Saturday, June 30, 2007

"We Make The Threats Around Here"


From the Telegraph (UK; h/t LGF):

Hamas Police Lay Down Law In Gaza

The newly appointed Gaza City police captain was sitting at his desk, mopping sweat from his brow and explaining the new order of things in the Hamas-run territory, when a subordinate handed him the telephone.

Moataz Abu Khaled, the thinly bearded, previously soft-spoken captain, listened calmly and then erupted.

"We are the police. The people don't threaten us. We make the threats around here," he shouted, a vein in his dripping brow bulging. He slammed the Nokia telephone against the wall and it splintered.

Wow. What an excellent summary of the fascist state that is now Hamastan.

Translate that statement into any language, at any time, and you have the nature of fascism.

Except, of course, when the fascists are marketed by the world media, and even U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, as "a resistance force," instead of as a gang of bloodthirsty jihadist murderers. And when "the police" is defined as a segment of that gang, which happen to wear badges. And when "the law" is defined as anything that the gang proclaims it to be. Just like it was in Nazi Germany, and in Soviet Russia, and in Pol Pot's Cambodia, and in Mao's China. You get the idea.

There is virtue in clearly and objectively identifying people, groups and concepts such as law and justice.

Unfortunately, we are not living in an age in which clear identification is a value to be pursued and defended. No, ours is an age of linguistic gymnastics and self-sacrificial "diplomacy."

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