Monday, August 07, 2006

THIS Is An Example Of The "Political Prisoners" That The World Wants Israel To Release


Samir al-Quantar, whom jihadists and their supporters at the UN and elsewhere have been trying to get Israel to release

Oh, those sweet, peace-minded jihadists that "the world community" is urging Israel to try to come to a peace accord with.

Well, here's an example of the type of "political prisoner" that the Hezbollah and Hamas butchers instigated this crisis to try to have "liberated" - as reported by in an
article by the Washington Post:

Excerpt: "Amid the chaos and grief of the three-week-old war here, Bassam al-Qantar has allowed himself to hope. After years trying to get his brother Samir out of an Israeli prison, he said, now may finally be the time.

"Samir al-Qantar, 44, was sentenced to over 500 years in jail after leading a four-man Palestinian raid at the age of 16 on Nahariya in northern Israel that killed two policemen, a civilian man and his 4-year-old daughter.

"Witnesses said Qantar smashed her skull with his rifle butt... (B)y Israeli accounts, his brother took the girl and her father hostage, then shot the father and killed the girl with his rifle butt as police closed in. In addition, the girl's mother accidentally smothered another child while trying to keep her quiet in a hiding place."

The simple fact that many around the world --- and particularly, American leftists --- simply do not seem to understand, or are willing to accept, is that jihadists are not human.

They have nothing in common with human beings, aside from physical anatomy.

Yet the UN, "the world community" and American leftists keep talking about how necessary it is to come to a "peace accord" with these butchers --- as they breathlessly attempt to equivocate between what the jihadists have done, and what the Israelis are doing to fight back against their instigations of terror and murder.

And leftists wonder why Americans don't trust them with national security.

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