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Roundup Of Western Government-Enforced Dhimmitude



When a culture's indoctrinated self-loathing and lack of rational principles (i.e. individual liberty, limited constitutional government, etc.) meets the power of law, and the government's monopoly on the use of force, this is what happens.

For a layperson's definiton of "dhimmitude," see here.

In summary, this is a categorized roundup of domestic and international acts of "official" dhimmitude --- submission by governments, and the agencies and institutions they control, to the intimidation and demands of radical Islamists (most often disguised as "civil rights" activists) --- that isn't available anywhere else.

From "official" acts that enable militant Islamism (Muslim supremacism), to ostracizing or prosecuting anyone who criticizes or opposes it, to whitewashing the reality of it, to looking the other way when one's culture is being progressively balkanized and subverted by it, this blogpost links you to information that is vital to understanding the true depth and breadth of this phenomenon, both here in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Note how all of these stories have one common theme: governmental agencies, institutions (including schools), figures and/or affiliated groups who:

  • Have the power of law behind them --- meaning, the power to initiate the use of physical force against citizens

  • Have subverted reason and a rational concept of justice in order to create special laws, and/or provide special considerations/exemptions to radical Islamists, to avoid even potentially offending their feelings --- with little or no consideration for ours

The following, extensive series of links are divided into two main categories:

(1) "Official" dhimmitude in the U.S., and

(2) "Official" dhimmitude in other Western nations.
Each category is divided into the following subcategories: (a) Education, (b) National Security, (c) Legislation & Criminal Justice, and (d) Miscellaneous (mostly focusing on state-subsidized communications; e.g. the BBC, PBS, etc.).

Also see:
"WHEN WILL IT ALL END?" and KEY UPDATES at the bottom of this thread.

Hat-tips to fans of JQWorld who've sent in story links, and to stories sourced from the real heavy-lifters who document these things, primarily JihadWatch, DhimmiWatch, Daniel Pipes, AmericanThinker, LittleGreenFootballs, AtlasShrugs2000, The Jawa Report, Family Security Matters, The Gathering Storm and BrusselsJournal.

"Official" Dhimmitude in the U.S.


In Education

BLOCKBUSTER FROM NRO (via LGF): The Wahabbification of American education; while we're supposedly "at war" with jihadist terror, one of its chief sponsors, Saudi Arabia, has been quietly injecting Islamist-whitewashing, jihadist-appeasing doctrines into U.S. schoolbooks.


Proposal to build a taxpayer-funded, state-of-the-art NYC Islamic school (madrassas), the Khalil Gibran International Academy, is now an official "go," despite objections of concerned parents and citizens. Is this but the first of a new trend towards mass dhimmitude? Pamela at AtlasShrugs2000 has the story in detail,
HERE; read the detailed background of this issue by Dr. Daniel Pipes, HERE.

ACLU reaction: *crickets chirping.*

ACLU reaction to use of taxpayer dollars to build schools dedicated to followers of any religion other than Islam? NO WAY!!! NO WAY!!! NO WAY!!!

ACLU reaction to (taxpayer-funded) University of Michigan - Dearborn(istan) installing special Muslim-only footbaths: totally appropriate use of a tax-funded educational institution

UPDATE: (Taxpayer-funded) NYC madrasses still on track to open in fall 2007; group formed to demand answers; MSM (sans FNC): "Yawn... hey, when does the new season of 'American Idol' start???


(Taxpayer-funded) San Deigo elementary school allowing children of... no particular religion to say prayers, under direction of "student aide," during school time; teacher spoke in opposition, claimed "religious indoctrination" is taking place

(Taxpayer-funded) San Diego elementary school ordered to shut down madrassas, stop Islamist indoctrination; ACLU, MSM: "Yawn... hey, what's the latest with the Lindsay Lohan car chase?"


(Taxpayer-funded) Pace University has student arrested under "hate crimes" for throwing Koran into toilet; CAIR has fit of ecstasy at PU's dhimmitude; militant student followers of... no particular religion who stomp on, burn American & Israeli flags, claim... no particular religion should murder its way to global conquest... not.

(Taxpayer-funded) Enloe High School (NC) teacher punished for inviting speaker to discuss his persecution at hands of Egyptian (Islamist) government; institutes policy that demands "guest speakers to sign forms saying they will not denigrate any culture, race, gender, national origin or religion..."; Islamists across America still free to preach hatred and violence against infidels in U.S. schools and universities (see posts, below)

(Taxpayer-funded) UNC-Chapel Hill Islamic Studies professor's answer to the reason for Islamist terror --- "Islamophobia!!!" (which, unironically, is the title of a course he teaches) (Robert Spencer deep analysis)

(Taxpayer-funded) University of Michigan - Dearborn using mandatory student fees to build foot-washing stations for Muslim students; CAIR issues response to protests: "Islamophobia!!!"


(Taxpayer-funded) Amhurst, NH middle school students engage in borderline dhimmitude: 7th-graders host Islamist night in order "to encourage participants to reach out and learn from people around the world, and to promote curiosity and cultural understanding," complete with misogyny, veiled (& separated) girls; nametags warn "death for drug trafficking" (more pictures & details at LGF, here; more commentary at AtlasShrugs, here).

