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The Enemy Among Us - Indeed


In September 2006, JonQuixoteWorld revealed that the DNC was planning to advance a Mahmoud Ahmadinejad --- Hugo Chavez ticket for the 2008 presidential derby (here), and that Mr. Ahmadinejad planned to nominate Michael Moore to hold the title of Minister of Propaganda in his administration (here).

Here's what Uncle Mahmoud had to say, way back then ---


Post: Minister of Propaganda


Uncle Mahmoud says: "Until the 2004 American presidential campaign, I and the mullahs had been largely unaware of Mr. Moore's 'work.' I mean, what could we possibly learn from 'artists' such as this obnoxious, bloated, America-hating boor?

"But all that changed with the release of 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' which has
been a hit in jihadist circles around the globe, and has even been featured in their training and propaganda videos.

"What really put Moore on our radar screen for this post, however, was the near-godly status showered upon him by intellectuals, politicians, schoolteachers, the movie industry, college professors, young people and the world media, despite the most obvious
lies, distortions and misrepresentations in this film, and others he has made.

The Bush campaign could not offset the damage that Moore was doing to it, and even American news organizations were unwilling to put their admiration for Moore aside long enough to see if what he was saying was true, contextual and verifiable.

"Miscreant though he may be, Michael Moore is exactly the kind of dhimmi we need to direct propaganda films and campaigns, particularly for us to help shape young people. Breaking that American spirit of rugged indvidualism, independence and private religion won't be easy --- but with Moore's assistance, we are confident we will eventually prevail."

UPDATE (September 28, 2006): Well it turns out this nomination has been partially verified; see article "Moore Please: Ahmadinejad Likes Leftist Moviemaker" and "Mahmoud and Me."

And as it turns out, JQWorld research was on the money --- again.

Today, the
Iranian Student News Agency reported (h/t Drudge) that Ahmadinejad has accepted Michael Moore's offer to travel to Iran to show his new America-bashing socialist screed, "Sicko." Excerpt:

TEHRAN, July 02 (ISNA)-Writer, producer and director, Michael Moore is to come to Iran for the screening of his new production SICKO in the first international documentary film festival held here.

This festival will be held from the 15th to the 19th of October in Tehran.

According to reports in SICKO, Michael Moore interviews Americans who have been denied treatment by the U.S. health care insurance companies, whose policies are designed to maximize profits at the expense of providing essential care. The consequences of these individuals' plights range from bankruptcy to the unnecessary deaths of loved ones.

Moore then looks at universal free health care systems in Canada, France, Britain, and Cuba, debunking all the fears (lower quality of care, poorer compensation for doctors, big-government bureaucracy) that have been used to dissuade Americans from establishing such a system here.

The roots of those health care systems are explored, and our failure to establish free health here care is traced to a) President Richard Nixon's deceptive support of the then-emerging HMOs pursuing huge profits and b) subsequent pressures for Congress to sacrifice sound health care in favor of corporate profit.

Will this in any way cause America's intellectuals and the mainstream media to take a second look at exactly who (and what) Michael Moore is shilling for? Of course not. Why? Because he "means well."

In other upcoming JQWorld news, Charlie Manson and Ward Churchill are forming a new American political party: "Unmedicated Psychopaths For Truth." And America's intellectuals and the MSM are going to fall all over themselves to explain why they have the best hope of creating a more just, fair and equitable society --- via a fusion of fascism and socialism, of course.

Stay tuned to JonQuixoteWorld for the latest developments.

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