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A Love Letter From Militant Islamist Leaders To The American MSM



As has happened with eerie but infrequent regularity in the past, for some reason JonQuixoteWorld is the accidental recipient of emails from those who are normally targets of JQWorld criticism (Examples: Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here [bottom], and here). Apparently, they are very careless in the way they punch in entries into their bulk email lists.

But in each case, JQWorld and its readers were and are the beneficiaries. We get a rare glimpse inside the thinking and motivations of those who are hellbent on subverting if not destroying America, Israel, religious freedom, property rights and/or limited constitutional government, etc. – and often, how they use our own institutions and freedoms against us in this war.

Today, it happened again!!! Here, now, is the unedited email that mysteriously arrived in the JQWorld inbox this morning:


To: The American Mainstream Media

From: Uncle Mahmoud
(Ahmadinejad), Uncle Ayman (al Zawahiri), and Uncle Basher (Assad)

Date: 21 April 2007

Re: Our gratitude!

Dear American Mainstream Media:

We are writing this email to thank you once again for bowing to our wishes, that you focus your immense, 24/7 resources anywhere but on what we are doing to bring pain, calamity and destruction to infidels around the world --- most notoriously and deservedly, America and Israel.

It has been of incalculable aide and assistance to us to know that no matter what we or our followers do or say, you will allow yourselves to be distracted with your latest “mania” to even devote a small fraction of your airtime and print-space to covering our antics.

Praise Allah (peace be upon Him), we know all your buttons, and how to push them. This is why we and our financial backers have invested so heavily in not only America’s universities and school systems --- but also, in obtaining “insanity chips” (right), which we install in select people’s brains, to cause such commotions that even when you are inclined (hah!) to cover some of our outrages, you will, once again, be distracted.

For example, you’ll remember when we installed an “insanity chip” in the brain of John Mark Karr last summer, at the height of the war that Hezbollah initiated against Israel. This little technological marvel caused Karr to begin confessing to everything from the JonBonet Ramsey murder to the Lindbergh kidnapping to the Tylenol scare. That bastard infidel pig JonQuixote covered your breach in detail, here and here – about how you collectively turned on a dime and began wall-to-wall 24/7 coverage of this 10-year-old story, which (ha, ha, ha) turned out to be one of the greatest successes you granted us:

For rather than covering the true barbarity of our attacks against Israel, and the fact that we were – right under your noses – murdering our way into creating a new Islamist state, "Hezbollahstan" (again, which that bastard infidel pig JonQuixote covered here), where an aspiring constitutional democracy was budding, you instead devoted your massive global resources to covering every sentence that Mr. Karr spoke, and every item he ate on his plane ride home.

There have been innumerable other instances in which you gave us exactly what we wanted, through our simple use of remote-controlled “insanity chips,” installed in the brains of both has-been and current celebrities and cult figures.

And this week, praise Allah (PBUH), you enabled us to score another huge victory, with the disgusting outburst from Alec Baldwin, your third-rate actor and first-rate jihad-appeaser, against his own 11-year-old daughter.

Installing our “insanity chip” in Mr. Baldwin’s brain was a particularly challenging mission, being that there is so little brain tissue inside his skull to begin with. And what tissue there is has already been leftooned. But thanks to the technical skills of our young jihadists (much of which they obtained via student visas to your most prestigious universities, as part of "cultural exchange programs"), they were able to somehow accomplish this task.

Of course, an insane celebrity rant in a rational culture would merit, if anything, oh, say, about 15 seconds of airtime. But you, the American MSM, couldn't get enough, and devoted substantial portions of your news programs and newspapers to covering this non-story.

For example, on this morning's NBC "Today Show Weekend," the first 9 minutes were devoted to coverage of your Virginia Tech massacre and other top news stories. But then, uber-infidel-babe and co-host Campbell Brown engaged in a 10-minute discussion with several pundits about the seriousness and custody ramifications of Mr. Baldwin's insane rant. NBC even made the Baldwin rant the subject of its daily website poll, here. Then, of course, they went on to cover a bunch more nonsensical stories. We, who of course get satellite TV, were laughing our asses off --- because...

To recap, here are some of the stories that we did not want you to cover, and which you were predictably cowed into not covering, thanks to your fetish-like insistence on covering every angle of Mr. Baldwin’s insane rant, which we were only to happy to orchestrate (you are SO predictable):

And on and on.

No, instead, you devoted a substantial portion of your newscasts from Thursday onward to covering Mr. Baldwin’s rant. And in doing so, you: (a) catered to the lowest base fascinations of your viewers, readers, radio listeners and website visitors, and (b) acknowledged, once again, your collective refusal to betray the dhimmi status we have assigned to you, by not showing the American people the true nature of who and what has declared war upon them.

This ignorance that you foment among your citizens will serve us well when Hezbollah and/or Syria instigates a new war against Israel. And just wait until Iran jumps into the mix, when al Qaeda blesses the bloody carnage that Islamists cause to Israeli civilians, and our operatives in America (CAIR, MPAC, MSA, Jimmy Carter, Cindy Sheehan, Noam Chomsky, etc.) begin screaming about how “cruel” and “oppressive” Israel is, when it attempts to defend itself against this murderous onslaught. We know you will continue to play your blessed role as obfuscators and deniers --- and we cannot thank you enough.

Who will we target next with our “insanity chips?” That’s for us to know and for you to find out!

But whoever it is, we remain 100% confident that you will, once again, be thoroughly distracted with the muck we'll instruct our target to emit. And thus, once again, you'll enable us to perpetrate our murder, terror and destruction, all the while claiming (as you will surely echo) that we are merely offering justified “resistance” to the encroachment of our "oppressors."

With enormous, profound gratitude,

Uncle Mahmoud
Uncle Ayman
Uncle Basher

P.S.: A friendly head’s-up – keep an eye on DNC Chairman Howard Dean. That 2004 scream was nothing compared to what we have in store for that short-circuited dhimmi in the future!


UPDATE, APRIL 22: Our "3 Uncles" post an addendum for the week of April 23
This just in...

"OK now, MSM, we activated two more of our "brain implant chips" in Laurie David and Sheryl Crow, as reported here. (We actually activated Crow's chip a few days earlier --- did you see this insane outburst of hers? We were laughing our jihadist asses off at that one... Americans being admonished by a lunatic rock star to use only one square of toilet paper per visit to the bathroom, as a solution to deforestation? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! And you listen to all this, from a jet-set, mansion-living, electricity-guzzling pop tart? You crazy, crazy Americans... if we didn't despise you so much we'd positively love you...)

"Thus, we respectfully request that whatever airtime and print-space you might otherwise have devoted to the following real stories that would enlighten Americans to the reality of global jihad (ha, as IF!!!), that you instead devote that space to the journalistic equivalent of cotton candy --- stories covering David and Crow:

"Peace-seeking" Hamas, Palestinian legislative leaders, call for more kidnappings & murders of Israeli soldiers (Al-AP bames Israel for situation)

Pittsburgh Imam, unable to stop her speech at US university, calls for murder of jihad-opposing activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Rabbis arrested for peaceful protest of UN's rampant anti-Israel bias (background here)

Malaysian Islamists ramp up "morality police," enforcements, punishments, kidnappings

"With warm thanks in advance for your congenital appeasement, dhimmmitude and obfuscation of these issues so that Americans are totally unaware of them...

- Uncles Mahmoud, Ayman & Basher"

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