Friday, August 25, 2006

Rabid Jew-Hatred on Huffington Post, Part II

Early in the development of this blog, I commented on the fact that I've never seen more seething Jew-hatred or Israel-bashing anywhere than on The Huffington Post, one of the most popular of the political blogsites, which is frequented by many on the left, who continually advertise themselves as being so "tolerant" and "inclusive" and "compassionate" and supportive of "diversity," not to mention the rightful home of Jewish Americans.

Today, this observation reached its apex, for when I saw the comments littering the HuffPost thread, "Jerusalem Post: Israel May Go It Alone Against Iran" --- and the deafening silence of the notorious leftists who frequent HuffPost, but who did not make these comments --- I realized there is no way that any impartial, informed observer could come to any conclusion other than that the American left truly is the new home of rabid Jew-hatred.

Click on the link above and see the posts for yourself. Just make sure you don't do it after having just eaten, because the normal person's stomach will not be able to handle so much disgusting and unearned hate in one place, at one time.

As I documented on an earlier post here, in typical denial mode, Air America's co-founder claims that there really is no rabid Jew-hatred among the left --- that it's all actually a Karl Rove conspiracy.

And leftists wonder why they can't win elections, or why Americans don't trust them with national security.

The sooner American Jews wake up to the fact that their "home" in the Democratic Party is nothing but a ruse, especially now that the DNC has been taken over by the lunatic, Jew-hating left, the sooner they can extricate themselves from the bastion of these new jihadist-sympathizing, anti-Semitic jerks.

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Anonymous said...

"rabid Jew-hatred" ?
"anti-Semitic" ?
These are harsh allegations - hateful even.
Can you be specific as to exactly what text you are referring to at Huffington Post? Or are we on different pages altogether?
Is any and all criticism of Israel anti-Semitic in you mind? Rabid???
-Some Guy-

JonQuixote said...

Is any and all criticism of Israel anti-Semitic in you mind? Rabid???
-Some Guy-


No. One can say, "I disagree with Israel's actions in (this regard)," and that would not be Jew-hatred or anti-Semitism.

When it drifts into commens such as, "Hitler didn't finish the job," or "The Jews are behind all the problems in the world," or "The Jews control Washington/Hollywood/the news media, etc.", well, it's pretty clear.

See the pages I cited.

Then see: