Thursday, December 21, 2006

News From Londonistan: A New Correlation of Names and Polls

It has been said that if a reality-based individual wants to see the future of America, he need only look to Europe as the "canary in the coal mine," for what happens there will eventually happen here, if our current philosophical climate and governmental policies do not undergo fundamental changes --- fast.

Today, the UK Telegraph announced that more British newborns are being named "Mohammed" than "George," (now the 22nd most popular name), ahead of Alexander, Michael, Ben, Edward, Bradley, Adam and Sean.

You may hear about this in a mainstream media news blurb.

What you probably won't hear, however, is the correlation to other vital facts that directly relate to it:

Specifically, the fact that a substantial, growing minority of the 1.6 million Muslims in England --- both immigrants, as well as the native-born --- are supportive of and believers in violent jihad, in England and beyond.

According to the most comprehensive survey to date of Muslim opinion in Britain, conducted in August 2006 by NOP Research (reported by Patrick Basham, here):

  • 45% percent say 9/11 was a conspiracy by the American and Israeli governments (more than twice as many as those who say it was not a conspiracy)

  • 9% consider themselves "hardcore Islamists"

  • 68% believe British people who “insult Islam” should be arrested and punished

  • Nearly 33% would prefer to live under sharia (Islamic religious) law than under British law, and almost 50% of these say that, given the choice, they would move to a country governed by those laws

  • Almost 25% believe that the July 7, 2005 attacks on London were justified because of British support for the U.S.-led war on terror

  • Only 3% “took a consistently pro-freedom of speech line”

  • 28% hope for the U.K. one day to become a fundamentalist Islamic state (which mirrors another recent survey, which indicates nearly one in three believe that Western society is decadent and immoral and that Muslims should seek to end it)

Writes Basham:

"Before the London bombings, British intelligence services estimated that one percent of British Muslims either support or are involved in terrorism. While this is mainly a peaceful and productive immigrant population, a significant number are prepared to act against their own country. The British government believes that, in recent years, 3,000 British Muslims have returned home from al Qaeda training camps.

"This terrorist weed which is choking the U.K. is especially hard to eradicate, because it is growing in British soil. America’s fastest-growing religion is Islam, but here in the States the numbers are not a security concern, as a commitment to Islam has not overwhelmed a strong attachment to America itself — another victory for the cultural melting pot. By contrast, the U.K. embraced taxpayer-subsidized multiculturalism and has paid a very dear price, indeed. The result — cultural apartheid — has encouraged a significant number of Muslims to exhibit more loyalty to fellow Muslims outside of the U.K. than to their fellow Britons."

Contrast this to the hysetria of the mainstream media and leftist activists in their reaction to any suggestion that we need to be much more vigilant --- and yes, ESPECIALLY vigilant --- in relation to Muslims who wish to visit or emigrate to America.

The British are indeed the canaries in the jihadist coal mine.

And unless we start to seriously discuss and debate the reality of what is happening there --- and here --- and who and what is actually enabling it, 9/11 may well be looked back upon by future historians as but a vicious prelude.


From Robert Spencer's
JihadWatch, an absolutely indispensable resource in the battle against jihadists-in-our-midsts; via the Daily Mirror --- see thread here:

"In a dilapidated mosque, half a dozen awestruck young men listen to a preacher spell out his vision for Britain. 'King, Queen, House of Commons... if you accept it, you are a part of it,' says Dr Ijaz Mian. 'If you don't accept it, you have to dismantle it. So you being a Muslim, you have to fix a target. There will be no House of Commons. From that White House to this Black House, we know we have to dismantle it. Muslims must grow in strength... then take over.'

"A 10-month undercover investigation into home-grown extremism has revealed hard-line Islamic fundamentalism being preached in British mosques."

Read it ALL.



According to the Daily Mail (hat tip: Little Green Footballs)

"The doctrine of multi-culturalism has alienated an entire generation of young Muslims and made them increasingly radical, a report has found. In stark contrast with their parents, growing numbers sympathise with extreme teachings of Islam, with almost four in ten (37%) wanting to live under Sharia law in Britain. The study identifies significant support for wearing the veil in public, Islamic schools and even punishment by death for Muslims who convert to another religion (36%).

"Most alarmingly, 13% of young Muslims said they 'admired' organisations such as Al Qaeda which are prepared to 'fight the West'."

Read it all here.

And this phenomenon --- and its correlations in America --- will be covered by our news media any minute now... any minute now... any minute now...

********** crickets ***********


JUNE 6 UPDATE: In less than 1 year, "Mohammed" rises from #22 to the #2 name for newborns in England, on path to be #1; LGF story here


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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

AlGore To Wage War Against... COWS?


"What in God's name is that SMELL!?!?"

"It wasn't me!!! I swear!!!"

Yes, it appears that the true culprit of "global warming" that AlGore must now wage war on is not the internal combustion engine, or industrial societies, or even (evil!) capitalism that underlies them... no, according to a new group of scientists... it is COWS!!!

According to the The Independent (UK) article
"Cow 'Emissions' More Damaging To Planet Than CO2 From Cars" -

Meet the world's top destroyer of the environment. It is not the car, or the plane,or even George Bush: it is the cow.

A United Nations report has identified the world's rapidly growing herds of cattle as the greatest threat to the climate, forests and wildlife.
And they are blamed for a host of other environmental crimes, from acid rain to the introduction of alien species, from producing deserts to creating dead zones in the oceans, from poisoning rivers and drinking water to destroying coral reefs.

(Read the rest

Gee, do you think Gore is now going to apologize for the misconceptions he's propagated for the last ten years?

For his denial that there ever were previous instances of "global warming" - like those that followed the 15-20 previous ice ages, which occurred long before the introduction of the internal combustion engine?

Gee, how many 8-year-olds who have been indoctrinated in "global warming" hysteria are aware of that, thanks to Gore? And how many of them will carry their AlGore-based misconceptions for the rest of their lives, strongly influencing their decision-making processes re everything from which auto to buy to which politicians to vote for?

AlGore has been a one-man wrecking machine of the scientific method, and more: quite possibly the most notorious and destructive propagandist of our time, with one primary target on his mind: freedom, progress and capitalism.

