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July 30 Update to Roundup Of Western Government-Enforced Dhimmitude

This is the July 24-30 update to the master directory,
Roundup Of Western Government-Enforced Dhimmitude:


The Wahabbification of American education; while we're supposedly "at war" with jihadist terror, one of its chief sponsors, Saudi Arabia, has been quietly injecting Islamist-whitewashing, jihadist-appeasing doctrines into U.S. schoolbooks.

Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) removes online search tool that helps investors identify and steer clear of companies involved in sponsoring terror

THE DHIMMICRATIC "YOUTUBE DEBATE": Strangely missing from discussion, the war that militant followers of... no particular religion have declared on the USA and Western civilization. Instead, Dhimmicrats focus on the war they'd rather be fighting --- against Bush, free enterprise, faux "inequality," faux "racism," etc. See analysis at AmericanThinker, HERE, and liveblogging at InfidelsAreCool, HERE.

(Taxpayer-funded) San Diego elementary school ordered to shut down madrassas, stop Islamist indoctrination; ACLU, MSM: "Yawn... hey, what's the latest with the Lindsay Lohan car chase?"

UPDATE: (Taxpayer-funded) NYC madrasses still on track to open in fall 2007; group formed to demand answers; MSM (sans FNC): "Yawn... hey, when does the new season of 'American Idol' start???

"JOHN DOE" LAWSUIT PROTECTION UDPATE: After months of leftist Democrats (Dhimmicrats) trying to keep "John Doe" lawsuit protections out of Homeland Security bill (in shameful attempt to win "hearts and minds" of radical Islamists, and hand trial lawyers' lobby a windfall), Repubicans and bloggers fight to keep it in... and it stays in, kinda-sorta... for now.
In ironic timing, more suspected jihadists are perpetrating "dry runs" on U.S. airlines... and if Dhimmicrats ultimately get their way, anyone who reports them will face the legal wrath of lawsuits from... dry-run jihadists and their supporters.

(Taxpayer-funded) Pace University has student arrested under "hate crimes" for throwing Koran into toilet; CAIR has fit of ecstasy at PU's dhimmitude; militant student followers of... no particular religion who stomp on, burn American & Israeli flags, claim... no particular religion should murder its way to global conquest... not. Updates here, and here

Condi Rice and jihadists agree: Israel must end "occupation" of West Bank
(JQWorld: Next --- Jews must be driven into the sea?) Well that was fast!!! After U.S. pushes for Israel to make "goodwill" gesture of releasing 250 Fatah jihadist murderers (on condition that they promise to not murder any more Israeli civilians...), and Israel capitulates... freed Fatah murderers say they won't stop murdering Israeli civilians!!! (Sound FX here: Gomer Pyle - "Surprise, surprise, surpriiiissseee!!!")

Mitt Romney: If elected president, I'll try to combat jihad by... imitating Hezbollah!! (well, their welfare-state, anyway)

France: Let The Jihadists Have Nukes!!!, Part II: Earlier this year, JQWorld documented how former French president Chirac expressed his support for Iran having nuclear weapons, here; now, the "conservative" Sarkozy is expressing support for terror-supporting Islamist states including Libya to be able to acquire "peaceful" nuclear technology, here

U.S. District Court: Islamist franchisee of Dunkin' Donuts can sue company for requiring him to serve all pork products on menu (JQWorld: By implication, now McDonalds franchisees are cleared to launch massive class-action lawsuit to upend McD's menus in stores owned by militant followers of... no particular religion; hello halal food, goodbye Sausage McMuffin!)

(Taxpayer-funded) George Mason University tells non-Muslim students to observe Islamist rules in... non-denominational "meditation area" that radical followers of... no particular religion have de facto taken over

New Haven, CT mayor welcomes illegal aliens, tells them they are "more courageous" and "more American" than... Americans, gives them welfare-service ID cards; anybody bother to check to see if they're militant Islamists or jihadists? (MSM: "Yawn... hey, who's gonna take over for Bob Barker on 'The Price Is Right'?")


Bush Admin., Part 1:
Saudis playing "counterproductive role" in Iraq, arming insurgent groups (as if funding jihadist terror around the world for decades, and now attempting to indoctrinate American schoolchildren isn't bad enough...)

Bush Admin., Part 2:
Let's sell the Saudis $20 BILLION in new weaponry!!!


