Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ed Koch Takes On Jihadists - And His Leftist Critics

There isn't much I can agree with Ed Koch on. But regarding America's and Israel's war on Islamic terrorism, Koch has written a number of articles that are right on-the-money, including this recent one:

Israel's Critics Aren't Allowing Truth To Get In Their Way (July 19)

Excerpt: "The enemies of the Western world in this war of civilizations are the Islamic fanatics. Those fanatics number hundreds of millions. They truly believe they have the right to kill all infidels. Sometimes, the fanatic warns us in his own words. Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle) in 1925 in which he told the world of his plans. A recent leader of al-Qaeda, the late Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, spoke openly of his beliefs, 'Killing the infidels is our religion, slaughtering them is our religion, until they convert to Islam or pay us tribute.' Take them at their word. Hitler meant what he said. So do the Islamic fanatics. Unlike the Western world, where we love life, the Islamic fanatics love death, what they refer to as martyrdom, killing the infidel — Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims of different sects — and being rewarded with 72 virgins and a prominent place in heaven."

Like Senators Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller, Koch is bearing the intense heat from his left-wing friends and fellow-travelers for diverging from the "party line," as espoused by the militant deniers, appeasers and others, who now constitute the new "base" of the Democratic party. Observe how they are savaging Lieberman, who - despite voting with the Dems 90% of the time - is now being castigated as a Bush puppet.

It takes backbone to stand up to such vicious smears and attacks - and no one, anywhere, is more accomplished at such scorched-earth attacks than Koch's fellow Democrats (particularly the rabid leftists that are taking over the asylum that is the DNC).

Whatever differences I may have with Koch, he deserves a lot of credit for standing on his principles - however unpopular they may be.


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