And unfortunately, like the Islamists and jihadists we are now at war with, anyone who questions or criticizes his beliefs or methods is retaliated against, first, in the media, and then, via his brigade of swooning "enforcers," who claim that anyone who holds a different opinion is a global warming "denier," a disgusting charge that equivocates such challenges to Holocaust deniers.

I can't wait to see the mainstream media pick up and publicize this story as widely, frequently and enduringly as they have all of AlGore's other hysterical proclamations.




************** crickets *****************




A new article describes the extent of the bovine fart problem... yet provides no indication as to Brigadeer Nutjob Propagandist-in-Chief AlGore's strategy to fight this scourge:

Humans' Beef With Livestock: A Warmer Planet


As Congress begins to tackle the causes and cures of global warming, the action focuses on gas-guzzling vehicles and coal-fired power plants, not on lowly bovines.
Yet livestock are a major emitter of greenhouse gases that cause climate change. And as meat becomes a growing mainstay of human diet around the world, changing what we eat may prove as hard as changing what we drive.

It's not just the well-known and frequently joked-about flatulence and manure of grass-chewing cattle that's the problem, according to a recent report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Land-use changes, especially deforestation to expand pastures and to create arable land for feed crops, is a big part. So is the use of energy to produce fertilizers, to run the slaughterhouses and meat-processing plants, and to pump water.

"Livestock are one of the most significant contributors to today's most serious environmental problems," Henning Steinfeld, senior author of the report, said when the FAO findings were released in November.

Well. Seems AlGore, Sen. Barbara Boxer and the rest of the Global Warming propagandists have a lot on their plates at the moment, to continue to condemn mankind, while excluding our bovine friends and their culpability for our plight.

The People's Cube has obtained from an unknown source an early draft of AlGore's acceptance speech for the Oscar he's slated to win for his propagandamentary, "An Inconvenient Truth." Excerpt:

Climate change is a modern-day equivalent of class struggle. Global Warming is an easily understood, historically inevitable concept in Marxist Science designed to help the Party to crush capitalism and fulfill mankind's utmost desire to redistribute wealth and establish a centralized global government with an army of enlightened bureaucrats running a planned global economy based on world-wide quotas and five-year plans.

In the absence of classical Marxist precondi-tions for the Revolution - global crisis of capitalism combined with massive poverty and despair - Global Warming stands out as the most convenient, non-denominational replacement thereof. It provides both the means to manipulate the masses - and a moral justification for doing so.

As such it replaces the previously promising but failed agitprop tools as "Overpopulation," "Ozone Holes," "Global Famine," and "Ice Age 2." Until the time when it gets replaced by another convenient agitprop tool, Global Warming must remain an unquestionable dogma in all political discussions (you shall be notified of changes, if any, by the NPR, the New York Times, and other progressive media organs).

The importance of Global Warming for the Revolution is too great to leave it in the hands of scientists. The masses must believe that it is beneficial to have faith in Global Warming whether it can be proven or not. If Global Warming didn't exist it would be necessary to invent it.

Global Warming encompasses four dogmas:

    1. Global temperatures are rising.
    2. This is a bad thing.
    3. Rising temperatures (if they exist) are caused by human industries.
    4. We must place human industries under centralized control and issue production quotas to stop rising temperatures.

Note: if you can't prove Proposition #1 & #3 you must quickly move to #4.


Ah, yes. Classic AlGore --- if only he were to tell the real, unvarnished, inconvenient truth about his views on mankind and "global warming."

Wait, is there an Oscar for that? Whoops, no, sorry.

The Oscar that AlGore is going to win merely recognizes AlGore's ability to indoctrinate millions of minions into one of the most anti-reason, anti-human, anti-freedom propaganda campaigns ever created.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Michael Moore Declares War - On The DNC!!!


Michael Moore is one of America's most prolific liars and propagandists, as documented here and here, and elsewhere on the Internet. Which, I suppose, is one reason why the leftist loonbats love him as they do --- because via his filmmaking and propaganda skills, he can convince them that anything they've been led to believe is true and righteous, when a thoughtful analysis reveals that they are not only wrong, but are encouraging and even justifying the actions of America's enemies. (Documented here <--- and elsewhere) .

Credit: Cox & Forkum

As the tide began to turn in 2006, and it became clear the Democrats had a shot at taking over both houses of Congress, it also became clear to me that if they did, the real war wouldn't be between such "leaders" as Nancy "Botox" Pelosi and "Dingy" Harry Reid and the Republicans --- it would be between the DNC and the outer-space, America-hating, jihad-appeasing leftists who call themselves the "new base" of the Democratic Party.

And now, Michael Moore has confirmed this prediction.

Below are key excerpts from an "open letter" that Michael Moore posted on his website, on November 29, 2006. (As an aside: What I find truly ironic is that if the seething loonbat leftists brigade, that Moore is one of the self-appointed generals of, would redirect their rage and resources to help fight the war on jihadist terror, we could have probably already have had our troops home from Iraq by now.)

Cut and Run, the Only Brave Thing to Do
A letter from Michael Moore

(After assorted opening blather and anti-American propaganda... here's the meat of Moore's letter)

The responsibility to end this war now falls upon the Democrats. Congress controls the purse strings and the Constitution says only Congress can declare war. Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi now hold the power to put an end to this madness. Failure to do so will bring the wrath of the voters.

We aren't kidding around, Democrats, and if you don't believe us, just go ahead and continue this war another month. We will fight you harder than we did the Republicans..."

This is what we demand:

1. Bring the troops home now. Not six months from now. NOW.

2. Apologize to our soldiers and make amends. Tell them we are sorry they were used to fight a war that had NOTHING to do with our national security. .

3. We must atone for the atrocity we have perpetuated on the people of Iraq.

There are few evils worse than waging a war based on a lie, invading another country because you want what they have buried under the ground. Now many more will die. Their blood is on our hands, regardless for whom we voted. If you pay taxes, you have contributed to the three billion dollars a week now being spent to drive Iraq into the hellhole it's become. When the civil war is over, we will have to help rebuild Iraq. We can receive no redemption until we have atoned.

We demand the Democrats listen to us and get out of Iraq now.

Michael Moore


Gee. I wonder what Michael Moore would have to say to soldiers who disagree:

Vets for Freedom

Maybe someone can stage a debate between the self-appointed brigade commander of the lunatic left, and real American soldiers.

