Thursday, March 29, 2007

The HuffPost Tipping Point - Ban JonQ (Again)


OK, I admit it.

Although I had fully intended to not return to HuffPost after they'd banned me for the 25th time
(see here), and in fact I did not post for nearly a month, with the leadup to and advent of "The Democratic Pork, Military Spending and Surrender-to-Jihad Bill of 2007" (here), I wanted to put in my two cents.
(Or, as the Jew-hating whackjob conspiracy theorists that infest the leftist blogosphere would put it, my two "shekels," being that they claim anyone who disagrees with them must be a paid agent of AIPAC, Mossad, or the AJC)

So I created a new login, "BanJonQforThe999thTime," and had my say. First, from secure, undisclosed locations, as my login ID and IP address were banned.

But then, for some reason, this login --- and my IP address --- were mysteriously "unbanned," several weeks ago.

Well, right up until today (March 29), when I commented on the Senate's narrow passage of this bill --- and was banned again, shortly before noon:

Gee, I wonder, was it posts like
this one that drove the HuffPost admins over the edge?
(Note: This post was entirely within HuffPost's stated "Comments Policy"):

*****************AN IMPORTANT EMAIL******************

To: American Leftists

From: Al Quada in Iraq

Date: 29 March 2007

Dear Leftists:

What wonderful news to come out of your House and Senate!!! We told you long ago that eventually you'd surrender to us, and with your continued help, it appears that day is now upon us.

We want a new infrastructure for al Quada and our affiliated organizations, especially one with something resembling an industrial base, and especially with lots and lots of oil that we can then sell on the world markets to fund our efforts.

Bush and others kept telling you all this, and yet, praise Allah, you held fast, and have now signaled America's willingness to surrender Iraq to us. But then again, we both know that this surrender represents far more.... it represents the down payment on your eventual total surrender to us.

Your monkey-faced president assured you that he'd veto this bill, and yet you still persisted. If he does indeed veto it, it will be up to YOU (less MCMentalCase and SteveSeattle, who are legally prohibited from coming within 50 feet of normal people)
to pressure your Democratic leaders and RINOs to push for an override.

As most of you are completely ignorant of your own Constitution, let me enlighten you: that means that you need 2/3 of your elected representatives to vote to overturn monkey-faced Bush's veto.

We will certainly remember your dhimmitude, and will make sure that we cut your heads off with sharp blades, as a courtesy, instead of the rusty, dull saws that we use with complete infidels.

Praise Allah, peace be upon Him, that you saw that your only course was to surrender.

Thank you again -

Ayman al Zawahri
#2 of al Quada

PS: Oh, and also, it is so very helpful to know that you are devoting your limited law enforcement and Congressional resources not into investigating and pursuing jihad in America, and all our nefarious activities... instead focusing on Republican attorneys.

Good work!!!


Wow, that's some heady endorsement, loonbats!!!


What an accomplishment...

By: BanJonQforthe999thTime on March 29, 2007 at 11:29am

Well, it needed to be said --- so I (er, I mean, "Dr. Zawahri") said it.

To the friends I've met at HuffPost
(yes, indeed I've met folks there with whom I've become friends), I trust you'll keep up the good fight. Never give the off-the-charts America-subverting lunatic leftist bastards an even break (I know you won't).

I admit I was wasting too much time there. But the opportunity to confront the very folks who are supporting the leftooned leaders on the Hill --- and who are serving to only embolden our enemies, and who are poised to cause so much long-term damage to America --- can be a venture that a self-employed guy like me can find lots of fun.

To my detractors, well, I trust you'll also keep spouting off your hate, propaganda and lies, in order to defend what I believe is the indefensible.

There are a few of my detractors who, I believe, sincerely believe what they say, and say it with great eloquence. I've even found some points of theirs that I agree with. But I'd ask them, please consider addressing the raging hatred, propaganda and Jew-bashing that goes on --- almost completely unchallenged --- on those threads in which we got to know each other.

As for me, I'll just keep blogging here at JQWorld as events warrant. And I will, as always, expose the lies, hypocrisy,evasions and especially the America-bashing propaganda that sites like HuffPost, DailyKos and others in the leftoonosphere rely upon to advance their agendas.

