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The Big Kahuna Of Islamist Terror Speaks To GMA's Diane Sawyer - And American Leftists!!!


ABC's Diane Sawyer reported today from Tehran, where she "interviewed" the Islamist madman, "Uncle" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

What started off as a tough-sounding interview, however,
turned into a classic soapbox speech from Uncle Mahmoud, in which he --- like rabid American leftists --- (a) blamed America for all the problems in the world, and particularly in Iraq, and (b) parroted their lexicon of feel-good words ("peace," "tolerance," "understanding," "dialogue," "friendship," and of course, "diplomacy").

Excerpts (see unedited source
Sawyer: They say (that) 170 (U.S.) troops (have been killed) and some 600 have been injured by Iranian weapons. Are you sending weapons into Iraq to kill Americans?

We shy away from any kind of conflict and any kind of bloodshed and we will be sad by such, we are opposed to any kind of conflict and as we have said repeatedly we think the world problem can be solved through the use of logic and a sense of friendship, there is no need for the use of force... (A)nd our position for Iraq is very clear, we are asking for peace, we are asking for security, and we will be sad to see people get killed, no matter who they are.

Sawyer: But they say they have serial numbers from Iran?

But we don't need such things. I can give you figures and number, which are known: More than 160,000 American troops are in Iraq, 100 more … aircraft, helicopters, what are they doing in Iraq? I think the reason for insecurity of Iraq are these things, and these are some excuses to prolong their stay in Iraq...

Sawyer: Does Iran deserve the right to send Iranians in… Americans have said they had false identities that they were trying to shave their heads, trying to flush evidence.

I don't think that in the legal system in the U.S. you have this postulation that if you arrest someone you have automatically accused someone. Only people who have committed something wrong can be taken to court. I think it was childish for the U.S. government to do something like that to arrest defenseless people, not allowing them to talk to anyone and to publish information in a biased way.

Sawyer: Will you prosecute anyone trying to bring Iranian weapons into Iraq?

We are opposed to any kind of conflict in Iraq... (W)e think that the U.S. is following another policy trying to hide its defeats and failures and that's why is pointing its fingers to others. This is not a solution to the problem.

Sawyer: Do you personally fear an attack by us? And air strikes against Iran by the U.S.?

Fear? Why should we be afraid? First the possibility is very low, and we think that there are wise people in the U.S. that would stop such illegal actions but our position is clear. Our nation has made it clear that anyone who wants to attack our country will be severely punished.

------------------------- THEN THIS ------------------------------

(Source: ABC) Diane Sawyer's trip to Iran and exclusive interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has prompted viewers from all over the country to send her questions. On Tuesday's "Good Morning America," she answered some of them.
Question: Is there anything surprising or personal about President Ahmadinejad that we didn't know?

Sawyer: It turns out somebody told me that he cries a lot. He is dramatically sympathetic. So I asked him, "Are you often in tears?"

Ahmadinejad: Yes, that's true. Not overwhelm(ingly) for Iranians, of course, they are very close to me and I love all Iranians. And anywhere — when I see people suffering I have the same reaction, and we feel sad for people of Iraq, for the people of Palestine. Anywhere we have war, we feel sad. Even when I see on TV, for example, some Americans, because of tornadoes or a hurricane, they have lost their homes, I become sad.

Because, for us, human beings are respectable, no matter where they are. Human beings are respectable, and they have their own dignity. And all of us should help so that people should lead better lives to live at peace. And to live in peace and brotherhood. In the viewpoint of our religion, all people are respectable, and they must be loved. Regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or religion. This is part of our religious teachings, and we'll live with this religion.


WOW. Nominate this jihadist-funding, jihadist-training, jihadist-arming, jihadist-justifying, Holocaust-denying, America-threatening nutjob for both the Nobel Peace Prize, and the Oscar --- for exceptional acting!!! Or at least get him his shot on Oprah... he has clearly earned it!!!

Of course, let's not even discuss the thousands of Israelis and Americans that Iranian-trained and -armed terrorists have murdered, or maimed... or the terror and oppression that Ahmadenijad visits upon his own people... such as the Iranian women and young girls who are put to death by hanging or stoning for the "crime" of
being raped, or being victims of attempted gang-rape who have the audacity to defend themselves, or having romantic relationships outside of marriage... no, no, no, that would be very, very, very impolite for ABC or Diane Sawyer to ask.

Fact is, Uncle Mahmoud couldn't get this kind of free, positive press-time for $100 million --- yet ABC and Ms. Sawyer gave it up to him, for free.

It's a wonder why he and other Islamists think Americans are ripe for dhimmitude.

With the complicity of folks like Diane Sawyer and the ABC "News" team willing to give a monster like Ahmadinejad every benefit of the doubt, and transforming him from a murderous lunatic into a thoughtful, sensitive, peace-seeking world leader
(see my earlier take on this here), it's no wonder that he'd make himself available to her, versus anyone with a modicum of knowledge as to his stated intentions, aspirations and bloody legacy.

What are those statutes re treason again!? Something about giving aid and comfort to America's enemies...?!


On another, somewhat related topic... as has been noted at JQWorld repeatedly in the past (here, here), one must wonder: Does Uncle Mahmoud get his blame-America, jihadist-terror-justifying talking points from the American left --- or do they get theirs from him?

Maybe ABC News will ask him this question tomorrow. In fact, I gave them a boost --- here's the email I sent to Diane Sawyer this morning (
Dear Diane: Does Ahmedinejad frequent American political blogsites like The Huffington Post and Daily Kos? I ask because all his words about "peace" and "tolerance" and "understanding" sound very much like the words they use - but it is painfully obvious that he means none of them, just as the majority of bloggers at those sites do. Also, because his evident hatred of President Bush is a near carbon-copy of the statements the bloggers at those sites make. Thank you! JonQ

[Unfortunately, it seems Diane didn't get around to asking my question. Drats!]