I'll put my entire bank account on the real soldiers.



Better mount up, Michael... looks like Botox Pelosi has now called your bluff (while simultaneously betraying the DNC's promises to their dimwitted constituents...)


‘We Can’t Afford to Leave’: As The Debate Over Iraq Intensifies, Leading Democrat Silvestre Reyes Is Calling For The Deployment Of More U.S. Troops


"In a surprise twist in the debate over Iraq, Rep. Silvestre Reyes, the soon-to-be chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said he wants to see an increase of 20,000 to 30,000 U.S. troops as part of a stepped up effort to 'dismantle the militias'."

Read more here.

Oh, this is going to get ugly.

There are few things more entertaining than leftists who go completely unhinged when they realize their own leaders have betrayed them, and have started doing things that are actually in the long-term interests of America.

Yup, this intra-DNC war is going to get bloody. I'll make the popcorn.

Have a nice day.

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Rabid Jew-Hatred on Huffington Post, Part IV


As I've noted on this blog in the past (here, here and elsewhere), the American left is obsessed with blaming Jews and/or Israel for everything that's wrong in the world, that they can't assign exclusive responsibility to the USA for, anyway - including the 9/11 attacks, genocide, and scores of other whackjob conspiracy theories.

So it shouldn't have been surprising to see that on one of the Internet's magnets for lunatic leftists,
The Huffington Post, when it posted a news account of Hezbollah's massive rally today --- with which they hoped to overthrow the government of Lebanon --- out came the Jew-hating blogging brigade, in strength (and stench).

As a reminder, prior to 9/11, Hebollah was responsible for murdering more Americans than any other Islamist organization. And there is no doubt that Hezbollah has been allied with other anti-American organizations for decades, and via its sponsors, Iran and Syria, has been training, arming and exporting jihadist murderers for just as long.

Here's the
link to the Huffington Post thread...

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Hezbollah Supporters Protest In Beirut

... and some illustrative excerpts of the "enlightened," "tolerant," "diverse" and "inclusive" posts that the new, seething leftarded base of the Democratic Party had to say about it - with nary a whimper of protest from the "mainstream" left:

"Well, well, well. Our wonderful government should be feeling quite proud of what we've started. By not calling off the Israel government massacre of Lebanon, Hezbollah is now in charge because they tried to defend Lebanon, where before they weren't loved by the majority..."
By: xena on December 01, 2006 at 01:37pm

"Hezbollah is a shi-ite religious sect and is only about 4% of the entire Lebanese population ... an entire country is now being terrorized by a small group of thugs who protected their country from a really big group of thugs: Israel and American Neocons..."
By: killingmesoftly on December 01, 2006 at 01:56pm

"1. Documents show that israel had been planning the invasion of Lebanon for over a year before they attacked.2. Hezbollah is just an excuse to attack Iran. Israel is setting the stage in America to lie and manipulate the USA into attacking Iran for them."
By: killingmesoftly on December 01, 2006 at 02:04pm

"We have Christian Zionists and Jewish Zionists, so the problem is we are short Muslim Zionists. Note* To Jewish people ya better take Jesus as your personal saviour, soon... you know gnashing of teeth and all that stuff.It's really as simple as
By: PaxChristi on December 01, 2006 at 02:41pm

"The biggest terrorist nations on earth are the USA and Israel...........BAR NONE.If you want me to get into detail, I will."
By: LickMaLoadBitch on December 01, 2006 at 04:41pm

"Enough with the victimization writing. Tell us how Israel's temper tantrum last summer has made the region more stable and marginalized Hezbollah as a politcal force. It would be fiction but as least it would be more entertaining."
By: GilpinGuy on December 01, 2006 at 07:07pm

"Jewish Americans donate to the ADL by the tens of millions. Sasha Cohen of 'Borat' drivel recently donated One Million Dollars to the JDL. An organized and well
funded terrorist group."
By: killingmesoftly on December 01, 2006 at 10:31pm

By: killingmesoftly on December 01, 2006 at 10:39pm

"I disagree with the myth that the IDF doesn't target civilians while the dirty "ragheads" do. Firing an air-to-surface rocket in crowded street for the purposes of a political assassination might not be targeting civilians but it shows a complete disregard for civilian life. Why is it OK to treat Palestinian civilians as combatants and targets because they support the insurection but Israeli squatters are off-limits because they are "pure" civilians and not an extension of Israeli military policy.How about this? Stop stealing Palestinian land and bulldozing their homes and they will stop shooting homemade rockets at your squatters."
By: GilpinGuy on December 02, 2006 at 12:16am

And that's just a sampling. Cruise through HuffPost, DailyKos or the rest of the seething leftist loonbat blogosphere, and you'll see that that what's posted above are not anomolies --- to the contrary, they are probably on the tamer side of Jew-hatred and Israel-bashing among the "enlightened" set.

One thing is beyond dispute: The jihadists' massive $investments in American universities, high schools and elementary schools, and media relations has paid HUGE results --- and you're looking at them.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Huffington Post Insanity, Part 724


Okay, well this isn't really Part 724, but it just as well may be... with all the hysterical leftist diatribes and propaganda that The Huffington Post has become a central locus for, over the past few months.

Today, however, HuffPost's illustrious editors really outdid themselves... and yours truly called them on it, in legendary JonQuixote fashion. :)

Shortly after 1:00pm today, HuffPost put the following picture and headline atop their site:

"Make Sure This Is Accomplished": Rumsfeld Signed Letter Authorizing Detainee Torture...

The article this blazing headline refers to, from (al) Reuters, reads in part:

"The handwritten signature was above his (Rumsfeld's) printed name and in the same handwriting in the margin was written: 'Make sure this is accomplished,' she (Karpinski) told Saturday's El Pais."

"The methods consisted of making prisoners stand for long periods, sleep deprivation ... playing music at full volume, having to sit in uncomfortably ... Rumsfeld authorized these specific techniques."

And after eight pages of standard HuffPost fare of America-bashing, Israel-hatred, jihahdist-appeasement and leftist blather, here was my response at 5:27pm:


Oh my GOD!!!

This is a frickin' RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our soldiers capture jiadist murderers who happen to be trying to murder them (or civilians), and take them into detention. And our soldiers and intel services want to know what they know - what's being planned, by whom, who the key players are, where they are, who's financing them, training them, etc. Wow, how inhumane!!!!! (this info has only been sought by captors since the start of warfare).

