Thursday, October 19, 2006

Secret email from Al Quada to the DNC - REVEALED!!!


One would think that with the speed at which information travels on the Internet, the Democratic National Committee would have investigated how I keep getting copies of their secret emails forwarded to me (here, here, and here). But alas, I guess they're just too busy these days, spreading hate, divisiveness, and America-bashing, jihad-appeasing, UN-worshipping, multi-cultural propaganda and lies, during this final push before the mid-term elections.

Oh well. Another one ended up in my email box this morning... and this one is especially troublesome, as it comes directly from al Quada itself.

From: Ayman al Zawahiri <>

To: Howlin' Howie Dean <>

Subject: THANK YOU; Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Thursday, 19 Oct 2006 07:40:25 -0400

Dear Dr. Dean:

As I said in 2005, al Quada’s war against America is not primarily a military battle, but rather, a conflict in which the public’s perceptions, and the information they are fed, will determine the outcome.

We originally planned to exert major effort to influence American public opinion through the inroads that our funders had already made into American colleges, schools and newsrooms.

But thanks to the Democratic National Committee and allied organizations, such as, Code Pink, Not In Our Name, The World Can’t Wait, and Scholars for 9/11 Truth, it turns out the American left has been a vital, dominant factor in breaking their fellow citizens’ will to fight, and win, the war that we have instigated against you.

- You proclaimed that this war is one that America’s soldiers “cannot win”

- Senator Kerry likened your soldiers to “terrorists”

- Senator Durbin compared U.S. soldiers to “Nazis”

- Cindy Sheehan denounced America’s military, while affirming the truth that our brother mujahadeen are “freedom fighters”

- Thanks to our influence in your schools, many of America’s young people have become convinced that no culture is better or worse than any other; that all are merely “different,” each entitled to respect and sovereignty

- Thanks to our influence in your newsrooms, a sizable portion of Americans now believe that our 9/11 attacks were actually perpetrated by your government – and that President Bush’s push for retaliatory military action was merely an effort to enrich his friends in the oil industry

- Thanks to our influence in America’s arts, many actors, musicians and critics have advanced and affirmed our position that America is a malevolent force in the world, seeking nothing less than world domination through its military power

Most recently, several of your news organizations reported that President Bush likened America’s conflict in Iraq to its experiences in Vietnam. (But of course, thanks to the American left’s domination of schools and school-related materials, the vast majority of your schoolchildren have no idea how hamstrung your military forces were in Vietnam, not by their own limitations, but by political maneuvering.)

They also have no idea how close your soldiers were, in reality, to crushing the North Vietnamese (even they acknowledged this, years after the war). No, the North Vietnamese acknowledged that their primary war was against America’s will to fight – and that once that battle was won, they were able to force the U.S. out of the south. Had the U.S. stayed, and fought the way the military wanted to, the North Vietnamese admitted that the war would have been won by America.

Now, on the cusp of your mid-term elections, we pray to Allah, The Merciful and Wise, that Americans will elect a majority of Democrats to your House of Representatives and Senate, so that your retreat from Iraq and Afghanistan can commence. Once America surrenders these battlefields to us, perhaps we can then help to facilitate America’s withdrawl from other aspects of its war against our mujahadeen, and accept the fact that we are on the march, and will not stop until we have converted – or slain – more and more western infidels.

Yes, Dr. Dean, you were right – America’s battle against al Quada and our brother mujahadeen is one that it cannot win.

Speaking as one physician to another, I congratulate your correctly ‘diagnosing’ the problem – America’s will to fight – and the remedy: actively subverting America’s view of itself as a force for good, and one that stands on the forefront of the battle against us.

America’s military cannot be defeated by any known force. But through Allah, blessed be His Name, we will continue to win our war against America, thanks to the efforts of wise and courageous infidels like you, and your fellow Democrats.

Please know that I and my brother mujahadeen will be praying for your strength and focus in these last weeks of your mid-term campaign season.

Ayman al Zawahiri, M.D.
Al Quada #2

P.S. I really liked your idea about running an Ahmedinejad-Chavez ticket for the U.S. presidential race in 2008. Allah knows, none of the Democrats you were considering will stand on principle - any principle. Good luck!!!

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