UPDATE ON BBC BIAS, JIHAD-ENABLING SCANDAL: A devastating analysis and commentary of (taxpayer-funded) BBC by Graham Cunningham at AmericanThinker, HERE

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Total Dhimmitude In The Great White North


Fans of JQWorld know that I've assembled an extensive, categorized series of links that document government-enforced dhimmitude in the Western world, here.

But some acts of governmental dhimmitude are so egregious, so outrageous, and so close to home, that they deserve special, isolated attention.

Such a case was contained in today's Washington Times, below. After reading it, compare it to the following story, and ask yourself:
How hard must the radical Islamists, and the jihadists they support, be laughing their asses off at how easily they are totally conquering Canada, without having fired a single shot?

Activist's Remarks About Islam, Sex Probed
The Washington Times, July 25, 2007


SAULT STE. MARIE, Ontario — Organizers of a conservative online forum in Canada say their free-speech rights are under attack after they received a letter saying a complaint has been filed with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

The complaint, filed by a private citizen and accepted for further investigation by the commission, protested a critical posting on the forum's Web site regarding Islam and homosexuality.

The remarks were posted on, a sister site to the conservative U.S. forum FreeRepublic, by FreeDominion member Bill Whatcott, a former homosexual prostitute turned outspoken Christian activist.

“I can't figure out why the homosexuals I ran into are on the side of the Muslims,” Mr. Whatcott wrote on the Web site. “After all, Muslims who practice Sharia law tend to advocate beheading homosexuals.”

He also attributed the worldwide Muslim fury at the Danish Muhammad cartoons to “violence and discrimination inherent in Islamic theology.”

The complaint, which has not been made public, reportedly said the posting “has a discriminatory content against Muslims, and Free Dominion contributes to disseminating hate literature by allowing it to be on its Web site.”(.....)

If the case does reach adjudication, she said, the tribunal would be empowered under the Canadian Human Rights Act to order the Web site to “cease and desist” the publication of hate speech or to impose a monetary fine.

Canadian hate speech laws are more stringent than in the United States and outlaw some remarks that would be protected in the United States by the First Amendment. Miss Gregoire said she was unsure whether a tribunal could order the shutdown of a Web site.(.....)

“Whatever your political persuasion, you can't possibly condone this attack on free expression by an unaccountable, unelected bureaucracy,” wrote Kathy Shaidle of Toronto, who denounced the complaint as a “secular fatwa” on her widely read Relapsed Catholic blog.

Islamist (er, I mean, Canadian) fascism, anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone? Keep in mind this is a private website on which a (supposedly) free people express opinions.

Now, are you ready for the second part of the double-feature on Canadian dhimmitude?

OK, read on...


VisionTV Defends Airing 'Jihad' Lecture
National Post (Canada), July 19, 2007 (h/t LGF)


(JQWorld: Taxpayer-funded) VisionTV says it will monitor one of its shows more closely after it broadcast a lecture by an Islamic preacher who said scripture requires Muslims to either fight jihad or finance it.

The multi-faith channel, available in 7.8 million Canadian homes, said it took the precaution following a complaint about last Saturday's broadcast of a lecture by the Pakistani fundamentalist.

In the hour-long talk, Israr Ahmad said,
"Jihad in the way of Allah, for the cause of Allah, can be pursued either with your financial resources or your bodily strength when you go to fight the enemy in the battlefield.

"So jihad, the highest form, is fighting in the cause of Allah."

Mr. Ahmad runs a seminary and bookstore in Lahore, Pakistan, and
his writings foresee the "global domination of Islam," compare Jews to "parasites," describe the Holocaust as "divine punishment" and predict the "total extermination" of Jews.

His followers in Canada include terror suspect Qayyum Abdul Jamal, who was arrested last summer for his alleged role in a plot to detonate truck bombs in downtown Toronto.

The television program left some wondering how the Pakistani preacher, who claims that Jews control the world through a secret conspiracy involving financial institutions, made it on to Canada's government-regulated airwaves.

"Israr Ahmad is widely known for his hateful words and vilification of Jews," said Canadian Jewish Congress spokesman Bernie Farber. "We are deeply concerned that Vision would give this individual the imprimatur of Vision's credibility. It was a mistake in judgment and ought to concern all of us."

Ah, yes. And I'm sure the Canadian government is going to get right on the case, to make sure that this "preacher" never again is permitted on the TV network that it forces its citizens to pay for.

Except... whoops!!!

VisionTV Gives Islamic Radical More Air Time
National Post (Canada), July 19, 2007 (h/t LGF)


A day after saying it regretted broadcasting a lecture by a Pakistani preacher who says Muslim scripture advocates violent holy war and the "extermination" of Jews, VisionTV put him back on the air again this weekend.

