Tuesday, April 17, 2007

HotAir: 2 Conversations with Dr. Walid Phares

Among the many other facets of her fun, informative site, Michelle Malkin's HotAir is a critical asset for anyone wishing to go beyond the veneer of discussions about the threats to American national security, and the realities from our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan that somehow never quite make it to the MSM's "front burners." In the past several years of visiting HotAir, I've seen some exceptionally valuable videos, particularly by Robert Spencer of JihadWatch.

But this week, Michelle and Erick Stakelback produced a two-part blockbuster interview with Dr. Walid Phares, whom they rightfully call one of the "Paul Reveres" of the warnings we should have heeded decades ago in regards to the rise of global jihad, and how our own institutions --- most acutely, our schools and universities --- have been corrupted and subverted by radical Islamists. Dr. Phares has written two pivotal books on this subject: Future Jihad, and The War Of Ideas.

Here are
Part 1, and Part II of Dr. Phares's HotAir interview, in which he comments not only on the threat posed by radical Islamists, but even more disturbingly, on those within America's intellectual systems that are and have been facilitating global jihad, by turning our attention away from the vital knowledge that everyone from the 8th grade and beyond should have been made aware of, for years.

Read about Dr. Phares here and
here. The think tank he works with, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, is located here.

Do yourself a favor: Watch these videos, forward this link on to friends, family and colleagues, and if possible, send a contribution to the FDD. This is an organization that is fighting the good fight, and is truly deserving of the support of every American who is interested in preserving liberty in the face of the ongoing assault, from both external and internal forces that are hellbent upon destroying it, one lie, one victory at a time.

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