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JQ Banned - 25th (and last) Time at HuffPost




Given my history with Huffington Post, we all knew it was only a matter of time before I reached that magical 25th time of being banned by their administrators, for voicing opinions that challenged (or demolished) the most loonbatted propaganda expressed by the site's follwers. And each time after being "banned," I'd come back with some variation of the notorious "JonQuixote" login; "JQNew," "JQNew2," "JQsInDaHouse," and so forth.
(Hilariously, just in the past few days, HuffPosters started claiming that other users were me --- because these brave souls dared to confront them on their hysterical, loonbatted, orgasmic state over the Libby verdict, and how the supposed "outing" of a "covert" CIA agent is not even being pursued. Yet they again (as always) missed the fact that if it doesn't have "JQ" somewhere in the login, it just ain't me; as I've explained time and again, I want credit for every word I write.)

But then, this morning, while in the midst of yet another back-and-forth with one of HuffPost's most notorious, leftarded propagandists --- "Thalia" (whom those in the know refer to as "Thaliar") --- I got the dreaded "screen of death," as shown below:

I realize the vast majority of HuffTards have never seen one of these screens, no matter how foul their language, no matter how many death threats they issue to those who disagree with them (more on this later), no matter how many other ways they violate the supposed "Comments Policy." For them, let me clarify what this screen says:

"Sorry, your account has been banned from commenting."

The final banning occurred on this thread --- and ironically, the last post there was from Thaliar (10:27am), indicating her belief that she'd "run me off," because I didn't respond to her latest loonbatted propaganda on this page or the previous pages.

Well, Thaliar, I couldn't respond --- thanks to you and your little minions who keep sending protest emails to Queen Arianna; "Make him THTOP!!! JonQ's being MMMEEAAANNN to me!!! He's demolishing the lies, propaganda and myths that we keep putting up!!! If you don't BAN HIM, I'll SCREEEEEAAAMMMM!!!!"

So, after 24 previous times of keeping posting, I've had a good run. I've proved my points, particlarly regarding the hypocritical double-standards of HuffPost's "Comments Policy," and how far it will go to distort reality to keep the world from seeing the true nature of the "new base" of the Democratic Party --- the seething, rabid, hateful, lying, hypocritical, loonbatted left:

HuffPost Insanity Part 3,243: Regret Over Failed Attempt on Cheney ByTaliban

As Predicted: HuffPost's Cheney Thread Must Be A Right-Wing Conspiracy

The HuffPost Spin-Machine, Part 1

More later, once I stop laughing my ass off... :)


Will the laughs ever stop today!?

Now, in typical leftarded fashion, the HuffTardsVille servers reversed the order of my farewell posts to the loonbats.... see my 12:51p and my 12:35 posts,

And, you'll note, this was after a nearly 40-minute delay on new postings on the thread from 11:58am
("kevinofburbank," a Junior HuffTard, 4th Class) to my 12:35pm post --- so apparently, the HuffPost servers were going really screwy (reflective of the cognitive functions of about 70% of the users, I guess!).

Maybe in an hour or two I'll be able to stop laughing at all this... !!!




Well isn't that sweet. For the first time since it began to "Deliver News and Opinion since May 2005," HuffPost admins have changed their "Comments" system --- 24 hours after banning the JQ-man. Isn't that conveeeeennnniiiieeeennnttt!!!!???

Check this out: Now, instead of just having a "Comments" link next to each story thread, you now have to go through two steps to get to comments - first, you click on a "Read & Post Comments" link, then, you get to a screen that says:

"While the Huffington Post encourages user comments on news stories, these comments are the personal opinions of the individuals posting them and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Huffington Post. We do not generate, solicit, or moderate user comments, but reserve the right to remove postings as we see fit."

I see. Well, let's see how far they don't go to "solicit" comments on "news" stories it posts --- check out the blazing, misleading headlines that HuffPost employs, here.

Will the hilariousness of all this ever end? Doubtful.



Well, given the loonbattery that occurred up on the Mall over the weekend (which was partially offset by the Gathering of Eagles), this can't be all that unexpected. After perusing 26 pages of hate, blather and propaganda, I decided to log in from a secret undisclosed location and have my say. Here goes, on this thread (had to divide into two parts to accomodate the 350-word-limit):

By: BanJonQforthe999thTime on March 19, 2007 at 06:59pm
By: BanJonQforthe999thTime on March 19, 2007 at 07:02pm

I look forward to seeing the thoughtful, intelligible responses to what has to be one of my most pointed posts ever, all based on facts. :)

God bless our troops. God bless America. God damn the jihadist maniacs who brought us to this point

(This, from a proud atheist)

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darwinita said...

Well, John, you may finally want to acknowledge the stone-cold fact that the comment policy was simply a way for the Huffpoo Community to police itself- not in the sense that they really gave a shit about profanity or anything else- it's just a way for the popular voice on the site to remove the cockroach from the wedding cake.

