Friday, March 30, 2007

Nancy Pelosi: Madame Dhimmi


As in previous cases, I find myself wanting to utter the word "unbelievable" when seeing some of the antics of the Democrats on the Hill.

But three events in the last week go beyond unbelievable
--- they demonstrate both the level of dhimmitude to which leading Democrats have descended into, and indicate how they are able to take brazen advantage of most Americans' total ignorance of the most fundamental Constitutional principles and provisions at the root of our republic.

Item 1 is already old news: The Democrats bribed, cajoled, threatened and intimidated their own membership in order to gain a squeaky-thin majority to pass "The Democratic Pork, Military Spending and Surrender-to-Jihad Bill of 2007" (here).

Unfortunately, the MSM and Republicans have both been silent on the fact that Congress has two powers related to war: to declare war, and to fund it. The Congress authorized this war, not via declaration, but by deferring to the President (arguably unconstitutional in itself). They do not, however, have the power under our Constitution to dictate how a war is fought, or to dictate anything to the President of the United States concerning war, that is legally binding, anyway. More on this here.

Item 2: Nancy Pelosi appoints herself Acting Secretary Of State, or President Pro Tem --- of the United States of America,
by declaring that she is going to conduct one-on-one negotiations with Basher Assad, President of Syria, a major sponsor of Islamist terrorism (under Uncle Mahmoud's diligent tutilege). Read the story here, here and here.

Apparently, no one told her --- or the American people, via our wonderful government-run school system, and leftist-dominated MSM --- that the Speaker of the House of Representatives has absolutely no authority to conduct foreign policy, and is, in legal terms, arguably prevented from doing so.

Item 3: Nancy Pelosi refuses to allow the House of Representatives to issue a resolution condemning Iran's seizure of 15 British soldiers
(which, ironically, her counterpart in the Senate, Harry Reid, actually did permit).

According to
an AP article today:

The Senate on Thursday, before adjourning for its one-week break, passed a resolution condemning the act "in the strongest possible terms" and calling for the sailors "immediate, safe and unconditional release."

Pelosi's spokesman Brendan Daly said the speaker was reluctant to weigh in on the incident without knowing that such a message would do more good than harm. Daly said the British government had not asked Congress to try to pressure Tehran.

"The leadership discussed it and agreed that inserting Congress into an international crisis while ongoing would not be helpful," Daly said.

I see. So, applying that principle to an attack of appendicitis, were Madame Speaker a physician, she most certainly would not want to aggravate the situation by performing necessary surgery; or if she were an off-duty firefighter, she most definitely would not want to call out the fire department upon witnessing a house on fire, for fear of making the fire even angrier; and if she were... well, you get the idea.

The #1 tactic of Islamist fanatics is to intimidate into silence all of their critics and opponents.

And in the case of Speaker Pelosi, it's clear that this tactic is working like a charm.

Here we have a blatant act of war by Iran against one of our closest allies, and Madame Speaker Pelosi refuses to even allow such a declaration to be debated among U.S. Representatives. After all, she had to board Pelosi 1 to rush off to conduct illegitimate foreign policy with Basher Assad, and couldn't be troubled with considering a "provocative action" such as actually expressing outrage, and a demand for the British soldiers' immediate and safe return.

Congratulations, Democrats and leftists.

Had the American people even the most fundamental understanding of our Constitution, they would be marching in the streets to stop this insanity. But the American people have, over the last half-century, been intellectually disarmed by the leftist-dominated educational establishment, and we are now staring square into the result; the Constitution is anything we want it to be, or at least anything the Democratic leadership says it is, and provides for (e.g. a "right" to health care, a job, a home, etc.).

One thing is for damned sure:
The jihadist monsters around the world must be thanking Allah continuously for the fact that, as evidenced by Speaker Pelosi, America just took several more lurches towards dhimmitude, all within the span of barely seven days.

To coin a phrase, a heckuva job, I'd say.



Here are some of the unreported results of Pelosi's unconstitutional usurpation of U.S. foreign policy.



Isn't that sweet? File this one under "Lunatic Unconstitutional Actions Have Consequences."

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Anonymous said...

Fine, fine. I get the point that you don't like Pelosi. But can you explain the fact the no left-wingers have ever attacked the Gold Star mothers who support Bush, but the right has consistently attacked mothers of fallen soldiers who don't support Bush?

How long before the hate-machine makes a run at Pat Tillman's mom?




JonQuixote said...

Nice smear job, Anonymous.

There are several differences.

First, the MSM wouldn't cover the left even if they DID "attack" Gold Star mothers. Remember, there are two standards - one, for the left, who the MSM will protect at any cost (hence the lack of any coverage of the Rosie O'Donnell tinfoil hat incidents... the Sean Penn lunatic meltdown... the fact that the "peace marches" are sponsored and organized by communist front groups...), and th en there's a standard for "the right": if even one or a handful of them speak out against Mother Sheehan, they become "the right."

Has absolutely nothing to do with Mother Sheehan claiming that America is an oppressor nation; claiming that jihadist suicide bombers are "freedom fighters;" body-hugs with Hugo Chavez; aligning herself with the most virulent communist and fascist front groups, etc.

Oh, and then, there's the fact that her son Casey volunteered not once, but TWICE, to go to Iraq, in defiance of his mother's views.... he BELIEVED in this mission. And she has consistently obfuscated this - AND THE MSM has played along, not challenging her ONCE on it.

So, while we all grieve with her, there comes a point when her actions and statements must not go unanswered.

You'll note that here are no posts on JQWorld devoted to Mother Sheehan. Although there are references to her, as here, now.

Thanks for your comment.

Now run along back to HuffPost so your smear-jobs will have a welcome, uncritical audience.

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Great Post!

Pelosi must think that being third in line to the Presidency gives her equal say in foreign policy.

It doesn’t.

You've just got to know that if she ever were to become President, God forbid, that she'd never allow such a thing to occur.

The sheer hubris of the left is stunning.

JonQuixote said...

I agree.

Earlier today, I received an email from a fan of JQWorld who said she'd seen an article recently that said Howard Dean has embarked on some kind of "outreach" campaign to talk to world leaders about a post-Bush environment.

I haven't been able to research this yet, but in case you've seen anything about it, please foward it on.

We both know that if this were a Republican Speaker of the House, or an RNC Chairman doing these things, the MSM would be all over it, explaining (with DNC talking points) why this is all so unconsitutional, and dangerous to our security.

LGF described the Pelosi-Ried debacle as their efforts to create a "shadow government," and from the looks of it, that's exactly what they are doing.