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Hamastan: The Deadly Flower of "Democracy"


Year after year, day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute, we are told by our (supposed) intellectual and moral superiors that "democracy" is the cultural and political ideal that societies should aspire to.

For decades, the U.S. government and innumerable non-governmental and business organizations have been trying to "export democracy" to oppressed peoples around the world. Most insultingly, we are and have been told that America is, and always has been, a "democracy."

We are not a "democracy," we never have been, and although we are steadily descending into one, I hope that we never will reach that point.

What is a "democracy?" It is unlimited majority rule. It is two wolves and a sheep "voting" on what to have for dinner. It is two rapists and a woman "voting" on what to do for "fun." It is two blue-collar workers and one self-made millionaire "voting" on an equitable distribution of his wealth among "the people." And it is two millionaires and a vagrant "voting" on who should be lawfully permitted to eat, and who should starve.

It is also a people "voting" themselves into suicide, or worse --- "voting" to empower a gang of bloodthirsty, suicidal murderers to rule over them, and to conquer neighboring and distant nations.

For years, the U.S. and our (bipartisan) leadership had been urging the Palestinians to recognize the supremacy of "democracy."

And we were treated to a perfect case study in the deadly nature of "democracy" --- which is systematically being equivocated for, if not outright denied --- when in 2006, via a "democratic" process, Palestinians "voted" Hamas into power.

Now, the "flower" of that "democracy" is now blooming, with all the murder, terror, destruction and depravity that clear-thinking individuals predicted. The "democratically-elected leadership" of the PA is now murdering their Muslim opponents in the streets, and has claimed that it will murder a sufficient number of Jews to destroy Israel.

How in the world can any advocate of "democracy" now decry what their ideals have wrought? Answer: They can't.

And now, the Palestinians are realizing what their "democracy" has wrought, are trying to escape the carnage they've been led to, and are being prevented from doing so --- via a religious order (or fatwa). From
Winston Churchill at The Gathering Storm:

Entitled "No Permission to Emigrate from Palestine," the fatwa reads: "There has been much talk in Palestine about emigration, especially among the young people, due to the difficult security and economic situation. This is being done in search of a better life abroad. Many are continuing to rush to the gates of the embassies and consulates of the Western nations with requests for visas in order to reside permanently in those countries.

"We hereby declare that emigration from the blessed lands is not permitted according to religious law. The people living in these areas must remain in their homes and must not leave them to conquerors. Those who abide by this ruling will perform an honorable deed and will support the Aksa Mosque."

Welcome to the world of "democracy."

Now, individuals in the Palestinian territory don't even own their own bodies, and cannot determine where they wish to live. Starting from this premise and working forward, the rest is completely logical:

Palestinians are trying to rush into the arms of the Israelis, who they've been told by their leadership (and by innumerable freedom-hating, jihadist-excusing media sources, bloggers and political organizations) are evil, fascist aggressors

Hamas announcement: "The era of 'justice' and 'Islamic rule' has arrived"

Hamas is summarily executing fellow Palestinian Muslims in the streets, often in front of their families (more here, here)

Hamas is converting government buildings into mosques, and ordering all Palestinians to reaffirm their loyalty and devotion to their particular interpretation of Islam --- or be murdered; more here

Hamas is murdering opposing patients in hospitals (along with those who happened to be nearby)

Hamas is now controlling the ability of all Palestinians to obtain travel visas

Hamas is going to continue indoctrinating Palestinian children to aspire to become suicide bombers, "drink the blood of Jews," conquer Israel, destroy Western civilization --- but now, with real "authority"

But hey, this carnage isn't without its bright spots: Hamas has ruled that its fighters will no longer wear their trademark face masks -- unless they are firing weapons at Israel, and as it has already created a river blood, it is no longer "seeking vengeance," and will soon consider releasing its "hostages"

Was this not all foretold? Did the Palestinians not know the history, the tactics, the aspirations and the motivations of Hamas, prior to "democratically voting" to put them into power?

And what is the American government's response? To promise to send more aid to the slightly-less insane wing of the Palestinian "democrats" who were "voted" out of office, for their endemic corruption: Mahmoud Abass's Fatah party (from whom Hamas recently "stole" truckloads of US-provided weaponry, and which they are using to create a river of blood). But hey, this follows a long train of "support" that Fatah and Hamas have received from those "enlightened" Western European nations that are our (supposed) moral and cultural superiors, and which never miss an opportunity to lecture the US on how to "get along."

* * *

What we should be aspiring to, and expressing to other nations via our diplomacy, is the virtue of what America once was, and can be again: a constitutionally-limited representative republic, that recognizes an objective (non-contradictory) code of individual rights.

What that means is that although one's representatives are elected via a "democratic" process, the powers of government are clearly articulated and strictly limited, with all focused on one object: protecting the rights and property of its individual citizens. In short, a constitutionally-limited representative republic that operates according to this code is the inverse, the diametric opposite, of a "democracy."

It matters not whether 50.001% or 60% or 80% of 99.9% of citizens "democratically vote" for a legal proposal, if it in any way violated the rights of even a single citizen (let alone the rights of those in a neighboring nation, either individually or collectively). It cannot be valid if such a legal measure requires that a minority, or a majority, must sacrifice their rights (or have them violated via the power of government) for whatever they collectively decide is their "common good," or "the needs of society."

Yet from President Bush to Sen. Ted Kennedy, from self-described "conservatives" to "liberals," and talk-show hosts across the political spectrum, all preach the (supposedly) unimpeachable virtue of "democracy."

Well, folks, we're now staring directly into the abyss that "democracy" ultimately results in. And it's called "Hamastan."

And until we wake up to this fact, and start to think in terms of the sheep, the woman, the millionaire and the vagrant described above, we in America and the Western world are going to continue to create and empower our own destroyers --- all via "democratic" vote.

It's time to confront the fallacy and evil of "democracy" head-on, by using the newly-instituted "Hamastan" as a perfect example of what it leads to. Once we do, we may then begin to finally rebuild our culture on the only foundation that can lead to peace and progress: a foundation of a rational code of individual rights, under a constitutional government with strictly-limited powers.

Let the rebuilding begin.

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Oh, in my previous comments, re. conquest of other countries, I forgot to mention the islamic conquest of North India NOW Pakistan and the Indian State of Bengal now Bangladesh, and the violence in Kashmir and Jaimu - not to mention the rest of India.

Once the islamics are in, they never leave. And you can bet that in any conflict, it is the islamics who've provocked it.