist diatribes and propaganda that The Huffington Post has become a central locus for, over the past few months.

Today, however, HuffPost's illustrious editors really outdid themselves... and yours truly called them on it, in legendary JonQuixote fashion. :)

Shortly after 1:00pm today, HuffPost put the following picture and headline atop their site:

"Make Sure This Is Accomplished": Rumsfeld Signed Letter Authorizing Detainee Torture...

The article this blazing headline refers to, from (al) Reuters, reads in part:

"The handwritten signature was above his (Rumsfeld's) printed name and in the same handwriting in the margin was written: 'Make sure this is accomplished,' she (Karpinski) told Saturday's El Pais."

"The methods consisted of making prisoners stand for long periods, sleep deprivation ... playing music at full volume, having to sit in uncomfortably ... Rumsfeld authorized these specific techniques."

And after eight pages of standard HuffPost fare of America-bashing, Israel-hatred, jihahdist-appeasement and leftist blather, here was my response at 5:27pm:


Oh my GOD!!!

This is a frickin' RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our soldiers capture jiadist murderers who happen to be trying to murder them (or civilians), and take them into detention. And our soldiers and intel services want to know what they know - what's being planned, by whom, who the key players are, where they are, who's financing them, training them, etc. Wow, how inhumane!!!!! (this info has only been sought by captors since the start of warfare).

Let's see - "making prisoners stand for long periods..."

You ever work retail!?!? You ever been a waiter during the holiday season, or a week-long conference!?!? All those foot massagers sold in America aren't bought for nothing, dimwits.

"sleep deprivation ..."

Oh, the humanity!!! Ever cram for finals!? Ever stand in line all night for the stores to open on the day after Thanskgiving, or Christmas? Ever had to pull an all-nighter or two, or three, for work? Oh, how cruel...

"playing music at full volume..."

If we're talking rap or the Ditzy Twits, I can certainly understand how some could construe that as torture. But come on, give them some good Zeppelin, or Stones, or Van Halen, or Neville Bros. or Motown, and they'd be grooving!!! It isn't the "music" they like to listen to - machine-gun fire, RPG rounds and victims screaming - but hey, when you join jihad, you don't get to choose the playlist.

"having to sit in uncomfortably..."

This has to be the stupidest one of all. Does this mean they have to sit on a standard Staples-bought chair, instead of a genuine Aeron? Oh, the humanity!!!!!!! What monsters our soldiers (and Rumsfeld) are!!!! No wonder we're so hated in the world!!!!

By: JonQuixote on November 25, 2006 at 05:27pm


And as has become standard practice at HuffPost, there were no substantive replies... they just HATE it when something like this is posted. If this were an auditorium debate, this is about the point at which the leftists would rush the stage and physically assault someone like me, with pies, fists or worse - all in the name of "civility, dialogue, tolerance and diversity," of course.



OK, while doing my last email check of the night, I also went back to see if anything new or worthwhile had been added to the above thread, any of my compadres, etc.... but alas, only insanity was in da house.

So here was my last contribution to this thread... a very fast post:


Q) Ahmed, what were you and Mohammed planning to blow up with all those bombs?

A) I say nothing until my ACLU attorney gets here.

Q) You're not a citizen. What were you planning to blow up?

A) Look, I know you can't do crap to me.

Q) We can take away your gourmet-prepared Islamic food.

A) Big deal - I'm used to eating crickets when I'm camped out in Afghanistan.

Q) We can take away your comfortable cot.

A) No you can't - I heard from Diane Sawyer that if you do, ABC will report it as "cruel and unusual punishment."

Q) We can take away your Q'ran, you know, the one you tried to flush down the toilet, then blamed on us?

A) Yeah, hah, that was funny. Brother Osama sure nailed that one when he told us to do that in our training manual, if we're ever captured. "The world's MSM will believe anything you say if you claim abuse!!!" How right he was...

Q) We can take away your HBO.

A) No, you can't. The Hague said that this would be depriving us of our cultural right to see sex movies while in captivity.

Q) We can make you stand and recite passages from the Q'ran for 12 hours straight.

A) No, you can't. The ACLU and the Huffington Post bloggers would have a conniption. Besides, where's the Aeron chair you were supposed to order me, for my "bad back"? (snicker-laugh)


A) AWWWWWWWWWW......... I'M TELLING!!!!!!!! You used a bad word!!!! "Maggot" in Arabic means an infidel's whore sister, and my sister is a queen!!! I'M TELLING!!!!!!

Q) OK, ok, ok, sorry about that. Here, let me refresh the ice in your lemonade.

A) Good, good. And another mint leaf, please.

Q) Right. Now, about those bombs...

A) I don't feel like talking anymore. You know how I like to watch TV... there's Oprah at 3, Maury at 4, then Springer at 5.....

By: JonQuixote on November 25, 2006 at 11:42pm


Can't wait to see what insightful, tolerant and inclusive messages will be posted in reply...