A leading Jewish organization said yesterday it would launch a formal complaint with Canadian broadcast regulators after Vision aired another hour-long talk by fundamentalist Israr Ahmad on Saturday.

The preacher's reappearance on Canadian television came as a surprise to some, since VisionTV had issued a statement on Friday expressing regret for broadcasting Mr. Ahmad's lecture on violent jihad on July 14.

But despite the statement, Vision aired another lecture Saturday afternoon by Mr. Ahmad, who compares Jews to "parasites," describes the Holocaust as "divine punishment" and calls Jews "condemned."

"It is most troubling that VisionTV made a calculated decision to re-broadcast a segment featuring a radical Imam, whose words have the potential to incite hatred and violence," Frank Dimant of B'nai Brith Canada said yesterday.

"It is a complete abdication of their responsibility to knowingly give a platform to this individual whose calls for jihad can clearly be interpreted by his supporters as a call to engage in terrorism. B'nai Brith Canada will be launching a formal complaint with the CRTC calling for a full investigation of this matter." (.....)

Last week, a Vision executive, Mark Prasuhn, described "Dr. Ahmad" as a religious scholar --he is a medical doctor --and in a recent interview the preacher acknowledged that he was not welcome in Canada. "I had no official information about a ban [from entering Canada] but I understood that I was not in the good books of the U.S. and the West, especially after 9 /11, due to my concept of radical Islam; which demands a Muslim to struggle against the prevailing corrupt and exploitative system in the world," he said.

Mr. Ahmad heads a self-described "revolutionary" organization called Tanzeem-e Islami, which wants to turn Pakistan into a fundamentalist Islamic state and a launch pad for the global domination of Islam.

Read it all.

Keep this all in mind the next time you hear a highbrow intellectual, activist or politician tell us that we could learn from our neighbors to the north.

Or worse, when we are lectured that we could learn so much from the Eurotrash Union which is going much, much further --- by attempting to ban the word "jihad" altogether, as well as the phrase "Islamic terrorist,"
here. More on that later.

Oh, and think it can't happen here?

Newsflash: It already IS happening here:

The (taxpayer-funded) government-run cable TV network in Burlington, VT is now featuring al-Jazeera, mouthpiece of radical Islamist & jihadist propaganda (it's al Qaeda's favorite network!); VT govt. network official: "I think it’s more mainstream and more objective than CNN.” Read it all here (h/t LGF).

Have a nice day.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Matt Lauer -- Meet the U.S. Constitution


On whole, I find Matt Lauer to be among the least-offensive morning TV hosts.

But today, he demonstrated once again that even with mega-million dollar annual salaries, research staffs and lots of other assets, most TV "journalists" (a) are among the most Constitutionally-illiterate people in America, and (b) continue to believe whatever Sen. Barack Obama says, without question, no matter how obviously full of excrement his statements are.

Case in point: On this morning's Today Show, Lauer was asking Obama some questions after the Democrats' all-night political theater to try and force an unconstitutional vote to begin withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq, thereby signaling our surrender to al Quada in this main front.

Obama's reaction was basically that our troops have done a great job in Iraq with the orders they've been given --- but that the orders they've been given were ineffective. Then, Obama went on to say that in our civilian-led military, it is in part the Congress's job to issue new orders in such a scenario.

I covered this in detail a few days ago: Congress has NO Constitutional authority to issue ANY orders whatsoever to the U.S. military --- not to withdraw, not to redeploy, not to "change strategy" as Obama said, nothing. Congress is, however, empowered under our Constitution to do four things regarding military affairs: (1) declares war, (2) pass spending legislation, (3) withdraw such funding, and (4) approve treaties to end military conflicts. That's it.

Obama knows this. Lauer, with all his education, millions in salary and research staff --- along with all the knowledge-assets of NBC News --- should know this, but apparently he doesn't.

Or, is it that Lauer does know it, but he --- like about 95% of other leftist journalists --- is so starstruck with political lust for Obama that he chose not to correct this attorney's statements concerning a basic aspect of the U.S. Constitution? (for more, see the classic JonQuixoteWorld expose Jack Bauer Interrogates the MSM re ObamaMania!!!)

Either way, a huge disservice was done to the American people today, by perpetuating a basic misconception of the U.S. Constitution, by the network that claims it is "watched by more people than any other news organization in the world."


