Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Big Kahuna Of Islamic Terror Speaks To "60 Minutes" - And American Leftists!!!

Did anyone notice how many of the key points Ahmedinejad made sounded exactly like a commercial for International ANSWER, CodePink, United for Peace & Justice, NotInOurName, Socialist Worker's Party, and Communist Party USA? (collectively, the new "base" of the Democratic Party)

Has he been reading their talking points --- or have they been reading his!?


UPDATE: 14 August 06

Secret email from Ahmedinejad to American Leftists intercepted!!!

I guess Uncle Mahmoud has the same problem typing in email addresses as his buddy Nasrallah does... this ended up in my email box this morning...


FROM: MAHMOUD AHMEDINEJAD, President, People's Islamic Republic of Iran


DATE: 14 AUGUST 2006



I trust you enjoyed my interview with "60 Minutes" star Mike Wallace last night, and that you'll watch the unedited version that will air tonight on C-SPAN. Thank you for your many supportive emails; I and my gang of jihadists (er, I mean, government officials, clerics and mullahs) really appreciate it.

I assume you noticed how similar the words and phrases that I used must sound familiar to you - such as how George Bush is a terrorist, that America is intent on building a global empire, that he doesn't care about the Americans without health insurance, that he is terrorizing innocent Muslim women and children, that he and his colleagues are evil, etc. They sound familiar to you because they came directly from the talking points I obtained from some of your more prominent (translation: rabid) leftist organizations, such as International ANSWER, Code Pink, Not In Our Name,, United for Peace and Justice, Peace Now, and even the Democratic Party (Chairman Howard Dean has been a god-send, er, I mean, an Allah-send!!!). Through our intermediaries, primarily Islamic charities and "humanitarian relief" organizations, Iran will continue to make sizable contributions to these organizations, as well as the "cultural studies" and "humanities" programs at your many universities.

Of course, we both know that I couldn't give an Israeli dog's butt about any of this; I've made our terrorism-exporting and caliphate-building intentions very clear. But thankfully, thanks to your abhorrent educational system, very, very few of your fellow citizens can draw the vital parallels to my interview, and the speeches by Adolph Hitler in the late 1930s, regarding his feigned desire for "peace" and "justice" and how he had absolutely no intentions to enslave Europe, and then, the world. They have no conception of history - so everything they hear, they are more than likely to lap up like puppies to warm milk.

Didn't I do good? Judging from your emails, I think I did. The blood of millions of innocent people are on my hands, and those of my aforementioned colleagues - and if I have my way, many millions more will suffer as the result of our jihad, matched with our quest for so-called weapons of mass destruction.

The only things standing in our way right now are those infidel Israeli dogs, the American people, particularly your government, and certain elements of other goverments in Europe and other regions.

So I really, really, really need you to continue excusing our murderous jihad, or at least, propagating the notion that we can be negotiated with, that we can be appeased, that if George Bush would just sit down and talk with us, we can be dissuaded from our intentions. Code-words such as "peace," "diplomacy," "justice" and "humanitarian" must be used repeatedly. We need you to continue refusing to differentiate between the murderer and the murdered, the terrorists and the terrorized, the jihadist and the committed freedom-loving peoples of the world.

Please, in the name of Allah, the merciful, continue to speak out against everything your current administration has done, is doing, and plans to do, to deal with the Iranian threat, once and for all. We only need a little more time to create our first nuclear weapon, and after that, well... Allah will tell. And most of all, keep pestering your news media with your hateful comments and diatribes, all directed at America, its history, present and future, vis a vis its "war on terror."

We both know that America is the most unjust, unfair, murderous, marauding, imperialist, malevolent nation that has ever existed in the history of the world. But, we need to temper our outrage, for the moment, to focus just on the Bush administration. For whatever his other faults that unite many if not most Americans, such as runaway spending, etc., we must continue to drive home the point that his "war on terror" is unwinnable, that he is evil, and that he is only embarking on this crusade to oppress and murder Muslim people, while enriching his friends in the oil industry.

Again, thank you - you are having a vital, timely impact on our efforts.

ALLAH AKBAR, my friends....


PS: We'll try to remember all your assistance (whether given knowingly or unknowingly) when you are brought before our tribal councils and mullahs, who will judge and sentence you for your innumerable infidel crimes. Perhaps they will show you leniency; perhaps not.


NOW, if you want to see something REALLY funny (or pathetic), check out the responses this post received at HuffingtonPost, here, here, and here.

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Anonymous said...

I think you're kind of mean spirited. You pretend to be for honest discourse between people, yet you purposely enrage people and goad them and then call them stupid or something more offensive and often ends in -tard.

If you were truly secure in your "beliefs", you would welcome honest debate. But instead, you insult and belittle those who's views are not identical to yours. Just giving you some food for thought.

JonQuixote said...

I'm not mean-spirited.

When I first discovered Huffington Post, I thought (or assumed/hoped) it was a place for "honest discourse" as you say. Log on anytime - in any thread - to see if this is true. Going back a step, look at the way the headlines are written; they are usually inflammatory, and throwing up red meat for anyone who thinks differently.

Re the "-tard" thing, you have a point. An acquiantance on HuffPost pointed this out not long ago, and I tend to agree - and I promised to try to curb my use of it, except for in the most extreme cases.

But considering what non-leftists get called there for voicing a dissenting opinion (Nazi, brainwashed BushBot, murderer, puppy-kicker, fascist, etc.), "tard" is pretty mild.

Lastly, re insulting and belittling people whose views are different, see above.

I didn't create the temperature at HuffPost; Queen Arianna and her bloggers did. When in Rome...

Anonymous said...

First of all, I just want to say how disgusted I am that Arianna Huffington allowed for her site to become the home of every murderous Nazified psycopath (SatanlivesinUSA, Thomsen), Hard-core anti-semitic conspiracy theorists (911wasinsidejob, Mary12, Reporter, NoMoreWarforIsrael), and numberless fools who contend that Israel, where Arabs have more political rights than in their own nations, has a worse human-rights record than China, Saudi Arabia, ect.

Having said that, I disagree strongly that the Democratic Party is enthralled by folks like the Mullah's finger-puppet. The folks of Huffington Post are more than likely the same fools who embraced Ralph Nader in 2000. The Democratic Party would never sell out the USA to a nation like Iran (and don't forget, most Jews are staunch Democratic voters).