Let's see - "making prisoners stand for long periods..."

You ever work retail!?!? You ever been a waiter during the holiday season, or a week-long conference!?!? All those foot massagers sold in America aren't bought for nothing, dimwits.

"sleep deprivation ..."

Oh, the humanity!!! Ever cram for finals!? Ever stand in line all night for the stores to open on the day after Thanskgiving, or Christmas? Ever had to pull an all-nighter or two, or three, for work? Oh, how cruel...

"playing music at full volume..."

If we're talking rap or the Ditzy Twits, I can certainly understand how some could construe that as torture. But come on, give them some good Zeppelin, or Stones, or Van Halen, or Neville Bros. or Motown, and they'd be grooving!!! It isn't the "music" they like to listen to - machine-gun fire, RPG rounds and victims screaming - but hey, when you join jihad, you don't get to choose the playlist.

"having to sit in uncomfortably..."

This has to be the stupidest one of all. Does this mean they have to sit on a standard Staples-bought chair, instead of a genuine Aeron? Oh, the humanity!!!!!!! What monsters our soldiers (and Rumsfeld) are!!!! No wonder we're so hated in the world!!!!

By: JonQuixote on November 25, 2006 at 05:27pm


And as has become standard practice at HuffPost, there were no substantive replies... they just HATE it when something like this is posted. If this were an auditorium debate, this is about the point at which the leftists would rush the stage and physically assault someone like me, with pies, fists or worse - all in the name of "civility, dialogue, tolerance and diversity," of course.



OK, while doing my last email check of the night, I also went back to see if anything new or worthwhile had been added to the above thread, any of my compadres, etc.... but alas, only insanity was in da house.

So here was my last contribution to this thread... a very fast post:


Q) Ahmed, what were you and Mohammed planning to blow up with all those bombs?

A) I say nothing until my ACLU attorney gets here.

Q) You're not a citizen. What were you planning to blow up?

A) Look, I know you can't do crap to me.

Q) We can take away your gourmet-prepared Islamic food.

A) Big deal - I'm used to eating crickets when I'm camped out in Afghanistan.

Q) We can take away your comfortable cot.

A) No you can't - I heard from Diane Sawyer that if you do, ABC will report it as "cruel and unusual punishment."

Q) We can take away your Q'ran, you know, the one you tried to flush down the toilet, then blamed on us?

A) Yeah, hah, that was funny. Brother Osama sure nailed that one when he told us to do that in our training manual, if we're ever captured. "The world's MSM will believe anything you say if you claim abuse!!!" How right he was...

Q) We can take away your HBO.

A) No, you can't. The Hague said that this would be depriving us of our cultural right to see sex movies while in captivity.

Q) We can make you stand and recite passages from the Q'ran for 12 hours straight.

A) No, you can't. The ACLU and the Huffington Post bloggers would have a conniption. Besides, where's the Aeron chair you were supposed to order me, for my "bad back"? (snicker-laugh)


A) AWWWWWWWWWW......... I'M TELLING!!!!!!!! You used a bad word!!!! "Maggot" in Arabic means an infidel's whore sister, and my sister is a queen!!! I'M TELLING!!!!!!

Q) OK, ok, ok, sorry about that. Here, let me refresh the ice in your lemonade.

A) Good, good. And another mint leaf, please.

Q) Right. Now, about those bombs...

A) I don't feel like talking anymore. You know how I like to watch TV... there's Oprah at 3, Maury at 4, then Springer at 5.....

By: JonQuixote on November 25, 2006 at 11:42pm


Can't wait to see what insightful, tolerant and inclusive messages will be posted in reply...



Tuesday, October 24, 2006

JonQ's Email to "60 Minutes" re Pelosi Puff Piece


After seeing the incredibly shallow, biased puff-piece that "60 Minutes" ran on Pelosi last Sunday, I sent them the following email:


To: CBS "60 Minutes"

From: Jon Quixote

Re: The Pelosi profile, "Two Heartbeats Away," October 22, 2006

I am an avid 60 Minutes watcher. You have done some superb work through the years.

But the Pelosi thing was nothing more than a one-sided puff piece.

Please don't confuse being critical of her surface stuff (her rabid hypocrisy re her ability to bring "civility" to DC, while savaging Bush via her verbal vitriol) for substance. It isn't.

Here's some items of vital importance to the American people that 60 Minutes producers, and Leslie Stahl, either knew, or should have known, but didn't touch on in any of that 12 minute segment:

(From "Do As I Say, Not As I Do," the expose' of leftist hypocrisy and corruption):

- Pelosi proclaims her support for unions, yet the luxury resort, the vineyard and the restaurants she partly owns are strictly non-union

- While she advocates tough new laws enforcing environmental regulations on the private sector, the exclusive country club she partly owns failed to comply with existing environmental regulations for the past eight years – including a failure to protect endangered species
Furthermore, let's just imagine, for a moment, that Pelosi was applying for a job - or a promotion, because her superiors were (apparently) dissatisfied with the person currently in that position. Fine.

One of the first questions she'd be asked is, "What would you do differently?"

And the voters have every reason to ask that of her - but they trust the mainstream press to ask it, on their behalf.

That question was not asked last night. And given the following, it SHOULD HAVE been asked:

(Source: "Pelosi Says Key To Beating GOP Is To 'Pull Them Down," USA Today, July 31, 2006)

"The highly-paid Democratic consultants that Pelosi hired told her, 'To get the chance to (take control of Congress), Pelosi said, Democrats hatched a plan shortly after President Bush won re-election in 2004 to wage a campaign to bring down Republicans.' They asked a group of marketers: 'If you are No. 2 and want to be No. 1, what do you do?'

"Pelosi said the marketers told Democrats that they 'could not overtake the leader by just saying you have a good product. You have to pull them down first'."
Did you catch that? They expect, under Pelosi's leadership, to not even discuss what they'd do differently, or better. Their ENTIRE strategy is, and has been, to "bring the Republicans down."

THIS is "civility?"

THIS is enough to qualify her and her colleagues for a "promotion" - through the smears and propaganda they've been engaged in?

