Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Exposure = Offense? Hm. Let's Try This On For Size.


Some Americans are aware of the terribly disturbing story out of Lewiston, Maine, in which a group of schoolboys are being investigated for "hate crimes" for placing a slice of ham on a lunch table, near Muslim students. (For some good humor, see the school administrators' "outrage" over a satirical account of this episode).

Oh, the horror! Oh, the humanity!!!

With this one callous act, these little infidel heathens may have scarred the Muslim students for life.
(Thank goodness the government and educational institutions in America & other Western nations are so vigilantly combating such outrages through the use of law. For a regularly-updated "roundup" of these actions, see here.)

To avoid further injury to them, I'll stop talking about that now.

Instead, here's a new topic:
If "exposure" to something "offensive" is the new standard for motivating people to take justified moral action... buckle yourself in, because this is the most "offensive" post ever to be "exposed" on the pages of JonQuixoteWorld.

A friendly advisory:
Do not view the rest of this post if you have just eaten, or about to eat.


Here is one of the things that I am deeply "offended" by, not only because it has been happening for years, but also because our mainstream media and educational institutions (along with those in other Western nations) abjectly refuse to "expose" it to us:
The growing trend of militant Islamists beheading "infidel" civilians (and the justification by their imams to do so).

Oh, people in Western nations may have heard bits and pieces, but only about 99.99% of us are unaware of the true specter of this inhuman savagery, because we have not been "exposed" to the real details: the pictures and video.

(In stark contrast to the pictures and video that our MSM force-fed to us and the world, 24/7, for weeks on end, of the non-mortal "outrages" committed by a group of renegade U.S. soldiers at Abu Grhaib prison, who have now been punished for it --- as they should have been.)

Last chance to turn back.

If you really want to see what we've not been "exposed to," because it might well have "offended" our civilized sensibilities, then scroll down.

Three Indonesian schoolgirls beheaded by militant Islamists --- because they dared to attend a non-Islamic school

American Nicholas Berg beheaded by militant Islamists (video here)

Briton Ken Bigley beheaded by militant Islamists (video parts 1 & 2 here, here; video of British Imam justifying Bigley's beheading, here)

CARE relief worker Margaret Hassan beheaded by militant Islamists (video here & here)


The Jawa Report
An extensive compilation of background documentation, photos and videos of militant Islamists beheading both "infidels" and other Muslims.

12-Year-Old Muslim Boy Beheads Man
Excerpt: "The boy with the knife looks barely 12. In a high-pitched voice, he denounces the bound, blindfolded man before him as an American spy. Then he hacks off the captive's head to cries of 'God is great!'' and hoists it in triumph by the hair."

Is there any good news in all this? Well, sort of.

According to a
recent survey of Muslims in Pakistan, Indonesia, Morocco and Egypt (nations in which most of the world's Muslims reside) reveals that:
  • "Only" 30% view Osama bin Laden positively
  • "Only" 67% believe that Islam does not justify attacks against civilians
  • "Only" 20% believe the U.S. government was behind the 9/11 attacks
    (which I think is only a slightly lower percentage than rabid American left who believe this)

Hm. Well, there are "only" about 1.4 billion Muslims in the world. You do the math.

Then, consider the following: that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are churning out militant Islamists and sympathizers in an almost assembly-line method, via their madrasses (religious schools); and that Saudi-funded mosques and madrasses in America, throughout the Middle East and elsewhere preach one of the most virulent strains of Islamist supremacism, "Wahabiism."

Have a nice day.

And remember, please try to not "offend" anyone by "exposing" them to anything that may make them uncomfortable --- be it a ham steak, or this link.


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Anonymous said...

I don't suppose you've got any plastic ham steaks for sale?

I'd love to hang one from my cars rear view mirror. I can use it to ward off those pesky radical carjackers that might be thinking of taking my booty.

How about a ham magnet then? Not only would it bring good luck but I know that if it gets stolen, it won't be by a Muslim.

I could even put one on my refrigerator as a diet aid and reminder to eat more of the 'other' white meat.

How about a small ham necklace then? It could be used to ward off any local lunatics from cutting off my head.

Any press on ham tattoos?

Ham tee shirts? I'd even buy one that says "Have you hugged a Muslim today?"

How about something in a soft pig skin?





I'm seeing a huge market opportunity slipping by . . .


JonQuixote said...


I see at least one reader of JQWorld seems to think this is all humorous. Newsflash, dimwit: You're on the wrong thread. There are lots of satirical threads here for your humor - the latest is "Love Letter From Militant Islamists to the American MSM." Well, even that one's not that humorous, because it's so true.

If you really think this is such a non-issue, hey, great. Live in your world.

Maybe someday try 'splainin that to the parents of those who've "lost their heads" because until 9/11, no one was really willing to stand up to these monsters.

Now off with you, go back to HuffPost, DailyKos or whatever leftooned site you spawned from.

Have a nice day.

dm60462 said...

Thanks for the post. We needed that (slap in the face with the ugly truth). Needs to happen every time there is a beheading. Needs to happen where the general public can see it. Most of all, the beheadings need to stop happening.