JQWorld: What did they "learn," but racism, intolerance, intimidating women into submission --- all the things that the multi-culturalist/PC crowd is supposed to be explaining are the world's evils? Did this event cover the proper way to beat your wife/wives into submission, according to a prominent Sunni Islam scholar?

Well, well, well --- guess who happened to finance this "Arab night" for 7th-graders? SAUDI ARABIA. LGF has the blockbuster revelation, including the kids' teacher, in full-burqa --- in SAUDI ARABIA --- attempting to equivocate for this outrage,

Wonder when/if this teacher/school are going to take a trip to Israel, to see the result of the handiwork of the jihadists that Saudi Arabia and other Islamist nations sponsor? Perhaps some quality time as the Qassam rockets rain down on civilians? Or as suicide bombers detonate themselves in Israeli pizzerias? Or perhaps the beheadings to root out "infidels"? ***crickets***


(Taxpayer-funded) Princeton University professor --- Israel may institute Nazi-like genocide against poor, poor Palestinians (New survey: 74% of Palestinians support suicide bombings against Israeli civilians, here)

Harvard hosting Islamist-jihadist Israel-bashing "outreach" program for U.S. middle schoolers

(Taxpayer-funded) Seattle Public School system introduces comprehensive dhimmitude-indoctrination program (under guise of advancing "tolerance" and "understanding" and "justice," of course)

(Taxpayer-funded) California college to offer Islamist-led class on... Islamist views on women, to "break down social barriers and misunderstandings"; Muslim women "love" their veils, "don't want to be saved" (no mention if forced clitorectomies, "honor killings," beheadings, the fate of women who question Islam will be "covered")
UPDATE: Will this class "cover" the proper way to beat your wife/wives into submission, according to a prominent Sunni Islam scholar?

(Taxpayer-funded) UC-Irvine establishes itself as one of America's most jihadist-friendly, jihadist-enabling college campuses --- via our tax dollars: UC-I facilitating Islamist hate speech here, here, here, here, here, and routinely violating its own policies in order to do so, here; allowing students to disrupt, call for jihad in response to scholar's speech about dangers to Israel, here, here; student jihadists calling for Islam to destroy Israel and conquer the world, here

(Taxpayer-funded) Tufts University enlists Orwellian thought police measure to punish student group for publishing advertisement containing facts about Islamism; found guilty of "harassment"; University's position on radical Islamists who claim Israel should be destroyed? *Yawn*

(Taxpayer-funded) George Mason University allows Saudi-backed radical Islamist student group to take over multi-use meditation & prayer room for its exclusive use; group now demands "Islamic Education Center" too; More here - footwashing basins, halal-only foods, separate facilities, etc.
UPDATE: Now GMU tells non-Muslim students to observe Islamist rules in... non-denominational "meditation area" that radical followers of... no particular religion have de facto taken over

Radical Islam being "taught" in at least 13 (taxpayer-funded) U.S. universities, courtesy of funding by (surprise!) Saudi Arabia; U.S. government & news media: "Yawn"

Lewiston, ME police investigate slice of ham left near Muslims in (taxpayer-funded) school cafeteria as potential "hate crime"; more here, and here; Update: Maine Attorney General drops case, will resume focusing on actual crimes

(Taxpayer-funded) Minnesota community college to install Muslim prayer preparation rooms, but prohibits any display or reference to Christmas during holiday season; Update: Same college and others across U.S. planning to install (or have already installed) Muslim-only facilities

(Taxpayer-funded) New Jersey school stages practice hostage drill – portrays killers as fundamentalist Christians to avoid offending Muslim students

NYC using tax dollars to create de facto Islamic public school; will teach "culture," but "not politics," of Islam; much more here; update here

(Taxpayer-funded) San Francisco State University takes legal action against students who stepped on Hezbollah, Hamas flags, ignores Muslims who trample American flag (more here)

U.S. Circuit Court judge OK's (taxpayer-funded) California school to force 7th-graders to pray to Allah, wear veils, memorize passages from the Koran, play "jihad games" (2003)

Controversy erupts in CA over Islamist (taxpayer-funded) grade school textbook that rewrites history, excoriates Jews, labels Muslims their "victims"; Same book yanked from Scottsdale, AZ schools for Islamist "indoctrination"

Deep analysis of Islamist indoctrination in (taxpayer-funded) Arizona schools (2005)

(Taxpayer-funded) Georgia university refuses to fire jihadist terror-supporting professor

In National Security


Senate Democrats block "John Doe" lawsuit protection from "Homeland Security" legislation (JQWorld: In other news, Reid & Co. to receive "Dhimmi Of The Week" Award from lawyers for radical Islamists)

"JOHN DOE" LAWSUIT PROTECTION UDPATE: After months of leftist Democrats (Dhimmicrats) trying to keep "John Doe" lawsuit protections out of Homeland Security bill (in shameful attempt to win "hearts and minds" of radical Islamists, and hand trial lawyers' lobby a windfall), Repubicans and bloggers fight to keep it in... and it stays in, kinda-sorta... for now. In ironic timing, more suspected jihadists are perpetrating "dry runs" on U.S. airlines... and if Dhimmicrats ultimately get their way, anyone who reports them will face the legal wrath of lawsuits from... dry-run jihadists and their supporters.


Bush Admin., Part 1: Saudis playing "counterproductive role" in Iraq, arming insurgent groups (as if funding jihadist terror around the world for decades, and now attempting to indoctrinate American schoolchildren isn't bad enough...)
Bush Admin., Part 2: Let's sell the Saudis $20 BILLION in new weaponry!!!


THE DHIMMICRATIC "YOUTUBE DEBATE": Strangely missing from discussion, the war that militant followers of... no particular religion have declared on the USA and Western civilization. Instead, Dhimmicrats focus on the war they'd rather be fighting --- against Bush, free enterprise, individual liberty, faux "inequality," faux "racism," etc. See analysis at AmericanThinker, HERE, and liveblogging at InfidelsAreCool, HERE.

Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) removes online search tool that helps investors identify and steer clear of companies involved in sponsoring terror

Over objections of line agents, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol supervisors allowing Muslim aliens to cross Canada-Detroit border; one receives "Certificate Of Appreciation" from Islamist group including a "former" jihadi terrorist

(U.S. taxpayer-funded) UN "peacekeepers" keep vigilant eye on Hezbollah as it positions prohibited weaponry in southern Lebanon, to prepare itself for... well, most certainly not war; more here, on how UN looks other way as Hezbollah indoctrinates children to become jihadists and suicide bombers; Israel-bashing leftist, professors, MSM: "Yawn... hey, what color outfit do you think Hillary will be wearing at the debates?"

On heels of Taliban indicating it's been defeated by the U.S. military, Congressional Democrats organizing to push for U.S. military to surrender to Taliban, via premature withdrawl from Afghanistan

U.S. Representative Robert Kennedy, Jr.: Ronald Reagan's fuel standards policy responsible for 9/11 attacks

"THANK YOU, AMERICA!!!" from bloodthirsty jihad gang Hamas, for inadvertently providing U.S. taxpayer dollars to buy massive weaponry with which "peaceful" Palestinians can perpetuate murder spree, while creating total Islamist state...

U.S. government to engage in "talks" with prime sponsor of worldwide jihad and radical political Islam

"Hundreds of Islamic centers in the United States have become a hot-bed of extremist activity; they promote violence, terrorism and hatred against America"
President Bush speaks at rededication ceremony largest largest Saudi-funded Islamist mosque in Washington, urge imams to denounce Islamic terror --- well, sort of...
(JihadWatch coverage here and here); more: (hijab-wearing) Bush administration officials don't vet attendees of... no particular religion, to ensure they pose no threat to them

Condoleeza Rice refers to Hamas as a "resistance movement"; Ironically, Hamas refers to itself via the same term, as do other murderous militant Islamist terror groups (JQWorld: Next up, "murder" is to redefined by Ms. Rice as "premature involuntary life termination")
Condi Rice and jihadists agree: Israel must end "occupation" of West Bank (JQWorld: Next --- Jews must be driven into the sea?)

Portland, OR mayor decries INS roundup of 150 illegal aliens (barely 1 month after "Ft. Dix Six" were arrested, found to be illegals); refers to them as "Portland residents" here to "feed their families"; background on "sanctuary cities" here; implications for jihadist murderers among us, here

John Edwards proposes 10,000-strong peacenik brigade to combat Islamist terror; leftists cheer

Schools teaching Islamism and "the art of taquiya" (deception to infiltrate a culture for jihad) flourishing across U.S.; law enforcement and "homeland security"... not

Senate Democrats lead effort to provide lawyers to terrorism detainees at Club Gitmo

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT): Planned assault at Ft. Dix by militant domestic Islamists (half of whom are illegal aliens) should not affect debate over immigration "reform" (definitely not linked to Middle Eastern jihadists urging American Muslims to vote for Democrats in the 2006 mid-terms)

John Edwards promises loonbatted base that he'll look into allegations that 9/11 was actually perpetrated by U.S. conspiracy

FBI being given "sensitivity training" training by CAIR, America's most prominent Islamist terror-front group and -apologist (briefer on CAIR here; more info here, here, here, here)

House Democrats shifting funds from intelligence-gathering to studying global warming's "impact on national security"

Detroit City Council legally prohibits police officers from asking for immigration status --- two days after New Jersey jihadists (half of whom are illegal aliens) are busted for planned assault on Ft. Dix

U.S. taxpayers being forced to fund Islamist & terrorist propaganda (including Holocaust denial) in Middle East; more here; Blockbuster report on why this violates U.S. law, HERE; more here; important updates HERE and HERE and HERE

U.S. taxpayers being forced to fund arms for Palestinian Authority (including Hamas, one of the world's deadliest Islamist terror organizations); Hamas "seizes" cache of American weaponry being shipped to rival faction in PA, HERE

Four of eight Democratic presidential candidates believe there is no "global war on terror"

FBI: Muslim who stole operating software from U.S. nuclear plant and brought it to Iran is "not terrorist related"

"Extremists" of... no particular religion trying to become school bus drivers In America; FBI: "Nothing to fear"

Hezbollah operating in America? Huh? Oh, right... THAT Hezbolllah... (more here, here)... the one that's murdered more Americans than any militant Islamist group other than al Quada

In Legislation and Criminal Justice

U.S. taxpayers forced to finance "moderate" Islamist election campaign in West Bank

U.S. District Court: Islamist franchisee of Dunkin' Donuts can sue company for requiring him to serve all pork products on menu (JQWorld: By implication, now McDonalds franchisees are cleared to launch massive class-action lawsuit to upend McD's menus in stores owned by militant followers of... no particular religion; hello halal food, goodbye Sausage McMuffin!)

Bush administration refuses House vote to stop all (U.S. taxpayer-funded) financial aid to (jihadist-terror-supporting, crazy-rich with petro-dollars) Saudi Arabia

Two U.S. Congressmen --- both of whom are presidential candidates --- vote "no" on House resolution calling for the U.N. to sanction Iran for its madman leader's threats to "wipe Israel off the map" (JQWorld: In an ironic twist, the same two Congressmen were recently determined to be the missing link between pre-human and modern human brains)

EEOC "religious harassment" complaint to be filed by lawyers representing workers who walk off production line at food processing plant so they can observe... no particular religious practice

First Muslim U.S. Congressman echoes jihadist-speak --- Bush probably behind 9/11 attacks, and is now a Hitler-like dictator --- and colleagues in Congress remain silent; More here; MSM: "Yawn. BOOORrrriinngggg. Hey, is Britney wearing panties again?"

Preview to dhimmitude: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals determines that government can regulate and punish speech that potentially "offends" people of certain sexual orientation; case now destined for U.S. Supreme Court. How far behind can speech controls to avoid "offending" people of... no particular religion be? Answer: A hair's breath, unless we stop this madness --- now.

Jihadist women in Texas, caught with bombs, after repeatedly being caught surveilling public facilities, and resisting arrest, fighting police, charged only with "aggravated assault," will be allowed to post $3,000 bail; claim they're "lesbians" are a "sick and tired" of "Islamophobic" treatment

Alamo Car Rental ordered to pay former employee $287,000 for firing her, after she refused order to remove headscarf when dealing with customers, during month of Ramadan (JQW: How far behind can burqa-chic litigation be, now? Oh, right --- it's already here; more here, here, here)

U.S. Senate votes 51-46 against an amendment to proposed immigration law that would enact "a permanent ban for gang members, terrorists, and other criminals" (JQW: Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of America-hating criminals and terrorists...)

Is the U.S. Department of Justice poised to follow the European Union's lead in criminalizing the act of speaking out against or publishing materials criticizing... no particular religion? (see E.U.'s immaculate pronouncement of its dhimmitude here)

Illinois legislators wrestling over crafting of sharia-compliant food law


New UN Secretary-General*: Contrary to earlier reports, jihadism is not responsible for hundreds of thousands of Darfur civilians slaughtered in name of... no particular religion; nope, the primary culprit is "global warming" (*JQWorld note: Although this "Roundup..." typically focuses exclusively on dhimmitude demonstrated by actual governments, as so many in the US and around the world view the UN as a sort of super/uber-world government, this citation is entirely appropriate)
*Read a fascinating account of U.N. dhimmitude, via Winston Churchill at The Gathering Storm, HERE.

Ohio governor speaks at banquet for unindicted co-conspirator group in jihadist-terror funding case (CAIR); Mainstream media: "Yawn... when's Paris Hilton getting out of jail? We've got mucho dollars to pay her for her first post-incarcaration interview!!!")


(Taxpayer-funded) PBS refuses to air a documentary it funded, "Islam vs. Islamists," which features --- in quite stark terms --- moderate Muslims confronting militant Islamists; see "PBS Dhimmitude, Part I"; also, see PBS Dhimmitude, Part II, here.

See trailer of "Islam vs. Islamists" here, and documentary's website, here.

See HotAir interview with controversial producer, Frank Gaffney, here.

PBS surrenders, will allow film to be shown --- but will not use its massive marketing muscle --- which it employed for the rest of the series, and other programs it produces --- to promote it in any way.


Arizona airport imposes user (airline passenger) fees to install and maintain foot-washing stations for followers of... no particular religion

U.S. government-funded* Palestinian media refuses to remove "jihad Mickey Mouse" from TV broadcasts; mouse urges children to martyr themselves in attacks against Jews, Americans (* U.S. taxpayers only pay part of costs for jihad media; the rest comes from "enlightened" Western European nations and of course, Islamist nations); see background here, and video clip here

Government-owned cable TV network in Vermont to now carry alJazeera, al Quada's favorite TV station: "I think it’s more mainstream and more objective than CNN,” says executive.

Kansas City Airport bows to pressure from CAIR, now using tax dollars to provide foot-washing basins for Muslim cab drivers ("Why are we constructing places of worship for them inside our airports?" said an airport official who requested anonymity. "Why are we catering to their rituals? We don't do it for any other religion.")

Muslim-only swimming at taxpayer-funded pools in the US, France (2003, + updates)

Minnesota Airport Commission proposes special taxi signage to accomodate Muslim drivers

"Official" Dhimmitude Elsewhere
In The Western World

In Education

New British PM unveils new plan to stop mandatory lessons for students in (taxpayer-funded) schools on Churchill, Marx, Stalin; to be replaced with lessons in Muslim languages, "global warming" and healthy eating (JQWorld: And these are the "enlightened world leaders" that America should always listen to, look to for "wisdom," and fear condemnation by)

Thanks to decades of politically-correct, multicultural indoctrination in (taxpayer-funded) British schools and legal provisions,
only 1/3 of Brits believe they have freedom of speech, and 1/5 believe they can safely voice opinions on sensitive issues; absolutely, positively no correlation established to British government's appeasement of militant followers of... no particular religion

Independent study of British state-run elementary and secondary education: dhimmitude, political correctness, multiculturalist pablum corrupting ability to teach/learn the essentials

(Taxpayer-funded) Oxford University bestows Dhimmi Jimmy Carter with honorary doctorate, provides platform for him to spew more jihad-appeasing, Jew/Israel-bashing propaganda

British high court rules to ban girls from wearing "chastity rings" at (taxpayer-funded) public schools; militant followers of... no particular religion, wearing full-body veils, screaming that Britain will be violently overthrown by followers of... no particular religion, A-OK!!!

British universities continue allowing militant Islamists to propagate jihad, the takeover of the UK into part of global caliphate

Dutch elementary school administrators surrender to 9 & 10 year old Muslims who rioted, because course in farming mentioned... pigs

Italian taxpayers being forced to fund Arabic language lessons; Italian Foreign Minister: Hamas is not a terrorist organization, just a good-ol' grassroots movement!; meanwhile, Italians raid "terror school" disguised as facility for observers of... no particular religion

British school serving halal-only meals, parents protest

Sweden now using tax dollars to "train" Imams "who are flown in to Sweden from other countries do not speak the language and do not understand Swedish society"

Muslim-only changing rooms, gender separation, sex education urged for British schools; Texas, Canadian universities to order Muslim-only use of fitness centers

British university forces student to issue "groveling apology" for satirical magazine article on Islam; Apologies from Muslim student rioters for their hate speech and threats against other religions? Neither requested nor forthcoming.

Scottish schools warn: Staring at a Muslim deemed "Islamophobic"

British schools remove Holocaust from curriculum to avoid offending Muslims; British town renames "Holocaust Remembrance Day" for same reason

British university cancels professor speech linking Islamist extremism to Naziism

British university to partner with jihad terrorist-training school in West Bank, at urging of Muslim students

French teachers successful in getting textbook publisher to blur image of Mohammed to avoid incitement of Muslim protests

In National Security


EU to Britain: STOP using language to attribute acts of jihadist terror, murder and attempted murder to followers of... no particular religion; banned terms include "jihad," "Islamic" and "fundamentalist"

MORE: In an ironic stroke of timing, shortly after above dictate... New British Prime Minister Brown orders government to stop using sentences that associate terrorism with Muslims, and to not refer to battle against murderous followers of... no particular religion as being a "war on terror"; Much more HERE

MORE: In an ironic stroke of timing, shortly after above dictate... British government official: Terrorism? What's that? There is no such thing. (Wait, oh right... the London car bomb plot. No, definitely not terrorism. Neither were the 7/7 attacks. Just disgruntled youths, but possibly militant followers of... no particular religion)

UK suspects that 8 police officers, followers of... no particular religion, were complicit in attempted airport attacks, but refuses to fire them because... it would be insensitive and discriminatory

MORE: Scottish government official claims Glasgow airport attacks were not perpetrated by militant followers of... any particular religion, just random... Buddhists, or... ? Academic explains why this official dhimmitude is only emboldening militant Islamists

MORE HERE: PM asks Brits to keep a sharp eye out for people of... no particular religion, doing... nothing in particular
(JQWorld: In other news, British government to stop claiming the UK is a "free society," will now refer to it as "pre-shari'a multicultural acceptance zone that refuses to acknowledge murderous violence being committed by followers of... no particular religion")

Devastating analysis of (new) British government('s) dhimmitude by IBD, here


Italian Prime Minister: Iran is hellbent on proceeding with its nuclear weapons program because... the West has instituted sanctions against Iran, because of its nuclear weapons program... (repeat as often as necessary until you come to the conclusion that the West is the real cause of the Iranian madman's thirst for nuclear weapons)

French Foreign Ministry: Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization, must be included in discussions of how to resolve... terror issues

(Taxpayer-funded) BBC asks Iraqis to notify it of U.S./coalition troop movements, so that it may report them to violent followers of... no particular religion, who are perpetrating acts of murder and terror against... no particular coalition

Holland reverses itself, approves 30,000 immigrants from nations with heavy populations of devout followers of the most violent interpretation of... no particular religion

Another major step towards surrender of Europe to Islamism, establishment of "Eurabia;" Mainstream media: "Yawn! What's the latest with Paris Hilton's jailhouse saga?"

