Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Birth Of A Nation: Hezbollahstan


It is now only a matter of time before the nation formerly known as Lebanon will cease to exist, to be replaced by the jihadists' latest victory:


And similarly, it is only a matter of time before Hezbollastan attacks Israel, and resumes the reign of terror that it instigated on July 12, and carried on for five weeks before being prematurely aborted, in the name of "peace."

Hezbollahstan's unholy birth will be made possible primarily by the "world community's":

  • Endless and unjustified castigation of Israel, particularly in the media, for defending itself
  • Appeasement of jihadist butchers, their enablers and defenders
  • Refusal to discern between the murderer and murdered, the terrorist and the terrorized, and Hezbollah and life-focused groups with grievances
After enduring decades of war, strife and destruction, Lebanon enjoyed a brief moment of peace and reconstruction in the past eight years. Beirut was gradually reclaiming its former glory as one of the Mediterranian's premier vacation destinations, and blossoming atop the blood-soaked soil was a semi-free, open, multi-religious culture.

(L) Hezbollah recruiter and Lebanese children; (R) Remind anyone of the Hitler Youth?

But beneath the surface, something else was also blossoming: jihad.

Hezbollah had intimidated (or otherwise "convinced") a sufficient number of Lebanese civilians and local government officials into letting it set up shop in their communities.

Some, a minority, saw this is a deal with the devil: that potentially grave harm was going to come from this deal. With the estimated $100 million per year that Hezbollah was getting from Iran, it set up and operated welfare and aid services, medical centers, schools and other "public services."

Like anyone else seeking something for nothing (translation: welfare statists), many Lebanese people refused to think about what this would all mean, and where it would all lead.

Hezbollah clearly had intentions other than what it advertised. It despised the permissive culture that was taking root in Lebanon. Similarly to the Mafia, it set up shop - in and around civilians. It became entrenched. The Lebanese people, either too brainwashed or too trusting or too unwilling to project out to the logical conclusions what their decisions would lead to, went along.

What they may not have realized is that what they were voting for was to commit national suicide.

And the result has been exactly what was inevitable: destruction, death and misery.

That is all jihadists will ever produce, because their focus and value system is not on this world, or on human life - it is on the supposed "paradise" that is promised to them in the afterlife, by forcing "infidels" to convert to their particular flavor of Islam, or to murder, enslave or otherwise oppress them, if they refuse.



Now, as expected (except by Euro-weenies, American intellectuals and leftist activists), contrary to the terms of the "cease fire" agreement and UN Resolution 1559, Hezbollah has announced that it will neither disarm nor withdraw from southern Lebanon.

As I said on Huffington Post this evening:

"And this is a surprise!?A friend's kid (12 yrs old) figured this out as soon as the news of this faux 'cessation of hostilities' was agreed to at the UN, the most corrupt world body since... well, forever.

"But hey, 'the world' demanded that the US and Israel make a good-faith effort to stop all this. Israel agreed. Lebanon agreed. Hezbollah agreed.As I said here at about 8am, I doubt that Hezbollah's jihadist butchers will be able to last more than a few more days without getting civilian blood on their hands.

"If this surprises anyone other than Euro-weenies and American intellectuals, they deserve what they get.Israel should never have stopped. Next time (probably a matter of hours now), I pray they won't."

By: JonQuixote
on August 16, 2006 at 12:10am

I can't wait to see what fascinating and insightful (!) things will be posted in reply. Well, here, follow the thread for yourself to see the face of the new "base" of the Democratic Party has to say about this.

Condi came home last week after saying that these were "birthing pains" or something to that effect, that a new Middle East was being born.

Although I'm one of her biggest fans, she was wrong. That "birthing sound" you heard was the sound of a new jihadist nation being taken over, or born, depending on your perspective.

And thanks to the outcries of "the world community" for peace, of journalists' lapping up Hezbollah's media propaganda and manipulations like puppies to warm milk, and of outright jihadist-appeasers in Europe and beyond, we are now left with facing an emboldened jihadist cabal that will need to be dealt with.

As I noted on
another post here, the moment "the world community" gave Hezbollah's chief jihadist butcher, Hassan Nasrallah, the "right" to determine what any "cease fire" would consist of, it essentially surrendered whatever moral authority it claimed, in one single shot.

Whatever deaths, destruction and human missery will be caused by having to deal with Hezbollastan now, it won't be a small fraction of what it will take if we let this cancer continue to metastasize until THEY are ready to pick a new time, place and means of instigating a new, expanded jihad against the West.



Let's just consider this another Gomer Pyle moment: "Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!" Read it all HERE.

Then, relate this information to news stories that have been posted here at JQWorld for months prior... here, here, here, here. Will we ever learn?

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