Saturday, September 02, 2006

The "Re-Branding" Of Uncle Mahmoud


Coming from a background in advertising and marketing, I pay close attention to the way that words and images are used to depict political, philosophical and economic ideas.

Which is part of the reason why I was so horrified by the ease with which the Clintonistas, with their Hollywood enablers, could convince the American people of the merits in their socialistic ideas, during their "two-for-the-price-of-one" reign.

In advertising, there is a concept called "re-branding" - which essentially means that when one brand (e.g. Coke, Skechers, etc.) gets into trouble for any reason, then it's time for a massive image adjustment, if not a complete re-launch, under a similar or different brand name.

The Iranian madman, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, has apparently been paying close attention to America's and the world's mainstream media, and general advertising strategies.

Ahmedinejad's hat-trick with CBS's Mike Wallace via his "60 Minutes" interview was merely his first "shot across the bow" to demonstrate how well he has learned how to play the modern media game. It also demonstrated how gullible the MSM has become, to let him get away with his "re-branding" of himself as a benevolent "peace" activist.

According to Ahmedinejad, here is a visual summary of his new stance on geopolitical relations (click to enlarge):

In reality --- the reality that the MSM keeps trying to deny, or pretend he cannot possibly mean --- is depicted below (click to enlarge):

The MSM would much rather focus its resources, and the precious air-time and space in their newspapers and magazines, on really important stories ---- like the JonBonet Ramsey investigation, celebrity gossip, whether Katie Couric will be happy at the CBS Nightly News anchor desk, fluctuating gas prices, political horse-races, etc.

(For more background, check out this story I posted here on this blog --- my very first conspiracy theory!!!)

Until we wake up and realize that there is only ONE Iranian madman, that he is SERIOUS about what he says (re threats), the sooner we will forge a realistic and effective means of protecting America, and dealing with this menace, once and for all.

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