Saturday, July 29, 2006

HuffPost: Electronic Flypaper For Jew-Haters, Jihadist-Sympathizers And Anti-American Propagandists

Since November 2005, when I first discovered Arianna Huffington's blogsite, The Huffington Post, it soon became clear to me that it is a convergence point for the modern left's (a) hatred of Jews and Israel, and (b) sympathy for, and appeasement of jihadist terror.

"HuffTardsVille," as I've come to call it, was also an inspiration for me to finally create my own blog, in part to report on my experiences there, under the pseudonym "JonQuixote," a login ID that the most virulent bloggers there have come to know well - and despise. I attempted to combat the seething anti-Semitic propaganda that reminded me of what I learned was used in Nazi Germnay.

But of course, according to HuffTards, leftists cannot be fascists or anti-Semitic. I explained that they are both - and let their writings (and links to whackjob conspiracy theory "source" sites) stand as the proof. If you doubt this, log onto HuffTardsVille yourself and look for posts from the following bloggers - or do a Google search on their names, and read their posts. In general, they are there all day, every day... and I would estimate that 40-60% of HuffingtonPost bloggers assign some to a great amount of credence to what they write, and the "sources"(*) they cite (*primarily blogs by other whackjob conspiracy theorists):

  • 911wasInsideJob (a/k/a Rese, Plunger)
  • Mary12
  • SatanLivesinUSA (a/k/a SnuffTheSmirkinJerkSOON, BeheadBushPlease, others; see interesting link on this psycho nutjob here)
  • YvonneMoorehead
  • Amunaka
  • Candy2
  • AverageUSAJoe
  • BloggingBitch
  • spiritquest

Then, today, HuffPost finally put up a link to the story of the Seattle Jihadist who terrorized the Jewish Community Center yesterday - almost 24 hours after the other blogsites picked it up. I anticipated that as soon as the blog was opened, it would become a petri dish for my theory. And, I'm sad to say, I was correct: See the chronology of posts for yourself.

Based on my 8 months of observation, had this been a crazed Jewish shooter who broke into a mosque and started shooting innocent Muslims, "Queen Arianna," as I call her, would have had the story screaming across her main page storyline. But the outcome would have been exactly the same: Jew-hating, jihad-sympathizing leftists would have posted in droves, while anyone suggesting that jihad is a threat, that the Jews and Israel are only protecting themselves, would be immediately labeled a "warmongering, racist, Islamophobic, intolerant fascist," or worse.

In the grand scheme of things, HuffTardsVille is probably not a very important gathering spot for leftists.

But if it is any indication of what I contend is the true nature of the modern left - of its seething hatred for Jews, its respect for jihadists, and of its willingness to stop at nothing to hurt America and Israel and their cherished relationship - it could well be an indicator of just how close to general exposure these nitwits truly are. And once normal, everyday Americans (and particularly Jewish Americans) discover this, they may finally recognize the American left as one of the gravest threats facing our culture, and our future.

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