I've proven to be devastatingly precise and effective in the past (see
here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

I assure you, that was mere prelude. :)



Wow, who could have seen this coming??? Go to
this thread, and see the post at 7:29am from "AymanAlZawahri." Revealing!!!



Wow, again --- I can't recall an editorial in which more truth was spoken in fewer words
(which is exactly why Lieberman is about to be savaged by the Stepford Democratic Propaganda Brigade): see USA Today editorial here.




Anonymous said...

You tripping Lavender Jon. Lying asshole.

JonQuixote said...

Isn't that sweet.

Such bravery, yet the above commenter forgot to leave his/her/its name.

Typical leftoon.

Anonymous said...

You know who this is you fucking bastard. Can you do anything but lie? Are you capable of it? I doubt it.

JonQuixote said...

Like I said, ain't that sweet.

You care enough to post on my blog, yet you don't leave even your user ID from HuffPost? What a colossal, quivering pussy you are. Just like the rest of your loonbatted friends.

Now, run along back to the hive of hatred and America-bashing propaganda.

Oh by the way - name one single thing I've lied about, you leftooned lunatic.

BrickSykes said...

You have no credibility, fella. Your blind allegiance to a criminal administration simply rankles most people. You're all firey in your rhetoric and your OPINION, but, like the man said, "Nobody cares about your Opinion!" And that applies to me as well as you. What most Liberal HuffPoers do is USE FACTS and NOT Opinion. They know that they are emotional responses or positions and are not based in fact.

For instance: If anyone in the Bush WH was Honest, they would stop saying vacuous absurdities like the "Reason" for the "War." Like "bringing Democracy to Iraq" or "Saving the Iraqis from themselves", etc. How about if GB43 walked out in the Rose Garden someday and leveled with the American People? How about is he said: "You know I haven't been leveling with the American People. The real Reason we are in Iraq is because we have set up over 400 military bases in that country, mainly to protect the Oil Companies who are working hard to get the Oil out to serve mainly the American people, and, also to make a tidy profit in the process. You see, if we pull out completely, those Iraqis will Slaughter all those workers along with every American tourist who goes there! Look, Sonny, that ain't gonna happen, so we Have to leave them there forever if necessary!"

Now, what if he said that? So, why does anybody listen to you when you suggest that we should "Win" anything. There is NOTHING to Win! Honestly, it is a Lose-Lose situation, and if you don't care to see that then you Deserve all the static you get!

JonQuixote said...


Facts are to leftist HuffPosters as a stake through the heart is to Dracula. They just don't mix.

Whatever the faults and sins of the Bush administration are, the fact is that it is the only force that is currently willing to take the fight to the enemy, as opposed to the Democrats' playbook of constantly playing defense.

The leftists in general, and HuffPost leftists in particular, are incapable of standing up and saying, "I disagree with Bush on (x), (y), (z), and here's why:"

No, they resort to language, accusations and conspiracy theories that would make the most devout jihadist blush (once he stopped laughing at them, that is).

In case you didn't know it, there is a difference between principled dissent and active, knowing subversion. No, you didn't know that, or else you'd have acknowledged it.

Want an example? Easy - check out

Yes, please, tell me about how these rabid loonbats are actually patriots, have functioning neurological wiring, and are not trying to subvert America, liberty and free enterprise (capitalism), while emboldening and justifying the most vicious, murderous, thuggish jihadists and tyrants in the world.

Take it somewhere else, BrickSykes.

I allowed this post of yours to go up because it is a great example of the HuffPosters' standard default: denial, obfuscation, and hysteria.

Now, have a nice day!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at you Lavender Jon. A reich wing pickle smoocher. Your parents must be so proud.

JonQuixote said...

[Anonymous said...
Look at you Lavender Jon. A reich wing pickle smoocher. Your parents must be so proud.]


Folks, permit me to introduce PixieThis. She used to be relatively normal.

But then, the theory is, she's now a pre-op transsexual, and is suspected of being the freak over Valerie Plame's shoulder in the recent hearing - see here:

And here:

Pixie is one of HuffPost's most virulent leftists, and seems to like to hound me around.

Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Pixie.

Have a nice day!