Saturday, July 29, 2006

When Does The Defeated Aggressor Get To Define Terms Of Surrender? When It's Nasrallah

Well, isn't that sweet. According to an article today:

Hezbollah representatives and Lebanese cabinet ministers have reached an agreement in general -- but with some major reservations -- on a proposal to end the 18-day crisis, Lebanese government officials say... he (Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah) gave the Lebanese government qualified support to negotiate a peace deal, but suggested tentative Hezbollah promises to disarm would be off if conditions aren't met.

... In a speech aired on his group's Al-Manar TV station, (he said) that Israel had been counting on a victory to secure a political solution but has failed. "It's clear ... that the Zionist enemy has not been able to reach a military victory. I'm not saying that. They said that. The whole world is saying that," he said.

If there was any doubt how far into jihadist outer-space this guy is, this should put that question to rest. It is the equivalent of the Germans, in 1945, attempting to demand conditions for its surrender to the Allies - or of a cowardly boxer, having been caught fighting dirty, attempting to dictate the terms under which he will concede the fight. Only in a world gone mad with leftist worship of tyrants, losers and lowlifes, could such a cretin as Nasrallah even have a mouthpiece - which the Western media apparently cannot quite bring itseslf to take away from him.

Israel is justifiably kicking the crap out of Hezbollah, as we speak. Nasrallah's home was destroyed by Israeli bombs, half of his jihadist infrastructure is history, and yet, he is talking as if he has any capability to repel the rest of the IDF force that is rolling after him.

Why is he doing this? What gives him the confidence to speak with such bravado, such chutzpah, at this desperate stage of his "war against the Zionists"?

Could it be that he knows the United Nations will give him, and Hezbollah's allies in the Lebanese legislature, every benefit of the doubt, whereas they will give no slack whatsoever to Israel? Could it be that he knows the West's mainstream media will pick up on his "willingness to support a peace plan" without any context as to the wider issues that must be resolved for a true, enduring peace? Or to explain that such a half-witted "peace plan" would, in all likelihood, be used only by Hezbollah to rest, re-arm and re-supply, so they can begin attacking again?

Perhaps it isn't chutzpah, so much as it is a clear reading of the media winds - and his attempt to use them to his advantage.

Maybe Nasrallah reads history better than many in our culture apparently do. Because across the American media, the worship of multiculturalism, and sympathy for jihadist butchers, has clearly now reached its zenith, when a monster like him can still command the attention of any clear-thinking, peace-loving people - or the journalists that they rely upon, to give them vital information and context they need, to help them understand major current affairs.

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