WHERE was the follow-up on the disclosure by various news organizations that Democratic operatives were "shopping" the Foley emails and IMs to the news media earlier this year - instead of turning them over to the FBI, as any responsible person would have done, to "protect innocent children"?

Do you see what I am referring to, now?

I'd appreciate a substantive response.



Waiting breathlessly for that response.

And by the way, did you notice how Pelosi's face, in these photos (all from 2006) changes? Hm.... well, we'll leave that to someone more qualified than me to comment on it... (say, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon?).


Sunday, October 22, 2006

NY Times & BBC: Surrendering To Jihad --- Again, and Again, and Again...


THE NEW YORK TIMES, Part 1: "A" isn't "A" if we refuse to call it "A"

"All The News That's Fit To Print" has been the motto of The New York Times since its inception.

But "fit" --- as defined by, and according to whom?
Apparently, according to the powers that believe it is a cardinal sin to clearly identify and apply rational standards to jihadists, and their appeasers and exponents --- primarily in the form of the young Muslims they've brainwashed.
Case in point: The front page of the Saturday, October 21, 2006 issue sports a huge above-the-fold picture of an outdoor photo exhibit in France, depicting the larger-than-life faces of three young Muslims.

The cover story that it accentuates, "Anger Festering in French Areas Scarred in Riots," describes this picture as "A photo exhibit of young people (that) tries to counter stereotypes in the Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois, where riots broke out a year ago."

(THIS is how French dhimmis attempt to "counter stereotypes" of Muslim terrorists in their midst --- by depicting them in their unrestrained, hysterical facial rage?)

The story obviously refers to the intifada that young Muslims instigated in France over the past 12 months, which was, itself, part of a global jihadist war against Western values and cultures.

Yet in this entire 1,600-word article, how many times were the words "Muslim," or "Islam," or "Islamist," or "jihad," used?

ZERO. Not a SINGLE time.

Instead, they are referred to as "the offspring of Arab and African immigrants."

Gosh, does that mean they could be Christians, or Buddhists, or Hindus... or atheists? Or anything BUT Muslims?

Thankfully, the Fox News Channel is actually covering this story:

French Police Face Attacks by Growing 'Intifada'

Key excerpts:

In France, a high school teacher received death threats, forcing him into hiding, after he wrote a newspaper editorial in September saying Muslim fundamentalists are trying to muzzle Europe's democratic liberties. Ethnic integration and violence against police are both becoming issues in the campaign for the French presidency. Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, the leading contender on the right, said this month that those who do not love France do not have to stay, echoing a longtime slogan of the extreme-right National Front: "France, love it or leave it."

Michel Thooris, head of the small Action Police union, claims that the new violence is taking on an Islamic fundamentalist tinge. "Many youths, many arsonists, many vandals behind the violence do it to cries of 'Allah Akbar' (God is Great) when our police cars are stoned," he said in an interview. Larger, more mainstream police unions sharply disagree that the suburban unrest has any religious basis. However, they do say that some youth gangs no longer seem content to throw stones or torch cars and instead appear determined to hurt police officers — or worse."First, it was a rock here or there. Then it was rocks by the dozen. Now, they're leading operations of an almost military sort to trap us," said Loic Lecouplier, a police union official in the Seine-Saint-Denis region north of Paris. "These are acts of war."

I wonder when this story is going to be included in our network TV nightly news roundup???

Graphic showing the locations throughout France where Muslims were rioting,
burning cars and property, attacking police officers and others ---
leading to some to rename the nation "Francistan"


THE NEW YORK TIMES, Part 2: Let's Bribe Jihadists, for Peace!!!

In the same issue of the Times appears an editorial by Paul Cruickshank (a fellow at the Center on Law and Security at New York University School of Law), entitled Covered Faces, Open Rebellion, regarding the recent dust-up over a British Muslim's suit against the school she teaches at, for not permitting her to teach while wearing a full-facial veil, called a "niqab."

Like France, Britain has all but bent over and grabbed its ankles in order to not be impolite to the Muslims that it accepts into its culture, many of whom scream for its submission to Islam. According to Cruickshank:

"In a recent poll, more than a quarter of British Muslims under the age of 24 said that the July 7, 2005, attacks on the London Underground were justified because of British foreign policy. Thousands of young British Muslims have been influenced by fundamentalist organizations like Hizb ut-Tahrir and militant groups like Al Muhajiroun."

And what is the solution that Cruickshank proposes, to address ths shocking statistic, and the phenomena of jihadist Muslims using violence, terror and intimidation to advance Islam, and force Britain and France into even greater roles of dhimmitude!?

"Calls by British politicians for Muslim women to stop wearing the niqab will only enhance the political symbolism of this act and make its practice more widespread. Instead, what is needed is an ambitious program to address the core grievances of Britain’s young Muslims, for example by creating economic opportunities and tackling discrimination.

Britain’s young Muslims need to be brought into the country’s political process. More Muslims should be encouraged and selected to run for Parliament and to aspire to high office. It will then be much harder for radicals to claim that the British government is at war with Islam. And then we will start seeing far fewer young Muslim women fully veiled."

THIS is the solution?

Thank goodness Cruickshank wasn't around when we went to war against the Nazis; he would have encouraged us to elect Nazis to governmental positions from local dog catcher to the House and Senate, so they would feel more welcome in our culture, and couldn't claim with such ease that we're at war with Nazi Germany --- just with Hitler and his henchmen.

How could Cruickshank, with all his education and experience, be unaware that part of the jihadists' strategy for taking over our culture is to do precisely what he is suggesting!? To inspire hatred and division where there was none before, then claim victimhood, then do whatever is necessary to obtain progressively greater power in said culture?

The Jews, Russians, Italians, Poles, Asians and others who came to America in the last century often possessed nothing but the clothes on their backs --- and a desire to create better lives for themselves and their children. They didn't riot in the streets for welfare handouts, or torch buildings and cars over perceived grievances, or attempt to murder police officers.

Most considered handouts to be an insult; they wanted to be self-sufficient, to the greatest degree humanly possible. They went to work, became educated, and made themselves desirable as workers, neighbors and friends. And in doing so, they became free, valued and important contributors to the mosaic that is the American "melting pot."

When is the last time you heard of a concerted Muslim effort to advance (non-weaponry) science --- or medicine --- or agriculture --- or anything constructive? How many Muslims have applied themselves, personally, to creating genuine peace (not as a result of intimidating spineless politicians and cultures into dhimmitude)?

