Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Woman Who Should Have Won The Nobel Peace Prize


Contrary to the pathological liar-propagandist who received the (once-honored) Nobel Peace Prize this year, no one on the face of the Earth is more deserving of this award than Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Perhaps at some point in the future, those who appoint the people who stand in judgment of an individual's contributions to a more peaceful, prosperous and just society, will begin to apply and honor something resembling an objective standard to their criteria. For if that had happened in years past, this remarkable woman would have been the hands-down winner this year.

As you watch these videos, ask yourself: How is it that a woman who courageously stood up to and broke free of the bonds of physical and psychological oppression, such as Ms. Hirsi-Ali, is unknown to all but a handful of Americans --- and most tragically, to young Americans? Who is more deserving of recognition and encouragement --- even if you disagree with her --- Ms. Hirsi-Ali, or any of the supposed "role models" for young people that litter our magazines, radio stations, TV programs and movies? Who is truly advocating peace --- and who is advocating, enabling and even justifying things that can only lead to conflict, and the subversion of freedom?

Editorializing is over. Sit back, and enjoy: