Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Secret Email To American Leftists From Hezbollah And Iran - Revealed!!!

(Hat tip to Cox and Forkum for another perfect cartoon...)

In the course of conducting electronic correspondence, sometimes email addresses aren't typed in quite correctly - and secret messages can accidently get into the wrong hands. Apparently, that's what happened in this instance - in which what appears to be a very secret email from the "leaders" of Hezbollah and Iran to the American left accidently ended up in MY email box!!! Well, maybe there are some insights to be gleaned from this post - see what you think!!!







We are writing to thank you very much for all that you’ve done to help our efforts along – and to ask that you PLEASE increase your work to undermine both Israel and the United States.

We are in a very difficult dilemma. People around the world are starting to discover the fact that we have manipulated the media coverage of the Zionists’ war against us; that we are, in fact, killing fellow Muslims in order to draw the Western media in, and convince them (as if that’s hard to do) that all these deaths are due to Israeli barbarism. For example, even NewsBusters and noted leftist attorney Alan Dershowitz have discovered how we have lied and murdered to create a wholly distorted view of what’s happening in Lebanon:

Even the Qana massacre that we orchestrated is beginning to unravel, after we got such initially favorable coverage. Yes, we deliberately positioned our rocket launchers and artillery around homes, knowing that Israel would strike back – and even prevented civilians from getting out, in time. But so long as we can manipulate "journalists" to absolve us of the ultimate responsibility, even if we don’t win the military war, we will most certainly win the media war.

So this weekend and beyond, we urge you to please continue with your “peace” marches and hysterical diatribes against America and Israel. Our beloved mujahadeen fighters need a rest from the relentless Israelis, and to re-arm and re-supply. But we can’t do that while we are in battle!!! Which is why we need the break that a “peace” accord will provide. Look, we both know that we’ll continue fighting if we are not destroyed… but we need a break!!!

Keep your eyes closed to the truth; keep believing everything we spoon-feed you through our media (and now, through yours!); keep deflecting blame for what we have done re murdering civilians to the damned Israelis.

With your help, we will most certainly win!!! Allah Akbar!!!

Hassan and Mahmoud

P.S. Please also make sure to volunteer and vote for the most fringe left candidates in your upcoming Congressional elections. Like your Rep John Dingell (D-Michiganistan), he claims he has “no problem” with Hezbollah, and sees no fundamental difference between our jihadist butchers, and the Israelis. Now that's the kind of appeasement that we really need!!! We need more like him in senior leadership positions - so PLEASE, do all you can to see that he and others like him are victorious in your November elections, so they take over senior positions and control of your infidel government.

Hm. Well. Maybe Hassan and Mahmoud will be more careful typing their email addresses in the future... but let's just be thankful that in this instance, they weren't.

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