Yeah. Me either.

And yet, the New York Times apparently sees absolutely nothing wrong with either article.
Somewhere, Osama bin Laden must be laughing his ass off, at the ease with which the Times and other MSM organizations have decided to be so helpful to the advance of jihad.


THE BBC: Finally Admitting Its Anti-Western Bias

Also on October 21, an article appeared in the London Evening Standard that, like earlier articles from other sources, revealed just how biased the esteemed BBC actually is. And the source is... the BBC itself.

Here are some key excerpts from the article, entiled "We Are Biased, Admit The Stars Of BBC News" ---
A leaked account of an 'impartiality summit' called by BBC chairman Michael Grade, is certain to lead to a new row about the BBC and its reporting on key issues, especially concerning Muslims and the war on terror. It reveals that executives would let the Bible be thrown into a dustbin on a TV comedy show, but not the Koran, and that they would broadcast an interview with Osama Bin Laden if given the opportunity. Further, it discloses that the BBC's 'diversity tsar' wants Muslim women newsreaders to be allowed to wear veils when on air.

In one of a series of discussions, executives were asked to rule on how they would react if the controversial comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, known for his offensive characters Ali G and Borat - was a guest on the programme Room 101. On the show, celebrities are invited to throw their pet hates into a dustbin and it was imagined that Baron Cohen chose some kosher food, the Archbishop of Canterbury, a Bible and the Koran. Nearly everyone at the summit, including the show's actual producer and the BBC's head of drama, Alan Yentob, agreed they could all be thrown into the bin, except the Koran for fear of offending Muslims.

Washington correspondent Justin Webb said that the BBC is so biased against America that deputy director general Mark Byford had secretly agreed to help him to 'correct' it in his reports. Webb added that the BBC treated America with scorn and derision and gave it 'no moral weight'.

Former BBC business editor Jeff Randall said he complained to a 'very senior news executive', about the BBC's pro-multicultural stance but was given the reply: 'The BBC is not neutral in multiculturalism: it believes in it and it promotes it.' Randall also told how he once wore Union Jack cufflinks to work but was rebuked with: 'You can't do that, that's like the National Front!'
And this is how they propose to preserve their own culture against the jihadist onslaught? This is how they propose to fight, and win, the war on jihadist terror?

This is dhimmitude personified, with a British accent.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Secret email from Al Quada to the DNC - REVEALED!!!


One would think that with the speed at which information travels on the Internet, the Democratic National Committee would have investigated how I keep getting copies of their secret emails forwarded to me (here, here, and here). But alas, I guess they're just too busy these days, spreading hate, divisiveness, and America-bashing, jihad-appeasing, UN-worshipping, multi-cultural propaganda and lies, during this final push before the mid-term elections.

Oh well. Another one ended up in my email box this morning... and this one is especially troublesome, as it comes directly from al Quada itself.

From: Ayman al Zawahiri <>

To: Howlin' Howie Dean <>

Subject: THANK YOU; Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Thursday, 19 Oct 2006 07:40:25 -0400

Dear Dr. Dean:

As I said in 2005, al Quada’s war against America is not primarily a military battle, but rather, a conflict in which the public’s perceptions, and the information they are fed, will determine the outcome.

We originally planned to exert major effort to influence American public opinion through the inroads that our funders had already made into American colleges, schools and newsrooms.

But thanks to the Democratic National Committee and allied organizations, such as, Code Pink, Not In Our Name, The World Can’t Wait, and Scholars for 9/11 Truth, it turns out the American left has been a vital, dominant factor in breaking their fellow citizens’ will to fight, and win, the war that we have instigated against you.

- You proclaimed that this war is one that America’s soldiers “cannot win”

- Senator Kerry likened your soldiers to “terrorists”

- Senator Durbin compared U.S. soldiers to “Nazis”

- Cindy Sheehan denounced America’s military, while affirming the truth that our brother mujahadeen are “freedom fighters”

- Thanks to our influence in your schools, many of America’s young people have become convinced that no culture is better or worse than any other; that all are merely “different,” each entitled to respect and sovereignty

- Thanks to our influence in your newsrooms, a sizable portion of Americans now believe that our 9/11 attacks were actually perpetrated by your government – and that President Bush’s push for retaliatory military action was merely an effort to enrich his friends in the oil industry

- Thanks to our influence in America’s arts, many actors, musicians and critics have advanced and affirmed our position that America is a malevolent force in the world, seeking nothing less than world domination through its military power

Most recently, several of your news organizations reported that President Bush likened America’s conflict in Iraq to its experiences in Vietnam. (But of course, thanks to the American left’s domination of schools and school-related materials, the vast majority of your schoolchildren have no idea how hamstrung your military forces were in Vietnam, not by their own limitations, but by political maneuvering.)

They also have no idea how close your soldiers were, in reality, to crushing the North Vietnamese (even they acknowledged this, years after the war). No, the North Vietnamese acknowledged that their primary war was against America’s will to fight – and that once that battle was won, they were able to force the U.S. out of the south. Had the U.S. stayed, and fought the way the military wanted to, the North Vietnamese admitted that the war would have been won by America.

Now, on the cusp of your mid-term elections, we pray to Allah, The Merciful and Wise, that Americans will elect a majority of Democrats to your House of Representatives and Senate, so that your retreat from Iraq and Afghanistan can commence. Once America surrenders these battlefields to us, perhaps we can then help to facilitate America’s withdrawl from other aspects of its war against our mujahadeen, and accept the fact that we are on the march, and will not stop until we have converted – or slain – more and more western infidels.

Yes, Dr. Dean, you were right – America’s battle against al Quada and our brother mujahadeen is one that it cannot win.

Speaking as one physician to another, I congratulate your correctly ‘diagnosing’ the problem – America’s will to fight – and the remedy: actively subverting America’s view of itself as a force for good, and one that stands on the forefront of the battle against us.

America’s military cannot be defeated by any known force. But through Allah, blessed be His Name, we will continue to win our war against America, thanks to the efforts of wise and courageous infidels like you, and your fellow Democrats.

Please know that I and my brother mujahadeen will be praying for your strength and focus in these last weeks of your mid-term campaign season.