Following England and Germany, Netherlands to institute shari'a banking; official: to refuse to do so would be "counterproductive" in... war on terror (JQWorld: In other news, France to institute Nazi-era theft of gold and art; to not do so would be "counterproductive" in fight against... Nazis)

European Union to resume heavy funding of Hamas, just days after Hamas declares war on "moderate" Fatah government, pledges to murder more Israelis, destroy Israel; Mainstream media: "Yawn! Will Steven Spielberg or David Geffen fund Hillary's campaign or Obama's?"

New French president invites Hezbollah for visit to discuss... Islamist terror;
In other news, France will invite mass murderers to summit to discuss... murder (just kidding --- but not by much)

France: Let The Jihadists Have Nukes!!!, Part II: Earlier this year, JQWorld documented how former French president Chirac expressed his support for Iran having nuclear weapons, here; now, the "conservative" Sarkozy is expressing support for terror-supporting Islamist states including Libya to be able to acquire "peaceful" nuclear technology, here

Swedish government official: “We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and the Muslims so that when we become the minority they will be the same towards us;” Dutch government official: No problem with taxpayers being forced to subsidize the lifestyles of newly-immigrated radical followers of... no particular religion; read both here

Belgium legislator expresses desire to "strangle" Israeli ambassador, while praising "moderation" of Palestinian (Hamas) government --- less than two weeks after senior Palestinian (Hamas) legislator calls for all Jews and Americans to be murdered

Jihadist-sympathizing leftist British computer expert reports he had change of heart, tried to warn police of impending Islamist attack... but only heard *crickets*... until 7/7

Norway: No way we'll stop funding Hamas-led Palestinian government (Jihad terrorism? What jihad terrorism?; This Hamas-justified and -executed jihad terrorism, Norway (More here, here, here, here, here, here); May 31 update: Norway gives $10 million to Hamas to help "ease crisis" created by... Hamas (Did Norway also give $ to the Nazis to help "ease the crisis" at Auschwitz and Treblinka? --- just asking)

Switzerland legitimizes Hamas murderer-in-chief, will permit him to visit as statesman

British court refuses to allow extradition of militant Islamists to Libya, soon after refusing to extradite another jihadist back to Jordan

Spain and Pakistan issue strongly-worded proclamation against terrorism perpetrated by followers of... no particular religion

Germany: Why shouldn't Hezbollah be permitted to freely operate here?

In Legislation & Criminal Justice

European Union criminalizes free speech when it comes to speaking out against or publishing materials regarding... no particular religion

British government to issue shari'a-compliant securities

British authorities punish laborer for wearing bandana with English cross, claim it is "racist" and "offensive" to followers of... no particular religion; radical Muslims who wear kaffiya, niqab, chant "Death To America!," "Death To Israel!," while on welfare... NO PROBLEMO!!!

Dominant Dutch political party tries to oust member because he is an outspoken "apostate" and critic of... no particular religion

Holland enacts legal measures, installs security cameras to stop Dutch from protesting against harassment by Muslims; no action against Muslims; Sweden attributes rise in rapes by Muslims to "warm weather"

(Sept. 2006 redeux) Dutch Minister of "Justice" --- If enough votes are for it, Holland could certainly be ruled by shari'a law (JQWorld: In other news, Holland to put criminal penalties against murder, rape to "democratic vote," as well; Also see JQWorld post --- "Hamastan: The Deadly Flower of 'Democracy'," here)

Switzerland hands down
six-month prison terms for radical Islamists who were convicted of aiding jihadists, posting "how-to" information on the Web re making bombs, plotting and executing attacks, etc. (JQWorld: Don't shoplifters and muggers get more time than this?)

Switzerland now testing to see if (taxpayer-funded) social services are shari'a compliant, or are at least not "offensive" to followers of... no particular religion

First Muslim member of British Parliament to resign under threats from followers of... no particular religion, for his role in prosecuting murderers following most violent interpretation of... no particular religion; U.S. media: "Yawn... Hey, how much did 'Ocean's 13' rake in at the box office last weekend?"

