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The Capstone Of A Colossal Outrage

Hat tips to, and compiled from reports by Robert Spencer (JihadWatch) and Daniel Pipes (MiddleEastForum)

From AP/YahooNews:

"A cap is lowered by a crane to the top of the minaret during a ceremony at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, the largest mosque in New England, before the first call to prayer, Saturday, June 9, 2007, in Roxbury, Mass. (AP Photo/Lisa Poole)"

From JihadWatch:

"Why is the flag upside down? Maybe it was just on its way up when Lisa Poole's shutter snapped, but it's a telling photo. From the U.S. Code:

"The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property."

"And here is a capsule explanation of why the Boston mosque is a signal of dire distress."


The above photo is the last, but certainly not final insult in the 5-year saga of dhimmitude, obfuscation, intimidation and retribution revolving around the creation of the largest super-mosque in New England.

Read the "dire distress" link, above, to learn about this outrage from the perspective of The David Project, one of the prime targets of the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB), and their dhimmis on the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA).

Read more about this outrage via Daniel Pipes's additional coverage of how, by standing up to both the radical Islamists at the ISB and their dhimmis at the BRA, the ISB dropped all its lawsuits against The David Project and the others it targeted for "litigation jihad," to intimidate them all into silence. Follow the links that are contained in Dr. Pipes's articles; he provides a fascinating and scholarly accounting of how this campaign of intimidation and dhimmitude relates to others that all Americans should be aware of. Key excerpt:

(June 7, 2007) "The decision last week by the Islamic Society of Boston* to drop its lawsuit* against 17 defendants, including counterterrorism specialist Steven Emerson, gives reason to step back to consider radical Islam's legal ambitions.
(*JQW note: Follow these links for very detailed articles by Dr. Pipes)

"The (ISB) lawsuit(s) came about because, soon after ground was broken in November 2002 for the ISB's $22 million Islamic center, the media and several non-profits began asking questions about three main topics: why the ISB paid the city of Boston less than half the appraised value of the land it acquired; why a city of Boston employee, who is also an ISB board member, fund raised on the Boston taxpayer's tab for the center while traveling in the Middle East; and the ISB's connections to radical Islam.

"Under this barrage of criticism, the ISB in May 2005 turned tables on its critics with a lawsuit accusing them of defamation and conspiring to violate its civil rights through 'a concerted, well-coordinated effort to deprive the Plaintiffs … of their basic rights of free association and the free exercise of religion.'

"The lawsuit roiled Bostonians for two long years, and Jewish-Muslim relations in particular. The discovery process, while revealing that the defendants had engaged in routine newsgathering and political disputation, and had nothing to hide, uncovered the plaintiff's record of extremism and deception.

"Newly aware of its own vulnerabilities, the ISB on May 29 withdrew its lawsuit with its many complaints about '
false statements,' and it did so without getting a dime."

For background on what is being preached in radical Islamist mosques across the USA, read this detailed report by the Center for Religious Freedom. Small wonder why the ISB was so hellbent on hiding the sources of its support, and which imams will or may be preaching at this new super-mosque.

Also, read about The Legal Project, being created in conjunction with Pipes and the Middle East Forum, to provide legal counsel and representation to those who are legally targeted by radical Islamists.

Finally, read "When Will It All End?" at the conclusion of the JonQuixoteWorld post, "Roundup Of Western Government-Enforced Dhimmitude." Excerpt:

"It will end when everyday Americans finally stand up and say that each of our citizens --- regardless of their religious, ethnic, racial, economic, gender or political characteristics --- have equal rights before the law, but that in a culture built atop the principle of liberty and constitutionally-limited government, none have special rights, privileges or considerations, whether they comprise 1%, or 51%, or 99% of our population.

"This principle is especially apt when one group of people becomes intent on imposing their totalitarian edicts on a school, town, city, state or an entire nation. It does not matter whether this imposition occurs all at once, or gradually, by degree --- by the thousands of little, seemingly inconsequential surrenders that escape notice or scrutiny by journalists and educators, often because they themselves are either supportive of this transformation, or are unwittingly facilitating it. But eventually, all those little surrenders add up, especially when one is faced with a patient, determined and resourceful opponent, acting on what they believe to be unimpeachable principles, regardless of whether they are the polar opposite of those underlying the host culture's."

From AP/YahooNews - photo taken at the same time that the minaret was lowered:

"Shazi Abbasi, of Cambridge, Mass., left, and Safia Mohamed, of Roxbury, Mass., a neighborhood of Boston, right, react during a minaret-capping ceremony at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, the largest mosque in New England, Saturday, June 9, 2007 in Roxbury, Mass. (AP Photo/Lisa Poole)"


I wonder if these American Muslims even realize what it means when the American flag is deliberately displayed in an upside-down position? Or the eminently justifiable resentment that the founders and backers of this super-mosque (and their dhimmis in the BRA) have incited in the minds of rational, everyday Americans, by pursuing its creation via their campaign of intimidation, taxpayer subterfuge and obfuscation? Or of how far back this cabal of radical Islamists have set back the seedlings of cross-cultural understanding and respect, which they (supposedly) seek?

Apparently not. But maybe once the mainstream media gets tired of covering the latest momentary political scandals, the status of Britney Spears' underwear, of Paris Hilton's prison-issued underwear, and the latest diet fad, they'll get around to discussing how radical Islam is routinely using intimidation and deception to advance shari'a in America. (Is this not more important than yet another day-after-day profile on the largest American TV news network of the British princes? Apaprently not.)

Unless and until ordinary Americans start waking up to this phenomena, and the gang of radical Islamists that are behind it, this may well be the pictorial legacy that we leave to our children, through our inattentiveness and willfull (or unconscious) dhimmitude:

Oh, and by the way: Happy Flag Day from JonQuixoteWorld.



Defeating the Islamic Society of Boston Lawsuit: Why It Happened and What It Means, with addresses by Charles Jacobs, President of The David Project, and Jeffrey Robbins, the uber-attorney who helped to force the ISB to drop its suit without receiving a single penny.

These people are modern-day heroes. Carve out time and watch this video.

And the mainstream media will get around to covering this outrage any day now... any day now... any day now...


Yup, right after Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and the 2008 presidential derby money race doesn't captivate our most honored "journalists," 24/7...


Have a nice day.


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