Sunday, April 08, 2007

Is JonQuixote "Fatwa-Worthy?" Maybe.



Well, well, well. Look what was discovered on the Web, here, via a hot lead:

"I have returned to provide my opinions on the politics and current affairs of our time, which is evidently needed in light of the vast array of anti-Islamic opinion that continues to invade our time, and this includes cyberspace (just check out my "Fatwaworthy?" links for a few examples). It is remarkable that they continue to fail to comprehend the unity and peace of Islam which is in front of them when it is written they will regret their actions at the moment of death."
And WHO, pray tell, is on that list of those who are "Fatwaworthy?" Take a look for yourself --- follow the left margin down, down down... there ya go... yup, JonQuixote is right there, amidst a list of other "contenders."

As my profile says, freedom of speech is a precious thing. I'm exercising mine.

How sad that a significant portion of the world population still believes that freedom of speech must be extinguished under threats of physical violence, in order to achieve uniformity of thought, speech, opinion and perception.

But hey, given my experience with receiving threats and more from the seething, Stalinist-emulating leftists in the blogosphere and elsewhere (you know, the "peace and tolerance and diversity and inclusiveness and tolerance" crowd) for voicing my opinions, I'll just add this to the list that I forward on to friends in law enforcement and beyond.

Just doing my little part for a better America, ya know?

--- J.Q.


UPDATE, APRIL 10: "Radical Muslim" and a mystery HuffPuffer post comments; JonQ replies, and reflects!

If you scroll down on this thread, you'll see that the first comment submitted is from Jamal, the "fatwa-issuer." The next one is from an unknown(!) HuffPoster, spouting the same boilerplate racist drivel. I responded to both.

Then, I began to wonder --- what could have possibly earned me a position on a "fatwa-list" of such heavy-hitters as
JihadWatch, Daniel Pipes, Little Green Footballs, Michelle Malkin, AtlasShrugs2000 and others? I mean, JQWorld is gaining in popularity, but is not in the same league as these others (JQWorld's most recent ranking at Technorati: #218,000 of 71 million blogs).

So what was it that could have catapulted JQWorld into these big-league fighters against radical Islamism, at least in the mind of "RadicalMuslim"? Well, I went through the archives of my blogthreads, and reviewed some of the more... hateful, threatening and/or loonbatted
(looks at HuffPosters) emails and comments I've gotten, and I think these threads might have something to do with it:

News From Londonistan: A New Correlation of Names and Polls

NY Times & BBC: Surrendering To Jihad --- Again, and Again, and Again...

France OK’s Iranian Nuke Arsenal – and MUCH MORE!!!

The Big Kahuna Of Islamist Terror Speaks To GMA's Diane Sawyer - And American Leftists!!!

American Leftists: The New Jihadist Propaganda Squad

Birth Of A Nation: Hezbollahstan

Dems Surrender to; What Chance Have They Against Jihad?

News from… Europistan???

A "Cease-Fire" From Hell, Produced By Idiocy - Or Brain Malfunction?

THIS Is An Example Of The "Political Prisoners" That The World Wants Israel To Release

MSM: What Betrayal By Hezbollah, Condi Rice, The UN And Lebanon??? The Ramsey Case Is Solved!!!

Jihadist-Enabling MSM, Part 1,247 - The Washington Post

The Ghost Of Chamberlain

Now that I know that I, JQWorld fans, and those who submit story tips are onto something, we'll redouble our efforts to do our best for a better, more secure, more free, and more rational America!!!

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Radical Muslim said...

Greetings. I am all for freedom of speech. I agree it is precious, but this does not mean your opinions will be deemed precious by all... but maybe fatwaworthy. Nevertheless, an intresting read.

JonQuixote said...

If you agree that freedom of speech is precious, you would not suggest that anyone should have a fatwa issued upon them for utilizing it.

My Muslim friends agree. They don't agree with everything at JQWorld, but we can discuss it, in a civil and courteous manner.

Fatwas? No dicsussion is possible once that concept enters the equation.

Anonymous said...

Muslim friends?
Sure thing.

JonQuixote said...

Yes, Muslim friends.

I have friends who are atheist, Jewish, Christian, one who's a Hindu, and a number of Muslims.

Do you have any Muslim friends? I doubt it.

Because there are a growing number of Muslims who are intent on advocating and living under liberty - but realizing that you probably drifted over here from the Huffington Post, you'd have no idea about them, would you?

There are many, many more. And some are fans of JQWorld, hard as that may be to believe.

As to the LGF reference, what a joke. One lone commenter said something that resembled a threat against a CAIR leader. *Yawn*

Compared to what goes on at the Huffington Post (as documented extensively here), LGF is a Sunday School picnic. The daily threats by the "peaceful and tolerant" leftists against posters with whom they disagree (you wouldn't know any of them, would you?)... many of which I've forwarded on to friends in law enforcement (yes, I have friends there, too!). Threats to be murdered just because you voice dissenting opinions - wow, who'd have thunk that could happen on the left, eh? Me. I've witnessed it - repeatedly, and have been subjected to it on numerous occasions.

And lest we forget the infamous "Cheney Thread," which I helped to expose:

It's gotten so bad that, as I documented tonight, HuffPost has instituted what I refer to as the "Miniscule Minority Defense Initiative":

But hey... I know, the seething left is the home of "peace and tolerance and inclusiveness," etc. Well, up to and no further than to anyone who dares to disagree with them.

You wouldn't happen to know anyone like that, would you?

Now, why don't you go back to your little friends at HuffPost or wherever you come from?

John said...

I'm on the list too, Jon! Great site! btw, added you to my blogroll...

JonQuixote said...

Hi John:

Well, if there's anything positive that's come of this, it's that I'm meeting the other folks who've earned such distinction!

So, thanks Jamal!!!

AWESOME header graphic you have there, John... love it.

Will check out your site in detail soon.

Thanks for writing -