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MSM: What Betrayal By Hezbollah, Condi Rice, The UN And Lebanon??? The Ramsey Case Is Solved!!!


"Yes, I am MUCH more important than any news out of the Middle East. The mainstream press says so - and who are you to argue? Now, I'm just waiting for a book deal, and a slot on the Oprah Show."

August 16: This morning, Americans got another object lesson in just how out-of-whack the American MSM's priorities are, and how willing it is to capitulate to whatever the world's most notorious jihadists and their enablers say, to focus instead on satiating their fetish for gossip of no consequence.

The news out of the Middle East (
here, and see below) --- that in violation of U.N. Resolution 1701, Hezbollah is now refusing to disarm or leave southern Lebanon, that neither the U.N. nor the Lebanese government are going to do anything about it, and that the "peacekeeping" force being assembled will not confront Hezbollah --- well, gee, that's so... BOOOORRRRIIINNNNGGGGG... that it only deserved about a 45-second spot, 15 minutes into the morning network news programs.

No, what's REALLY important, what REALLY stands to have an impact on Americans, Israelis, and anyone hoping and working for peace in the Middle East, is this:

That an American nutjob in Thailand has now admitted to murdering JonBonet Ramsey nearly 10 years ago.

And that's why it dominated the entire first fifteen minute segments on all the big network morning news programs.

Then, of course, they threw in a very brief, little obligatory blurb about how the entire basis for Israel's withdrawl is coming apart faster than Bill Clinton's zipper would at a sorority house kegger party.

Nice to see how wrong we all were in criticizing the blow-dry, Democrat- and UN-worshipping nitwits in the MSM for being "out of touch" with Americans, if not actively working against our interests.

For those ordinary Americans and hard-news seeking journalists, however, chew on this:

New York Sun, August 17, 2006

UNITED NATIONS — As all sides prepare for Lebanese and international troops to replace the Israeli army in Lebanon in as early as 10 days, officials in Europe, America, and Lebanon have made clear that the resolve to confront and disarm Hezbollah in the aftermath of the war is fast eroding.

After meeting Secretary-General Annan yesterday, Israel's foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, hailed the security council resolution that ended the fighting Monday morning, calling it a beginning of a "process" in which "the international community" is expected to end the presence of Hezbollah as an armed force.

Israel has to be convinced, she said, that provisions such as an embargo by the Lebanese army and the multinational force to prevent the rearming of Hezbollah are implemented. The United Nations, however, demands that the current Israeli-imposed blockade is removed even before such a mechanism is in place.

U.N. officials say that within 10 days to two weeks, 3,500 troops will join the 2,000-troop UNIFIL stationed in southern Lebanon since 1978, to aid the Lebanese army that yesterday started deploying south of the Litani River.

But as Ms. Livni called implementation of resolution 1701 "a test" for the United Nations, Secretary of State Rice was quoted as saying the multinational force envisioned in the resolution is not expected to disarm Hezbollah, which she said should be done "voluntarily."

Announcing that the Lebanese army will deploy troops in the south, officials of Prime Minister Siniora's government yesterday left vague the question of Hezbollah's disarmament. Lebanon's army will allow no troops other than its own and those in the multinational force to carry weapons, they said, leaving open the possibility that Hezbollah will still maintain huge concealed arms caches.

Paris yesterday again sidestepped an announcement about the size and scope of the French contribution for the multinational force. Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said France was ready to lead the force but complained that its mandate remained "fuzzy."

Ms. Livni told Turtle Bay reporters that Israel will insist that Lebanon's army, with the help of the proposed multinational force, will enforce a border embargo "so Syria and Iran are prevented from rearming Hezbollah."

But Washington yesterday sounded less than resolute on the disarming of Hezbollah.
"I don't think there is an expectation that this force is going to physically disarm Hezbollah," Ms. Rice told USA Today, according to a transcript of an interview published on the newspaper's Web site. "I think it's a little bit of a misreading of how you disarm a militia," she said. "You have to have a plan, first of all, for the disarmament of a militia, and then the hope is that some people lay down their arms voluntarily."

In Beirut, the pro-Syrian Lebanese president, Emile Lahoud, said, "It is disgraceful to demand the disarmament of the national resistance while the blood of martyrs is still warm." He added, "How can they ask us to disarm the only force in the Arab world who stood up to Israel?"



After the oceans of ink and airtime that the mainstream media devoted to pure, unadulterated speculation over the course of 10 years to examine ever nuanced aspect of the tragic murder of JonBonet Ramsey, this trend continued in earnest all day. They even went so far as to, on occasion, explain that "we are just responding to the ongoing fascination with this case."

Oh, really? WHOSE fascination? WHO has been driivng this fact-deficient mania? Oh, right... the media's fascination.

The JonBonet tragedy doesn't rank in the top 25,000 list of concerns of the American people. It never has.

But hey, so long as it drives ratings, then the MSM can pretty much do whatever it wants... as it has the right to, in a free society like ours.
But what they CAN'T do, at least since the emergence of "pajama bloggers," is claim that they can simultaneously act like freak-show promoters for part of the time they spend on the airwaves --- and as serious, responsible journalists for the rest of the time.

Thus, true to form, scant attention was paid to that other thing... what was it again?

Oh, right: the fact that Hezbollah is now confidently flipping the bird at the world
- a world that insisted upon "peace" at any price - and says it is not going to disarm, nor is it going to withdraw north of the Litania River, as agreed to in U.N. Resolution 1701. And as a result, as has been predicted repeatedly by clear-thinking people over age 10 around the world, this act alone can set the stage for round II of the war between Hezbollah and Israel.

And if Hezbollah forces Israel into that round, the Israeli Defense Force will not stop when the world falls for the Hezbollah-MSM-produced propaganda, and once again demands "peace" at any price.

No, in the next round, Israel will have no choice but to fight Hezbollah and all its supporters, enablers, protectors and funders, until they surrender --- or are destroyed.

But HEY!!! So long as we can all be distracted by the JonBonet Ramsey non-story, and the MSM's ratings will soar just in time for third-quarter sweeps, what's the problem!?!?


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