Secret email from Ahmadinejad to American Leftists intercepted!!!

I guess Uncle Mahmoud has the same problem typing in email addresses as his buddy
Hassan Nasrallah, Chief Butcher, Hezbollah does... this ended up in my email box this morning...







I trust you enjoyed my interview with "Good Morning America" star and aspiring dhimmi, Diane Sawyer this morning. Thank you for your many supportive emails; I and my gang of jihadist murderers (er, I mean, government officials, clerics and mullahs) really appreciate it.

I assume you noticed how similar the words and phrases that I used sound to those that you use --- such as how President Bush is evil and a war criminal, how America has no business being in Iraq, how all the violence being perpetrated there is being caused by your soldiers, and how I and Iran are only seeking peace, tolerance, human rights, justice and dialogue. Those words and phrases sound familiar to you because they came directly from the talking points I obtained from some of your more prominent (translation: rabid) leftist organizations, such as International ANSWER, Code Pink, Not In Our Name,, United for Peace and Justice, PeaceNow! and others.

Even the Democratic Party has been a vital asset in my efforts. Chairman Howard Dean, and Senators John Kerry and Christopher Dodd have been god-sends, er, I mean, an Allah-sends!!! In fact, as reported by that infidel bastard JonQuixote, here and here, Chairman Dean is even considering nominating me to top the 2008 Presidential ticket in the American elections!!!

And lest I forget, your political blogsites are exceptional tools for us. That son-of-a-Jew-pig JonQuixote also documented some of your lunatic America-bashing, jihadist-appeasing, Jew-hating rants here. Although other sites like Little Green Footballs, JihadWatch, AtlasShrugs2000 and the site run by that bastard JonQuixote try to uncover and disseminate the truth behind my lies and intentions, we all know that the American media disregards them, to focus on sites like The Huffington Post, The Daily Kos, and Counterpunch. Good work!!!

I really, really appreciate your willingness to excuse all of my murderous actions around the world, of my legacy of funding, arming and justifying jihadist terror, and of my desire to extend Iranian dominance over the entire Middle East.

But thanks to your abhorrent educational system, very, very few of your fellow citizens can draw the vital parallels to my interview, and the speeches by Adolph Hitler in the late 1930s, regarding his feigned desire for "peace" and "justice" and how he had absolutely no intentions to enslave Europe, and then, the world. They have no conception of history - so everything they hear, they are more than likely to lap up like puppies to warm milk.

Didn't I do good? Judging from your emails, I think I did. The blood of tens of thousands of innocent people are on my hands, and those of my aforementioned colleagues --- and if I have my way, many millions will suffer as the result of our jihad, matched with our quest for so-called weapons of mass destruction.

The only things standing in our way right now are those infidel Israeli dogs, the American people, particularly your government, and certain elements of other goverments in Europe and other regions.

So I really, really, really need you to continue excusing our murderous jihad, or at least, propagating the notion that we can be negotiated with, that we can be appeased, that if President Bush would declare defeat in Iraq and just sit down and talk with us, we can be dissuaded from our intentions. Code-words such as "peace," "diplomacy," "justice" and "humanitarian" must be used repeatedly.

Most urgently, I need you to continue your refusal to differentiate between the murderer and the murdered, the terrorists and the terrorized, the jihadist and the committed freedom-loving peoples of the world.

Please, in the name of Allah, the merciful, continue to speak out against everything your current administration has done, is doing, and plans to do, to deal with the Iranian threat, once and for all. We only need a little more time to create our first nuclear weapon, and after that, well... Allah will tell. And most of all, keep pestering your news media with your hateful comments and diatribes, all directed at America, its history, present and future, vis a vis its "war on terror."

We both know that America is the most unjust, unfair, murderous, marauding, imperialist, malevolent nation that has ever existed in the history of the world. But, we need to temper our outrage, for the moment, to focus just on the Bush administration. For whatever his other faults that unite many if not most Americans, such as runaway spending, etc., we must continue to drive home the point that his "war on terror" is unwinnable, that he is evil, and that he is only embarking on this crusade to oppress and murder Muslim people, while enriching his friends in the oil industry.

Again, thank you - you are having a vital, timely impact on our efforts.

ALLAHU AKBAR, my friends...

Uncle Mahmoud

PS: We'll try to remember all your assistance (whether given knowingly or unknowingly) when you are brought before our councils of mullahs, who will judge and sentence you for your innumerable infidel crimes.

Perhaps they will show you leniency; perhaps not.


NOW, if you want to see something REALLY funny (or pathetic), check out the responses that Diane Sawyer's interview will receive at The HuffingtonPost and The Daily Kos, just as soon as they put an America-bashing, Iran-appeasing headline up!!!


Well, that didn't take long... 200+ lunatic leftarded America-bashing, Iranian-madman-equivocating comments at HuffTardsVille, in response to the free propaganda soapbox that ABC and Diane Sawyer provided to Ahmadenijad...


Apparently, the viewer comments sent to ABC News and Diane Sawyer re their act of colossal stupidity has struck a nerve with them, because they devoted a fairly substantial segment of GMA to this controversy today, which is covered at

Word to the wise: If you have any anti-indigestion medications (over-the-counter or prescription), I suggest taking them before you click on that link. If "Uncle Mahmoud" and his minions weren't laughing their asses off at ABC and Americans prior to this, they surely are now.

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