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3 Ex-Jihadists Speak To U.S. College Students

After the steady, unceasing drumbeat of propaganda
(from the left, and jihad-apologists spanning the globe) that the U.S. and Israel are the causes of violent jihad, along come three ex-jihadists to blow these myths out of the water at... several of the most jihadist-friendly American college campuses.

And the notoriously militant Muslim Students Association, which is congenitally programmed to riot against anyone who opposes radical Islam, was silent.

From FrontPageMag,
here --- excerpts (the entire article is a MUST-read):

“The message these three ex-terrorists bring to the students is so powerful and cuts through the propaganda of those who support terrorist aims and goals that the MSU was simply afraid to confront it, head on. This is the purpose of these events at our colleges.”

Kamal Saleem spoke first and repeated his contention that America is still asleep after 9/11. A terrorist since the age of 7 who went on several missions for the PLO, smuggling explosives in the Golan Heights hidden under the bellies of sheep he herded into Israel as part of his “mission,” Saleem told the audience he had been active on US campuses later in life when as an adult he came to America with the purpose of spreading jihad among Muslim students across America and to recruit new members to the fold. An auto accident that almost killed him turned him around due to the kindness of people in this country who helped him—the same people he was told to wage jihad against.

Saleem explained how he began to appreciate America and Americans and that the goals of al Qaeda and other terrorist groups were not the noble causes his family and society instilled in him to believe when he was growing up. He explained how he was instructed by kin and religious leaders with one voice of killing infidels, Jews and Christians, and how he was kissed on the forehead by Yasser Arafat at a terrorist training camp. “This was my childhood,” he explained, “We understood we lived to die. We learned from childhood America and Israel must be destroyed.”

Saleem also spoke of the treatment of women in the Middle East, and told of the plight of his sister, who when beaten by her husband, was told by their father she must submit to such things because she “belongs” to her husband. Discussing the rape of women in Darfur and elsewhere in Africa by Muslim extremists, Saleem told about a non-Muslim woman who was raped by one jihadi who then kept track of her gestation to make sure the child she conceived from the rape would be a Muslim.

He cautioned the audience that “There are over 45 assault camps in America training to carry out Allah’s will,” and explained how “Wahhabi lobbyists” that are funded by Saudi Arabia are promoting jihad in America.

Next up came Zak Anani who explained he was descended from a long line of Muslim imams and other Islamic religious leaders so he was well versed in the Koran. He, too, was instilled with the idea of jihad from age three and by age 13 was part of an Islamic terrorists gang in Lebanon where he tacked up 223 kills by the time he left the movement at age 17. He explained how his family and the Koran taught him that “You are the best nation ever, and that the People of the Book, the Jews and Christians are perverted” and how “God has cursed them.”

Read it all, here --- especially the part about how (brave) Palestinians are yearning for the days of old, when Israel was building universities and governing its territories, rather than the jihadist monsters who have decimated it (oh, to hear the American mainstream media interview any of those Palestinians...).

Then, compare what these men have to say, to what we've been told day after day, and what our kids are programmed to believe --- about how America is the cause of all the world's problems, and is provoking radical Islam, and how the latter is so terribly misunderstood, etc. etc. etc.

Finally, compare it to the dhimmitude being exhibited in American "educational" institutions, to whitewash and sanitize radical Islam, while aiding in the bullying of anyone who dares to oppose this practice ---

What a point we're at --- when reformed hardcore jihadists are lecturing U.S. audiences on why the Blame-America-First mentality that is drilled into our heads by our supposed intellectual brain-trust is dead wrong, and why America truly is the last, best hope for peace on Earth.

(I'm sure Ward Churchill, Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Mother Sheehan, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Arianna Huffington and the rest of the loonbatted leftist know-it-alls are preparing thoughtful rebuttals to these three ex-terrorists, to show them the err of their ways, and why America truly IS to blame for all the world's ills.)

For more information on these brave ex-terrorists, though, see Walid Shoebat, Tawfik Hamid, Kamal Saleem, Zachariah Anani. Watch the videos featuring these gentlemen.

Then, ask yourself: Why do 99.99% of Americans have absolutely no idea who these men are? Are their stories and perspectives not more important to America than Paris Hilton's latest meltdown, Britney Spears' latest panty-less tirade, and the latest up-to-the-second stats in the 2008 presidential money-derby?

Have a nice day.

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