Spain considering giving special preference to desendants of Islamic jihadists seeking citizenship (March 11, 2004: A date which will live in... obscurity)

Swedish court: Criticizing Muslims is now a criminal offense; criticizing non-Muslims is A-OK

Holland to pay welfare to Muslim woman who can't find a job (in Holland) because she refuses to remove her full-body veil (burqa) covering even her eyes

France outlaws citizens from filming acts of violence they witness; only "certified journalists" may report on such acts (Note: This all has nothing to do with citizens filming the perpetual car-burnings, assaults on police officers by followers of... no particular religion; more here, here, here, here, here)

Holland to abolish prison sentences, will allow Islamists to serve jail sentences in their homes, and collect welfare payments there --- but also visit mosques every day; Related: Holland provides convicted Van Gogh murderer with radical Islamist books --- in his prison cell

Finland's thought police launching criminal investigation into blogger who criticizes militant Islamists; Fins on militant Islamists who advocate violent overthrow of West, etc.? *Yawn*

England allows shari'a courts to openly operate, subvert British judicial system --- and qualify them to receive tax benefits

Danish legislators under criminal investigation for remarks about Muslim womens' headscarves (Muslim remarks about Jews being apes and pigs who must be murdered --- not)

British government rules that Muslims to be permitted to wear niqab (full-face veil) in courtrooms

England now provoding additional welfare benefits to Muslims with multiple wives ("harems") --- even though polygamy is illegal

England no longer to refer to battle against militant Islamists as "war on terror," follows U.S. Democrats' identical proclamation (see JQWorld analysis of "the new DemSpeak" here, and HotAir analysis of both issues here)

British man gets two nights in jail, fine for revving car engine in a "racist manner" in the presence of two people of... no particular religion

Dutch jails rush to correct faulty compasses to point towards Mecca --- not Washington, D.C., for Muslim prisoners

Imprisoned Muslim child rapist in Australia wins discrimination lawsuit over food; Muslim-only kitchen kits for British jails; British prison orders toilets to be reinstalled to face Mecca

German judge rules Koran permits men to beat their wives; no prosecution

Surprise! Spain's "multiculturalism" policies and appeasement to militant Islamist groups produced exactly the opposite of anticipated results, enflames anti-Western hatred, encourages attacks

Surprise! Sweden's "multiculturalism" policies and appeasement to militant Islamist groups produced exactly the opposite of anticipated results, enflames anti-Western hatred, encourages attacks; more here on Sweden committing national suicide

Swedish bus driver punished, reported to police for refusing to allow burqa-covered woman(man?) from boarding; Related: Burqa-clad bomber escaped England before capture; Burqa-clad suicide bombers in Afghanistan; Pakistani police arrest two bearded Muslims with suicide belts wearing burqas; Palestinian group announces 100 women to be suicide bombers; Oregon Democrats introduce bill to prohibit employers from banning burqa-wearing employees; Taliban leader attempts to flee assault by U.S. Army Apache gunships "by pulling burqa over his head" (UPDATE: Bus driver now FIRED for this "offense")


(Taxpayer-funded) Canadian TV network airs program of radical Islamist, who believes Islam should conquer the earth, explicitly urging Muslims to fight in and finance jihad


British Broadcastic Corp. (BBC; government-controlled TV network) executives admit bias in programming to avoid offending Muslims (analysis & excerpts here)

(Taxpayer-funded) BBC reportedly apologizes to Iran for saying it "abducted" 15 British sailors, and called them "hostages"

(Taxpayer-funded) BBC refuses to air program documenting staggering rise in violence against Jews by militant followers of... no particular religion, but permits its Web comment boards to overflow with radical Islamist hate speech

BBC: "Terrorists" acting on basis of... no particular religion suspected of "imminent attacks" in Phillipines; BBC dhimmis willfully obfuscate Hamas's continued attacks against Israel, blames Israel for end of "cease-fire" (more here)

(Taxpayer-funded) British BBC found to be employing jihadist member of Hamas (a violation of British law) disguised as... a reporter; more here; BBC willingness to employ anti-jihad Jews as reporters (or teachers, or civil servants)... not.

(Taxpayer-funded) BBC reporter capitalizes on his pro-jihad reporting history to his jihadist kidnappers; "Don't kill me --- I'm on YOUR side!!!"

UPDATE ON BBC BIAS, JIHAD-ENABLING SCANDAL: A devastating analysis and commentary of (taxpayer-funded) BBC by Graham Cunningham at AmericanThinker, HERE


Australian Broadcasting Corporation enlists radical Islamists to develop hit-piece against those who speak out against... radical Islamists; more on Australia's appeasement of radical Islamists here; kinda considering criminalizing criticism of Islam (but also, how the Aussies are starting to fight back here, here)

Dhimmi Mayor of London is at it again; "Islamophobia!" is cause of all Muslim vs. non-Muslim problems in England

British city council orders: Want to have a barbeque? Make sure to "celebrate ethnic diversity," by inviting "under-represented groups*," or pay hefty fine (* could this mean followers of... no particular religion?)

Australian film ratings board: Movie by militant Islamists calling Jews "pigs," urging kids to commit murder-suicide for Allah, is OK for children to buy and see

British government to issue shari'a-compliant securities

Muslims in New Zealand want taxpayer-funded Muslim-only pools

Muslims suing for "right" to wear full-body veils in public, school, court

China's state TV network orders all images of pigs removed to avoid offending Muslims

British Muslims demand "right" to not wash hands with disinfectant before entering hospitals



It will end when everyday Americans finally stand up and say that each of our citizens --- regardless of their religious, ethnic, racial, economic, gender or political characteristics --- have equal rights before the law, but that in a culture built atop the principle of liberty and constitutionally-limited government, none have special rights, privileges or considerations, whether they comprise 1%, or 51%, or 99% of our population.