Ayman al Zawahiri, M.D.
Al Quada #2

P.S. I really liked your idea about running an Ahmedinejad-Chavez ticket for the U.S. presidential race in 2008. Allah knows, none of the Democrats you were considering will stand on principle - any principle. Good luck!!!

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

2nd Secret DNC Memo REVEALED!!! Sneak Peak at Proposed 2008 Cabinet!!!


As reported here, on September 22, 2006, I inadverntently received a top-secret email from Howard Dean regarding the DNC's consideration of running a Mahmoud Ahmedinejad - Hugo Chavez ticket for president & vice-president in 2008.

"We did it, Mahmoud!!! We convinced those stupid American dhimmis that we are just terribly misunderstood peaceniks, and that we'll improve their lives!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!"

So NOW, imagine my surprise to inadvertently receive still ANOTHER secret email from the DNC, this one describing the menu of cabinet & key appointments an Ahmedinejad - Chavez administration would consist of!!!




DATE: September 23, 2006

FROM: HOWARD DEAN, Chairman, Democratic National Committee

(and especially, our new seething lunatic base!)


Dear Loonbat (just KIDDING!!!)... I mean, Fellow Democrat:

In my email from yesterday, I told you of my BIG idea to have the DNC run an Ahmedinejad-Chavez ticket in 2008, and explained why I and other DNC executives are confident that this ticket will restore us to majority status.

Today, I have been authorized to share with you the names of the people who would fill key posts in such an administration.

Following is a list of these posts, with Uncle Mahmoud's description of the key qualifications of each!!!


Post: Council on the Promotion of Virtue & Prevention of Vice

Uncle Mahmoud says: "These are the supreme rulers, and to question or oppose them is to mean inviting death. They alone will decide who lives and who dies, for whatever crimes they claim one has committed.

"For Americans, this new ruler-ship will be hard to accept at first, what with its somewhat different view on premarital sex, particularly if it is practiced by a young woman (read the story of one such offender
here, and see video documentary here). But thanks to the Council, all American women will soon learn their place --- as will men, children, and small animals."


Post: Czar of Labor


Uncle Mahmoud says: "If ever there was a man who knows how to keep civilians motivated to work, without complaint of any kind, it's Lil' Kim. Behind that horrible bouffount hairdo and Elvis-ish glasses lies a natural-born labor negotiator. It is true that some consider his incentives fairly drastic ('Work at tasks we assign to you, and maybe --- just maybe --- you'll live to see tomorrow; refuse, and you'll be executed.').

"But it won't be easy to break Americans' notorious self-determination, or their view of government officials as merely civil servants, accountable to citizens. No, we'll need to rapidly bury those notions, and fast. Lil' Kim will be vital to this effort, and he will work closely with my next nominee, in this campaign to erradicate that notorious rugged American individualism."


Post: Czar, Federal Communications Commission


Uncle Mahmoud says: Ted is perfect for this post. He knows the media business as well as anyone, as well as how to craft agreements that enable dictators and jihadists to get their message out, exclusively on his networks. And like a good dhimmi, he also agreed to never criticize his hosts, nor to feature any voices or stories that are critical of them.

"Further, as Ted has gone progressively more crazy (or 'MUCHO loco,' as Uncle Hugo says) since the Fox News Channel has been whipping his CNN's ass week after wek, month after month, we believe that he has the motivation and energy to help us create all-jihad-sympthizing TV, all the time. Plus, although Ted voiced initial opposition to banning all explicit, suggestive or subversive programming, he finally realized that in order to have a peaceful, jihad-sympathizing society, we all need to make some sacrifices.

"We are very confident that with the proper medication, Ted will be a very useful tool for us."


Post: Ambassador to Hezbollahstan


Uncle Mahmoud says: "Howard Dean tells me that some smartass American sumbitch, 'JonQuixote,' has been documenting here how Hezbollah, under Iran's guidance and support, has been systematically destroying Lebanon, and is replacing it with a new nation: 'Hezbollahstan'."

But as 'Mother Sheehan' has demonstrated the advanced mental capacity to understand that folks like Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad are not really terrorists, but rather, are 'freedom fighters' (as documented here; see links), I can think of no one more well-suited to be 'our voice in Lebanon..' er... wait, I mean, 'Hezbollahstan'."


Post: Deputy Czar of Education


Uncle Mahmoud says: "Here's another wise American who 'gets it.' Professor Churchill accepts the fact that American civilians are culpable for whatever their government does, and for any way in which they or their government commits any act that the rest of the world finds insulting --- and therefore, they really are, as Churchill said, 'Little Eichmanns,' who deserved to be executed or burned alive.

"Hey, America's loss is our gain, in the form of a nutjob deluxe, like Professor Churchill!!!"


Post: Attorney General


Uncle Mahmoud says: "Mr. Clark may be a nutjob royale, but he's OUR kind of nutjob royale.

"In short, he is the ultimate dhimmi. He's never seen an aspect of America that he couldn't voice disdain over, or the most hideous act of foreign oppression or brutality that he couldn't explain away as a gigantic misinterpretation of that nation's true, benevolent nature, and its rich cultural legacy. Mr. Clark (or as we call him, 'Your Nuttiness') will be a key tool, along with the ACLU and other jihadist-sympathizers, of crafting and enforcing laws that will bring American rugged individualism to its knees. Just so long as we keep him supplied with Lithium-soaked GummyBears(TM), that is..."


Post: Deputy Press Secretary


Uncle Mahmoud says: "What Mr. Clark (above) would bring to an Ahmedinejad-Chavez administration from a legal perspective, Dr. Chomsky would bring from a philosophical perspective.

"Well, although our strict religious code supercedes any silly philosophical notion, Dr. Chomsky has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness --- like Mr. Clark --- to subvert America at every turn, while granting almost blanket amnesty to the world's most vicious butchers, and those who enable them.

"We believe Dr. Chomsky will be a key tool in translating our ultimate, apocalyptic visions and values into terms that are... not alarming to ordinary, thinking Americans. We have nothing to worry about from the American media... they'll believe whatever we tell them to believe, and report whatever we tell them to report. But those clear-thinking, self-respecting, historally-aware Americans could be a problem --- and that's why we'll need the help of a very practiced, jihadist-equivocating wordsmith. I and our Council of Mullahs are thrilled that Dr. Chomsky has agreed to fill this key position."


