Monday, July 31, 2006

Perfect Cartoons From Cox & Forkum

In my humble opinion, there are no better editorial cartoonists than Cox & Forkum. Their Objectivist values and enormous creativity enable them to consistently nail the issues of the day into single frames, that epitomize brevity and searing wit. Hats off to these guys!!!


A Near-Perfect Editorial Cartoon

Why is this cartoon by the Albuquerque Journal's John Trever only near-perfect?

Because if it were 100% accurate, it'd have the moron with the stick poking – or murdering – the lion’s cubs, while the supposed "civilized" nations in the world watch, and do nothing but condemn the lion.

Nature at work, I'd say.


Sunday, July 30, 2006

Placards To Counter The Jihadist-Appeasing "Peace Marchers" On August 5-12


According to numerous sources (here, here, here and here), between August 5-12 the most prominent of the left-wing "peace" groups (translation: Jew-hating socialists) are going to be staging demonstrations around America and the world to demand that Israel unilaterally withdraw from Lebanon and Gaza.

Those who believe that a premature withdrawl would be exactly the wrong thing to do - before the circumstances on the ground can sustain a real, lasting, secure and just peace - might want to consider using these placards, which I hurriedly designed as an initial effort to create ready-made, printable graphics that will help to advocate our message - clearly, succinctly and with impact:

If you'd like me to email you 8.5" x 11" PDFs of these placards (which can be enlarged and printed for bigger signs), drop me a line.

To give you an indication as to how the seething leftists will react to seeing the message in these placards, check out The Huffington Post, where I've posted the following message on the primary threads* dealing with the middle East conflict, today (*see links at bottom of this post):


TO: HEZBOLLAH BUTCHERS (and their supporters and sympathizers)


DATE: JULY 30, 2006

Dear Hezbollah:

Do you really want peace? Here’s an easy, quick way to get it:
1) Lay down your weapons
2) Surrender
3) Return the Israeli soldiers that you kidnapped

If you won’t do that, but want to help eliminate or minimize civilian casualties, here’s how to do it:
1) Stop hiding behind, and firing your weapons from behind, the women and children that you claim to love
2) Put on your uniforms – you know, the ones that you wear in your “Hezbollah-pride” parades
3) Come out into the open, and fight only in designated combat areas – away from civilian population centers
4) Act like the brave “freedom fighters” that Mother Sheehan claims you are
5) Stop deliberately firing your rockets into civilian populations in Israel


A Human Being





---------------------- CRICKETS ----------------------



See the "feedback" that this post has received from the (supposed) advocates of "peace," "tolerance," "diversity" and "inclusiveness" on the following threads at Huffington Post: here, here, here and here.



Pamela a/k/a AtlasShrugs: A Full-Frontal Assault On Jihadists And The American Left

WOW. Pamela over at AtlasShrugs2000 is a dynamic blogger with her own, distinct style of lambasting jihadists, and the American left.

Be sure and catch her "vlog" on Hezbollah chief jihadist butcher Hassan Nasrallah... hilarious!!!

Add AtlasShrugs to your Favorites file... Pamela is one blogger you'll want to keep an eye on, and have as part of your regular sources for insight and resources re middle-eastern and domestic issues.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

The left's rabid anti-Semitism is actually a Karl Rove conspiracy!!!

The lunatic left has conjured and advertised numerous whackjob conspiracy theories in the past six years:

  • That George Bush did not win the 2000 and 2004 elections
  • That global warming is primarily a man-made phenomena
  • That the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated not by jihadists, but by the Bush administration itself, and that Osama bin Laden, et al, are being unfairly blamed for it (or, conversely, that no planes actually hit the Twin Towers or the Pentagon; that it was actually American missiles, and that the passengers on the four jets are being held in detention)
  • That the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were instigated by a conspiracy of Halliburton-BushCo-ExxonMobil-TastEFreeze-NASCAR-Meineke-Diebold, and other evil American corporations
But none of their outer-space conspiracy theories is more humorous, or more pathetic, than the recent pronouncement by one of its most notable figures, Sheldon Drobny, co-founder of Air America, as to the "real reason" behind what he observes as the rise of seething anti-Semitism among leftists:

"My brother warned me that the liberal blogs were becoming very anti-Israel and some were so violently critical of Israel that there was a tone of anti-Semitism in that criticism. Since I generally do not read the blogs, I was surprised that liberals and progressives would treat the Israel/Palestine issue in such a shortsighted approach. Most objective people understand that it takes two to make an argument and that an informed group would understand that the Israel/Palestine problem has historical roots where plenty of blame can be shared. And my experience with liberals and progressives is that they view the world in shades of gray as compared to the right wing black and white approach. But, to my surprise, I got 67 comments from my last post (on the Huffington Post) that were mostly hostile to me and the ones that supported my analysis."
OK so far. But now, to what does he attribute this rise in anti-Semitism among leftists? Time to dust off the "Karl Rove Did It!!!" whine-o-festo:

"So my conclusion is that the bloggers who violently hate Israel and see it in black and white terms are not really liberals. They may even be anti-Semites, but they are not representative of the liberal community that was so active in achieving racial and ethnic equality. It is a contradiction for a true liberal to be an anti-Semite. Furthermore, I would not put it past the right wing to flood the liberal blogs with hateful criticisms of Israel to advance a perception that liberals are anti-Israel or anti-Semitic. And I see Karl Rove's fingerprints all over this."
So let's see if we have this all straight:

  1. Leftists are expressing raging anti-Semitic opinions on the most leftist-oriented blogsites
  2. Leftists cannot be anti-Semitic
  3. Therefore, Karl Rove has deployed hundreds (thousands!?) of mind-numbed right-wing shills to post messages on left-wing blog sites, to make the left-wing blog sites appear to be anti-Semitic to... the left-wing bloggers
Gosh. And I thought Rove was just focused on kicking the crap out of Democrats in election after election. And even giving the leftists the benefit of the doubt - that in addition to his (evil) work at the White House, Rove fits in time to kick puppies, drown kittens, rough up homeless people, coordinate illegal wars, "out" (non-covert) CIA employees - we're supposed to believe that he has time to organize and direct the effort to make leftists look like anti-Semites!? (From my extensive personal observations on Huffington Post and elsewhere, the seething leftists don't need anyone's help to make their hatred of Jews, and of Israel, crystal clear.)

WOW. Does Rove ever sleep?

Well, consider the source of this newest whackjob conspiracy theory. Air America, after innumerable glowing reviews from the fawning mainstream media since its infancy, has been losing market share practically since day one - and now, is down to about 440 listeners in each of its key markets (including its key meccas of Denver, Portland and Seattle). So it's understandable that Mr. Drobny is very upset. (According to an unscientific survey by Democratic Undreground recently, he's not alone; more than 75 of self-described Democrats report living with "serious mental illness" in their homes).

But this level of denial, obfuscation and lunacy is notable, even to the seething leftists. All of which certainly doesn't bode well as we head into November's mid-terms.

A prediction: Come November 8, when the Democrats wake up and realize they've lost another election, they're going to come up with a thousand new whackjob conspiracy theories as to the reason: Halliburton, Diebold, AIPAC, Rove, ExxonMobil, etc. - anything but to accept the fact that they lost because they allowed the lunatic left to take over the asylum that is now the DNC.

Oh well, there's always 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016...

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HuffPost: Electronic Flypaper For Jew-Haters, Jihadist-Sympathizers And Anti-American Propagandists

Since November 2005, when I first discovered Arianna Huffington's blogsite, The Huffington Post, it soon became clear to me that it is a convergence point for the modern left's (a) hatred of Jews and Israel, and (b) sympathy for, and appeasement of jihadist terror.

"HuffTardsVille," as I've come to call it, was also an inspiration for me to finally create my own blog, in part to report on my experiences there, under the pseudonym "JonQuixote," a login ID that the most virulent bloggers there have come to know well - and despise. I attempted to combat the seething anti-Semitic propaganda that reminded me of what I learned was used in Nazi Germnay.