Have a nice day.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Democrats' Assault On The U.S. Constitution


Well we can't say that we didn't see this one coming.

Given the colossal, indoctrinated ignorance of the American people and MSM journalists regarding the U.S. Constitution
(thank you, leftist-controlled public school system), not to mention the fundamental misconceptions they harbor concerning it (thanks again), the House Democrats' assault on this document tonight will likely go by without so much of a whimper of critical analysis, from a constitutional viewpoint.

The U.S. Constitution vests only one authority with the power to direct America's armed forces: the President of the United States, acting in his capacity as the Commander in Chief. Whether acting against an imminent danger, or via the authorization of Congress, which solely has the power to declare war, the President's orders are formulated in consultation with a body of advisors who he (or she!) chooses. But the President's instructions --- and only the President's instructions --- are directed to the Secretary of Defense, and on downward through the chain of command.

According to Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution:

The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States

On Tuesday night, however, the U.S. Congress will attempt to fundamentally --- and unlawfully ---- subvert this basic Constitutional provision.

According to The "Responsible Redeployment from Iraq Act" (HR 2956) ---

SEC. 3. REQUIREMENT TO REDUCE THE NUMBER OF ARMED FORCES IN IRAQ AND TRANSITION TO A LIMITED PRESENCE OF THE ARMED FORCES IN IRAQ.(a) REQUIREMENT.—The Secretary of Defense shall commence the reduction of the number of Armed Forces in Iraq beginning not later than 120 days after the date of the enactment of this Act and shall complete the reduction and transition to a limited presence of the Armed Forces in Iraq by not later than April 1, 2008. [blah, blah, blah...]

Newsflash, Rep. Pelosi, Sen. Reid, and the MSM: neither the House of Representatives nor the Senate has the authority to issue orders to the U.S. military.

The only thing the U.S. Congress can legitimately do is to cut off funding for military operations. That's it.

Bottom line: This bill is invalid, even if all 100 Senators, and all 435 Representatives voted to approve it.

Now, the question is this: Will the mainstream media acknowledge this little fact --- or continue to act as swooning, unquestioning lapdogs to the Democratic Party?

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

France's Latest Anti-Individualist Mini-Manifesto


American intellectuals, politicians and "artists" keep claiming that there's so much we can learn from the French, and lecturing us on how we should listen to and emulate their stances on international diplomacy, cultural affairs, etc.

No, we shouldn't.

France is committing a slow, agonizing suicide, as has been documented at JQWorld and elsewhere. And the centerpiece of their suicide-march is their war against individualism, and on a larger scale, individual rights.

Well, those lofty French intellectuals who set the framework for their culture have come out, en masse, against the distinctly American trait of individualism and self-determination yet again, alleging (brace yourself) that their new president's jogging habit is... a right-wing propaganda campaign.

From this July 4 TimesOnline article (UK; hat tip DrudgeReport):

President Sarkozy has fallen foul of intellectuals and critics who see his passion for jogging as un-French, right-wing and even a ploy to brainwash his citizens.

Attacks on Mr Sarkozy’s pastime, which he has made a symbol of his presidency, began on the internet as soon as he bounded up the steps of the Elysée Palace in shorts when he took office in May. That moment has become the icon of his hyperenergetic administration. The grumbling has now moved to television and the press.

“Is jogging right wing?” wondered Libération, the left-wing newspaper. Alain Finkelkraut, a celebrated philosopher, begged Mr Sarkozy on France 2, the main state television channel, to abandon his “undignified” pursuit. He should take up walking, like Socrates, Arthur Rimbaud, the poet, and other great men, said Mr Finkelkraut.

“Western civilisation, in its best sense, was born with the promenade. Walking is a sensitive, spiritual act. Jogging is management of the body. The jogger says I am in control. It has nothing to do with meditation.”

I see. Wow.

Well, as long as we're delving into the meaning (and threat) of individualism and self-determination, let's consider what was said by another collectivist thinker who certainly had the opportunity to implement his visions on what was billed as "an advanced culture."

(1) "It is thus necessary that the individual should finally come to realize that his own ego is of no importance in comparison with the existence of his nation; that the position of the individual ego is conditioned solely by the interests of the nation as a whole...that above all, the unity of a nation's spirit and will are worth far more than the freedom of the spirit and will of an individual... we understand only the individual's capacity to make sacrifices for the community, for his fellow man."