Post: Ambassador to the United Nations


Uncle Mahmoud says: "This former U.S. president is the ultimate tool for me and Uncle Hugo.

"Carter's long history of cozying up to dictators and tyrants, and his willingness to denounce his own nation and especially Israel, mark him as a huge embarrassment to his countrymen, but a hero to the mullahs of Iran and elsehwere. This alone qualifies Carter to lead out delegation to the United Nations, which, as we all know, is the world's leading organization of tyrants, dictators, gangsters, murderers and enemies of freedom --- just the right kind of treehouse for America's most mentally disturbed former president (although, after Clinton's meltdown on the 9/24/06 episode of Fox News Sunday, that may be debatable).

"But President Carter's most significant act of obedience to us was when
he 'certified' the election fraud in Venezeula that cemented Uncle Hugo in power. And to think, all he wanted was a big warm hug from Uncle Hugo... which, as you can see, he got. We really look forward to working with Carter."


Post: National Security Advisor (Honorary)


Uncle Mahmoud says: "For almost six years now, Arthur Sulzburger, Jr. has believed that his job as publisher of the New York Times has qualified him to choose which national security secrets should be disclosed to the American people, en masse, and which should not. Invariably, the disclosures he's chosen to make have had one thing in common: they have hurt America's security (or, conversely, helped the jihadists and their enablers).

"This distinguished track record of dhimmitude, combined with his many contacts within intellectual, artistic and media circles, made Pinch a natural choice for our new National Security Advisor, and we are confident that he will continue to undermine America. (We will, however, consider replacing Pinch if and when he either wakes up or develops a conscience... in which case we've learned that
Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf --- a/k/a 'Baghdad Bob' --- may be interested in this position."


Post: Czar of Water Safety, Oceans and Inland Fisheries


Uncle Mahmoud says: "New York Times publisher Arthur 'Pinch' Sulzburger, Jr. (profiled above) personally recommended Senator Kennedy for this post. But Pinch made mention of some kind of inside joke, he said something about never saying 'I can't believe I sank the whole thing!' around Ted.

Does that mean anything to you? Me neither. Anyway...

"We know of Kennedy's extensive work to undermine America at every turn throughout his career, so we take it on faith that Kennedy won't disappoint us. We understand that Democrats from Massachussetts are quite easily transformed into loyal dhimmis; just look at John Kerry and William Delahunt (who kissed Hugo Chavez's feet for giving his constituents free heating oil). Man, that was hilarious... you Americans really are suckers!"


Post: Surgeon General


Uncle Mahmoud says: "Howard Dean told me how important it is in America to give the impression that I will not discriminate against any individuals or groups as I consider nominees for my cabinet (well, except for Jews - they have no place, anywhere) --- and he went on to compliment me on how well I've learned to talk directly to American leftists' sensibilities and vulnerabilities (see here and here).

"So, a
s part of our effort to reach out to our distant friends in al Quada, and to create a more 'inclusive' administration, we've decided to offer this position to Ayman al-Zawahiri, second-in-command only to Osama bin Laden. He's sort of the Dr. Joseph Mengele ('Angel of Death' in the Nazis) of al Quada. We sincerely hope that this appointment will bring the top leadership of al Quada and Iran closer together, for our mutual goal of destroying free, secular societies, and putting strict Islamic theocracies in their places."


Post: Minister of Finance


Uncle Mahmoud says: "This was a proverbial no-brainer. Kofi Annan was at the helm of the organization that committed the largest financial scam in world history - the Iraqi Oil-For-Food scandal.

"If he can pull that off, and still walk out on the U.N. stage every day and carry himself off with such Clintonian persuasiveness, and while cozying up to or appeasing jihadists all over the world, combined with the way that American leftists and Democrats worship the U.N., Kofi was a natural choice.

"If for whatever reason Kofi is not able to fulfill his duties in my administration, however, I've already lined up an alternate: several principals of the Norte del Valle cocaine cartel have expressed interest in running our finance, shakedown, bribery and other secretive operations. The most enthusiastic alternate applicant for this post has been Diego Leon Montoya Sanchez, head of NDV cartel, pictured right. At least he looks the part of one of the most corrupt, depraved actors on the world stage, don't you think?"


Post: Minister of Propaganda


Uncle Mahmoud says: "Until the 2004 American presidential campaign, I and the mullahs had been largely unaware of Mr. Moore's 'work.' I mean, what could we possibly learn from 'artists' such as this obnoxious, bloated, America-hating boor?

"But all that changed with the release of 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' which has
been a hit in jihadist circles around the globe, and has even been featured in their training and propaganda videos.

"What really put Moore on our radar screen for this post, however, was the near-godly status showered upon him by intellectuals, politicians, schoolteachers, the movie industry, college professors, young people and the world media, despite the most obvious
lies, distortions and misrepresentations in this film, and others he has made. The Bush campaign could not offset the damage that Moore was doing to it, and even American news organizations were unwilling to put their admiration for Moore aside long enough to see if what he was saying was true, contextual and verifiable.

"Miscreant though he may be, Michael Moore is exactly the kind of dhimmi we need to direct propaganda films and campaigns, particularly for us to help shape young people. Breaking that American spirit of rugged indvidualism, independence and private religion won't be easy --- but with Moore's assistance, we are confident we will eventually prevail."

UPDATE (September 28, 2006): Well it turns out this nomination has been partially verified; see article "Moore Please: Ahmadinejad Likes Leftist Moviemaker" and "Mahmoud and Me."


Post: Czar of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms


Uncle Mahmoud says: "Although we didn't know what the hell the 'Nation of Islam' was when we first heard about it... when we realized that this nutjob was congenitally anti-American and pro-jihad, well, that was good enough for us...

"We selected Louis Farrakhan for this key post in part because of his organization's suspected involvement in vandalism of liquor stores in the San Francisco area (see article here). Now here's a man who knows how to impose his vision on a culture... and in keeping with jihadist doctrine, decries anyone who in asserts in any way that he, or we for that matter, represent any kind of threat to America, and freedom!

"Calypso Louis will be a vital tool for us to maintain control over a population which has been disarmed and forced into sobriety... and he'll do it with that outer-space smile on his face (as he waits for the
Mother Ship to come retrieve him and his followers, and transports them to the great mental hospital in the sky...)."


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