But of course, according to HuffTards, leftists cannot be fascists or anti-Semitic. I explained that they are both - and let their writings (and links to whackjob conspiracy theory "source" sites) stand as the proof. If you doubt this, log onto HuffTardsVille yourself and look for posts from the following bloggers - or do a Google search on their names, and read their posts. In general, they are there all day, every day... and I would estimate that 40-60% of HuffingtonPost bloggers assign some to a great amount of credence to what they write, and the "sources"(*) they cite (*primarily blogs by other whackjob conspiracy theorists):

  • 911wasInsideJob (a/k/a Rese, Plunger)
  • Mary12
  • SatanLivesinUSA (a/k/a SnuffTheSmirkinJerkSOON, BeheadBushPlease, others; see interesting link on this psycho nutjob here)
  • YvonneMoorehead
  • Amunaka
  • Candy2
  • AverageUSAJoe
  • BloggingBitch
  • spiritquest

Then, today, HuffPost finally put up a link to the story of the Seattle Jihadist who terrorized the Jewish Community Center yesterday - almost 24 hours after the other blogsites picked it up. I anticipated that as soon as the blog was opened, it would become a petri dish for my theory. And, I'm sad to say, I was correct: See the chronology of posts for yourself.

Based on my 8 months of observation, had this been a crazed Jewish shooter who broke into a mosque and started shooting innocent Muslims, "Queen Arianna," as I call her, would have had the story screaming across her main page storyline. But the outcome would have been exactly the same: Jew-hating, jihad-sympathizing leftists would have posted in droves, while anyone suggesting that jihad is a threat, that the Jews and Israel are only protecting themselves, would be immediately labeled a "warmongering, racist, Islamophobic, intolerant fascist," or worse.

In the grand scheme of things, HuffTardsVille is probably not a very important gathering spot for leftists.

But if it is any indication of what I contend is the true nature of the modern left - of its seething hatred for Jews, its respect for jihadists, and of its willingness to stop at nothing to hurt America and Israel and their cherished relationship - it could well be an indicator of just how close to general exposure these nitwits truly are. And once normal, everyday Americans (and particularly Jewish Americans) discover this, they may finally recognize the American left as one of the gravest threats facing our culture, and our future.

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When Does The Defeated Aggressor Get To Define Terms Of Surrender? When It's Nasrallah

Well, isn't that sweet. According to an article today:

Hezbollah representatives and Lebanese cabinet ministers have reached an agreement in general -- but with some major reservations -- on a proposal to end the 18-day crisis, Lebanese government officials say... he (Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah) gave the Lebanese government qualified support to negotiate a peace deal, but suggested tentative Hezbollah promises to disarm would be off if conditions aren't met.

... In a speech aired on his group's Al-Manar TV station, (he said) that Israel had been counting on a victory to secure a political solution but has failed. "It's clear ... that the Zionist enemy has not been able to reach a military victory. I'm not saying that. They said that. The whole world is saying that," he said.

If there was any doubt how far into jihadist outer-space this guy is, this should put that question to rest. It is the equivalent of the Germans, in 1945, attempting to demand conditions for its surrender to the Allies - or of a cowardly boxer, having been caught fighting dirty, attempting to dictate the terms under which he will concede the fight. Only in a world gone mad with leftist worship of tyrants, losers and lowlifes, could such a cretin as Nasrallah even have a mouthpiece - which the Western media apparently cannot quite bring itseslf to take away from him.

Israel is justifiably kicking the crap out of Hezbollah, as we speak. Nasrallah's home was destroyed by Israeli bombs, half of his jihadist infrastructure is history, and yet, he is talking as if he has any capability to repel the rest of the IDF force that is rolling after him.

Why is he doing this? What gives him the confidence to speak with such bravado, such chutzpah, at this desperate stage of his "war against the Zionists"?

Could it be that he knows the United Nations will give him, and Hezbollah's allies in the Lebanese legislature, every benefit of the doubt, whereas they will give no slack whatsoever to Israel? Could it be that he knows the West's mainstream media will pick up on his "willingness to support a peace plan" without any context as to the wider issues that must be resolved for a true, enduring peace? Or to explain that such a half-witted "peace plan" would, in all likelihood, be used only by Hezbollah to rest, re-arm and re-supply, so they can begin attacking again?

Perhaps it isn't chutzpah, so much as it is a clear reading of the media winds - and his attempt to use them to his advantage.