This principle is especially apt when one group of people becomes intent on imposing their totalitarian edicts on a school, town, city, state or an entire nation. It does not matter whether this imposition occurs all at once, or gradually, by degree --- by the thousands of little, seemingly inconsequential surrenders that escape notice or scrutiny by journalists and educators, often because they themselves are either supportive of this transformation, or are unwittingly facilitating it. But eventually, all those little surrenders add up, especially when one is faced with a patient, determined and resourceful opponent, acting on what they believe to be unimpeachable principles, regardless of whether they are the polar opposite of those underlying the host culture's.

* * *

The moment that liberty-loving Americans and others in the Western world stand up and proclaim, in unison, "NO!" to the subversion of the basic principles that permit civilized co-existence, things will begin to change --- but not a moment before.

The foundation of this process is knowledge, and the most precious knowledge currently missing from this non-debate in America is the actual nature, history and structure of the
U.S. Constitution --- the human-focused (as opposed to mystically-focused) principles it is built upon, which are designed to enable people of differing backgrounds and viewpoints to live and work and pursue happiness in peace, on Earth, during their lifetimes.

And the foundation of our Constitution is the natural rights of the individual, which our government was constructed to protect. This is what is being targeted, and subverted --- not only by America's avowed enemies, but as is indicated so abundantly, above, by those in positions of authority in our culture.

A principled, successful "NO!" can only be based on knowledge of these issues, and the public diffusion of that knowledge is largely dependent on YOU.

Bookmark this thread, visit it regularly (as it is updated on a weekly basis, with new items placed at the top of JQWorld), and forward it on to your friends and family. Follow the links. Educate yourself on the reality of what is happening to America, then ACT on that knowledge.

Write letters to legislators, the news media and all those in positions of authority that you see capitulating to liberty-subverting ideas and proposals. Learn about and join principled groups that are dedicated to this fight.

America can and must be saved. It will be saved when individuals are aware, motivated, and organized to finally start fighting back against those who are intent on --- or are willfully or unconsciously facilitating --- its destruction.

JonQuixoteWorld will be on the lookout for the day that American and other Western governments finally decide to start recognizing and honoring the freedom philosophy, and speaking out and acting against the very real threat that all liberty-loving people currently face.



Canada to institute no-fly list --- 6 yrs after 9/11? Read about it here.

Fresh on the heels of Sarkozy's victory in France, comes this from the European Union
(JQ holds back true accolades, given the EU's recent push for an Orwellian ban on criticism of... no particular religion, here): EU Proposes Monitoring Radical Mosques

Hm. Question is, if they determine that an imam is preaching murder of infidels, acts of jihadist terror, what is the EU to do if it indeed criminalizes speaking out against... no particular religion?



Speigel (Germany): A roundup on the lengths to which the West is now going to avoid "offending Muslims," HERE and HERE

Daniel Pipes's roundup of radical Islamist student organizations who are gradually wrangling more special concessions out of U.S. universities, HERE
April 3 Update:
A former Islamist terrorist warns against appeasement by Western governments and societies, in the Wall Street Journal, HERE

April 26 Update: A detailed analysis of the dhimmification of Europe, and the foothold it's gaining in America, HERE

April 29 Update: A terrifying analysis of what Islamists are aiming for, and are accomplishing, in the U.S. and Canada,

April 30 Update: An FSM analysis of Islamist indoctrination in British schools,

April 30 Update 2: A brave British journalist, Richard Watson, documents the nesting and spread of jihad in England, and how their appeasement strategy let it fester (some would say it still is), HERE

May 2 Update: Americans Against Hate activist group to rally in NYC, call for Mayor Bloomberg to remove Islamist terrorist front group leader from New York "Human Rights Commission," HERE (background info here, here, here, here, here); see photos, video from the rally and get more info HERE

May 10 Update: Christopher Hitchins on the Islamification of England; radical Islamist: "Who says you own Britain, anyway?" HERE

May 10 Update 2: Ft. Dix illegal aliens were protected from detection and deportation under force of law, courtesy of... the American left,by FSM, HERE

May 10 Update 3: FPM's detailed analysis of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its success at cowing Western governments into dhimmitude, HERE

May 11 Update: FSM analysis of America's refusal to defend itself against Islamification, in historical context, HERE

May 13 Update: Mark Steyn analysis: "Fortress America's Gate Is Open"

May 13 Update 2: AtlasShrugs roundup on "Hamas Mickey" being used to indoctrinate Palestinian children to hate, murder, believe that Islam will rightfully conquer and dominate the world, etc. --- funded, in part, via U.S. taxpayer dollars, HERE; JihadWatch update HERE

May 15 Update: The Gathering Storm deconstructs Gandhi as Islamist appeaser role model, HERE

June 22 Update: Dr. Daniel Pipes explores the consequences of the impending "American Intifada" (h/t to, and commentary byThe Gathering Storm)


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