(2) "Each activity and each need of the individual will thereby be regulated by the party as the representative of the general good. There will be no license, no free space, in which the individual belongs to himself. This is socialism -- not such trifles as the private possession of the means of production. Of what importance is that if I range men firmly within a discipline they cannot escape? Let them then own land or factories as much as they please. The decisive factor is that the state, through the party, is supreme over them, regardless whether they are owners or workers. All that, you see, is unessential. Our socialism goes far deeper. Why need we trouble to socialize banks and factories? We socialize human beings."

Wow, who was that brilliant anti-individualist thinker?

Who brought such an "enlightened" and "community-minded" perspective to cultural affairs?

Scroll down.

None other than Adolf Hitler.

Sounds an awful lot like the statements made by our "enlightened" and "community-minded" and "progressive" thinkers, and the policy proposals (education, health care, etc.) they are advancing, doesn't it?

Have a nice day.


(1) Speaking in Buckeburg on Oct. 7, 1933.
(2) Letter to Hermann Rauschning, 1934 (italics mine).

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Monday, July 02, 2007

The Enemy Among Us - Indeed


In September 2006, JonQuixoteWorld revealed that the DNC was planning to advance a Mahmoud Ahmadinejad --- Hugo Chavez ticket for the 2008 presidential derby (here), and that Mr. Ahmadinejad planned to nominate Michael Moore to hold the title of Minister of Propaganda in his administration (here).

Here's what Uncle Mahmoud had to say, way back then ---


Post: Minister of Propaganda


Uncle Mahmoud says: "Until the 2004 American presidential campaign, I and the mullahs had been largely unaware of Mr. Moore's 'work.' I mean, what could we possibly learn from 'artists' such as this obnoxious, bloated, America-hating boor?

"But all that changed with the release of 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' which has
been a hit in jihadist circles around the globe, and has even been featured in their training and propaganda videos.

"What really put Moore on our radar screen for this post, however, was the near-godly status showered upon him by intellectuals, politicians, schoolteachers, the movie industry, college professors, young people and the world media, despite the most obvious
lies, distortions and misrepresentations in this film, and others he has made.

The Bush campaign could not offset the damage that Moore was doing to it, and even American news organizations were unwilling to put their admiration for Moore aside long enough to see if what he was saying was true, contextual and verifiable.

"Miscreant though he may be, Michael Moore is exactly the kind of dhimmi we need to direct propaganda films and campaigns, particularly for us to help shape young people. Breaking that American spirit of rugged indvidualism, independence and private religion won't be easy --- but with Moore's assistance, we are confident we will eventually prevail."

UPDATE (September 28, 2006): Well it turns out this nomination has been partially verified; see article "Moore Please: Ahmadinejad Likes Leftist Moviemaker" and "Mahmoud and Me."

And as it turns out, JQWorld research was on the money --- again.

Today, the
Iranian Student News Agency reported (h/t Drudge) that Ahmadinejad has accepted Michael Moore's offer to travel to Iran to show his new America-bashing socialist screed, "Sicko." Excerpt:

TEHRAN, July 02 (ISNA)-Writer, producer and director, Michael Moore is to come to Iran for the screening of his new production SICKO in the first international documentary film festival held here.

This festival will be held from the 15th to the 19th of October in Tehran.

According to reports in SICKO, Michael Moore interviews Americans who have been denied treatment by the U.S. health care insurance companies, whose policies are designed to maximize profits at the expense of providing essential care. The consequences of these individuals' plights range from bankruptcy to the unnecessary deaths of loved ones.

Moore then looks at universal free health care systems in Canada, France, Britain, and Cuba, debunking all the fears (lower quality of care, poorer compensation for doctors, big-government bureaucracy) that have been used to dissuade Americans from establishing such a system here.

The roots of those health care systems are explored, and our failure to establish free health here care is traced to a) President Richard Nixon's deceptive support of the then-emerging HMOs pursuing huge profits and b) subsequent pressures for Congress to sacrifice sound health care in favor of corporate profit.

Will this in any way cause America's intellectuals and the mainstream media to take a second look at exactly who (and what) Michael Moore is shilling for? Of course not. Why? Because he "means well."

In other upcoming JQWorld news, Charlie Manson and Ward Churchill are forming a new American political party: "Unmedicated Psychopaths For Truth." And America's intellectuals and the MSM are going to fall all over themselves to explain why they have the best hope of creating a more just, fair and equitable society --- via a fusion of fascism and socialism, of course.

Stay tuned to JonQuixoteWorld for the latest developments.

Have a nice day.

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