Maybe Nasrallah reads history better than many in our culture apparently do. Because across the American media, the worship of multiculturalism, and sympathy for jihadist butchers, has clearly now reached its zenith, when a monster like him can still command the attention of any clear-thinking, peace-loving people - or the journalists that they rely upon, to give them vital information and context they need, to help them understand major current affairs.

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More On The Seattle Jihadist

Well, as was suspected, according to an article this morning the Seattle shooter turned out to be what one can only reasonably describe as a jihadist named Naveed Afzal Haq, 30:

The gunman, who employees said claimed to be a Muslim angry at Israel, forced his way through the center's security door after an employee had punched in her security code, said Marla Meislin-Dietrich, co-worker who was not at the building at the time. Staff members said they overheard him saying "'I am a Muslim American, angry at Israel,' before opening fire on everyone," Meislin-Dietrich said. "He was randomly shooting at everyone."
Ah, yes. "He was randomly shooting at everyone."

And therein lies the crux of the different interpretations of what is now happening in Lebanon. Whereas the IDF is targeting and striking those locations in which Hezbollah has entrenched itself, and those things that can be used to resupply, re-arm and protect them, Hezbollah is deliberately targeting Israeli civilians (similar to the Iraqi insurgency and al Quada's Iraq Division, who also largely focus on murdering civilians).

Another interesting note from the above article: local police are calling this a "hate crime." Hm. If it is a "hate crime" for a jihadist to walk into a Jewish Community Center and start firing at unarmed civilians, why is it not also a "hate crime" to carry out a war against a sovereign nation, based on its religion, by deliberately firing rockets and missiles at civilians within it?

Well, according to many of the "intelligentsia" who teach our children, this is an unfair comparison. A recent article
at FrontPageMag helps to explain this discrepancy - as well as how far in jihadist-appeasing outer space that American college professors now reside:

More than 1,000 such professors have signed a petition that is currently circulating on American college campuses. Written in the name of “academics who condemn Israel's aggression against Lebanon and Gaza,” the petition waxes indignant about Israel’s alleged crimes, including a “brutal bombing and invasion of Gaza,” and “acts of Israeli state terrorism” in Lebanon. More noteworthy, however, is what the petition does not say. Not only is there no mention of Hamas or Hezbollah, but reading the petition one might conclude that terrorism plays no part in the current conflagration. Instead the petition calls for the immediate release of jailed terrorists, euphemistically described as 'Palestinian and Lebanese political prisoners,'* and effectively erases the role of anti-Israel terrorism in precipitating the current by asserting that “Israel's destructive and expansionist policies are primarily to blame for the seemingly perpetual ‘Middle East crisis.’”
(*For an example of these implicitly innocent "political prisoners, click here)

Well. And it's a wonder why so many young Americans view the middle East conflicts in such a similarly demented, decontextualized, justice-defying and jihadist-sympathizing light.

Europe is clearly the canary in the coalmine for America. For as its "liberal" Muslim immigration policies are now so impacting that culture, so too will ours impact America.

Although the following pictures are certainly not representative of all Muslims in Europe, they do present a grim and enduring reminder of what we can look forward to here, if we do not begin to take a much harder look at what we are doing to ourselves, by sacrificing our national security at the altar of politically-correct security protocols.

And similarly, these photos remind us of the very real need to counter-protest these maniacs wherever and whenever they rear their heads - despite the outcries of their leftist sympathizers, appeasers and enablers:

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Shooting at Seattle Jewish Community Center July 28

Here I was, going to make my very first post on Blogger something nice and non-agitating, and along comes this story about what appears to have been a Muslim nutjob murdering folks at the Seattle Jewish Community Center, allegedly because he was in a rage about Israel:

Read story here

I'm not going to jump to more conclusions than the story, at this stage, would justify.

But considering the seething hatred expressed at
anti-Israel rallies in San Francisco in the last few weeks, I can't say that this is all that surprising. Some telling excerpts from the crowd that preaches "tolerance" and "diversity" and "inclusiveness":

Well, as they say, pictures speak a zillion words, so I'll just leave this first post with one thought: that until Americans recognize that there are nutjob jihadists among us - that they are not some figment of neocons' imaginations, and they are not hatched by a Halliburton-BigPharma-ExxonMobil-PepsiCo-NASCAR-RoveCo conspiracy - we are going to get hit like this, but in grander and bloodier fashion.