Not that I think you're that much of a cockroach, but it's Arianna's wedding cake, after all.

You and I have never tangoed, but we know each other well enough- when are you getting a new IP? or are you truly quitting the field?

JonQuixote said...


Hi Darwinita:

You are right, in several regards:

- We've never tangoed, because we've never had to. We could be civil, and though we disagree on some (many? :) things, neither of us ever resorted to getting nasty with one another

- It is indeed Queen Arianna's "wedding cake," as you say; but I'd go further - it is her property, and as an advocate of property rights, I respect that. But if one establishes different rules for admittance for different people - if one permits continual death threats, vulgarity, etc. against some posters, and when they respond in a non-similar fashion, they get banned - then there's the accountability factor. I documented this, and then some.

As to your last question, I am *gone.* :) Happily so. Some wonderful things have happened for me in the last few days, and as I suspected, my blogging would take me to good places (only a part of the good things).

So, while I admire what Queen Arianna has created - superb design and usability, and her book, "Fearless" - she is far worse than those on the right whom she continually castigates, because she has established herself to me and my blog readers as one who twists, distorts and evades reality with the worst of the propagandists out there. The Cheney threads were just one small part of it.

No regrets, no remorse on my side. It's been fun!

But now it's time to move on (but NOT to ;)

I wish you well.


darwinita said...

Well, good luck- I'll be keeping an eye on you, as I've just subscribed via feedblitz. I look forward to seeing your progress up through the blogosphere.

We may be politically disparate, but I never sneer at a finely crafted phrase. Even a barbed dart in the eye requires craft and care to fly true. :)

There are those who wondered at my conversations with you and BJ, and I never cared- there's room in America for all of us. I'm one of the few at Huffpoo that actively worked to promote co-operation.

I TRULY believe that right/ left and liberal/conservative are NOT opposites. they may occasionally be at cross-purposes, but if we don't have conversations, we'll never know, now, will we? Good luck again, and thanks for the laughs.

JonQuixote said...


And to you, as well, Darwinita.


I haven't visited your blog in some time, but I'll be doing so soon... I found it interesting but never had a chance to tell you.

Anyway, I agree with your sentiments. If there were more calm dialogue, more discussion of core principles, the debates in America would be nowhere near the hysterical level of vitriol, hatred and hysteria that there is today, and it would not cause ordinary Americans of all political stripes to throw up their hands and flip back to "American Idol." :)

Anyway... I do appreciate your thoughts and the way you've conducted yourself.

Who knows, maybe a bit of that might rub off on the... well, you know who. Hey, I'm an optimist... I can't help but hope.



Anonymous said...

"IP address was banned"

Making up stories and at the same time believing them is known as confabulation. The term "pathological liar" is not an official clinical diagnosis however psychiatrists may agree that pathological lying is often the result of a mental disorder or low self-esteem.

JonQuixote said...

Anonymous said...
"IP address was banned"

"Making up stories and at the same time believing them is known as confabulation... (blather blather blather)..."


For those new to HuffPost or to this thread, let me introduce you to one of the "HuffTards."

Of course, he/she/it didn't have the courage to post his/her/its login ID... probably because living in one's mother's basement carries some limitations - such as not disclosing your ID to strangers.

The funny part is, we aren't strangers - we're all friends here, right?

Now go slink back to your mountain of week-old Chee-Tos(tm), your sippy-cup filled with the Thorazine-Xanax-Demorol cocktail that your doctors prescribed, and tell it to the HuffTards.

Oh, and be sure to tell Queen Arianna that JonQ says "Greetings!!!"


Anonymous said...

Darwanita chick! It's Neoknot!

Great to see ya chicken.

Hi Jon, just sent you a rather extensive e-mail.

Just remember bud, you may not be posting there anymore, but you and me..........we'll always have Huffpo! :)

I haven't talked to RSU lately, maybe I should take that boy out to lunch!

I will miss your humor on the huffpo, it was always the light of my day. Thaliar and her slithering, not so much.

Luv Ya Man,


JonQuixote said...


Heya Neo :)


Thanks. I enjoyed seeing you 'round the HuffPost too. But as I said, I've reached 25 times being banned, and I've made my points and then some.

Re Thaliar, yeah, she's some piece of work, eh? No wonder Howard Dean chose him as his exclusive lap-dancing propagandist; they go together like Marx and today's intelligentsia. ;)

But you keep challenging the HuffTards' crap and demolishing it whenever possible... after all, remember, it's a "public forum," and as they say on their "Comments Policy," they don't ban based on political opinion.

I hope you put that supposed principle to the test. :)

You take care, Neo...

JQ :

PS: Oh, and please tell JamesR that I hope his tests come back "negative" so MCMentalCase will let him move back into the trailer. ;)