Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Matt Lauer -- Meet the U.S. Constitution


On whole, I find Matt Lauer to be among the least-offensive morning TV hosts.

But today, he demonstrated once again that even with mega-million dollar annual salaries, research staffs and lots of other assets, most TV "journalists" (a) are among the most Constitutionally-illiterate people in America, and (b) continue to believe whatever Sen. Barack Obama says, without question, no matter how obviously full of excrement his statements are.

Case in point: On this morning's Today Show, Lauer was asking Obama some questions after the Democrats' all-night political theater to try and force an unconstitutional vote to begin withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq, thereby signaling our surrender to al Quada in this main front.

Obama's reaction was basically that our troops have done a great job in Iraq with the orders they've been given --- but that the orders they've been given were ineffective. Then, Obama went on to say that in our civilian-led military, it is in part the Congress's job to issue new orders in such a scenario.

I covered this in detail a few days ago: Congress has NO Constitutional authority to issue ANY orders whatsoever to the U.S. military --- not to withdraw, not to redeploy, not to "change strategy" as Obama said, nothing. Congress is, however, empowered under our Constitution to do four things regarding military affairs: (1) declares war, (2) pass spending legislation, (3) withdraw such funding, and (4) approve treaties to end military conflicts. That's it.

Obama knows this. Lauer, with all his education, millions in salary and research staff --- along with all the knowledge-assets of NBC News --- should know this, but apparently he doesn't.

Or, is it that Lauer does know it, but he --- like about 95% of other leftist journalists --- is so starstruck with political lust for Obama that he chose not to correct this attorney's statements concerning a basic aspect of the U.S. Constitution? (for more, see the classic JonQuixoteWorld expose Jack Bauer Interrogates the MSM re ObamaMania!!!)

Either way, a huge disservice was done to the American people today, by perpetuating a basic misconception of the U.S. Constitution, by the network that claims it is "watched by more people than any other news organization in the world."


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