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John Edwards, Undercover Hypocrite, Part 2


Like the rest of the Leftist Mega-Millionaire Club, John Edwards is
most comfortable when he's scolding America over its freedoms, its property rights, and the unlimited opportunity that is still available to our citizens and those that our country welcomes from around the world, many of whom still sacrifice everything to make it to our shores.

And don't get me started on his and his allies' daily assault on the concept of limited, constitutional government that our Founders struggled to create, and which they have been busy dismantling over the last hundred years.)

But as I documented here, and others have documented far more extensively than I, Edwards is also a colossal hypocrite, for violating the very ethos he claims we should all live according to, then scolding us for alleged moral shortcomings that the facts demonstate are completely untrue, yet which he himself exemplifies.

From now on, though, I will refer to him as an "undercover" hypocrite, because the MSM simply will not address his hypocrisy, least of all in a substantive and persistent manner -- which is exactly why he's able to get away with the shenanigans he does.

Then, along comes this:

In an interview with the Web site, (Edwards) said Jesus would be most upset with the selfishness of Americans...

"I think that Jesus would be disappointed in our ignoring the plight of those around us who are suffering and our focus on our own selfish short-term needs," Edwards told the site. "I think he would be appalled, actually."
This, from a man who just built himself a mega-mansion, who has made tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars by living as a parasitical ambulance-chasing demagogue, made possible by the very free-enterprise system that he decries, and who has the gall to claim that we are living in "two Americas."

What Edwards and the MSM refuse to acknowledge --- and the evasion which their propaganda is built upon --- is the fact that America is singularly the most generous nation in the world, and has helped to save, extend and enhance the lives of more people than any other nation in history.

But if the people to whom Edwards speaks are wholly unaware of this fact, in no small part thanks to the educational establishment which so slavishly supports the Democrats, and who protect their stranglehold over our schools, then how will they ever know the truth?

(JQ holds up a mirror): You. Yes, you.

Keep an eye on this blog, because in the near future, I will be posting stats that will be demolishing America-bashing propaganda such as that which Edwards spews, once and for all. Or, you can hunt them down yourself --- some good places to start are The Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute and the Young Americas Foundation.

Then get it out to the newspapers, TV stations and Internet sites.

It's up to us to get the word out --- because the MSM is not going to initiate it on its own. They are far, far too enamored with the Breck girl to ever question or expose him in a serious way, unless they are compelled to by their readers and viewers.



Classic Rush... check this out (from
March 14):
(Commenting on USA Today: “Can Edwards Win With An Us vs. Them Pitch?”)

"Basically it’s populism, and his 'challenge,' it says here, is to convince voters in primaries and cauci that he is a "populist who would put their interests above those of big corporations and big government." The problem is that a Drake University political science professor points out that this populist message hasn't worked since Jimmy Carter tried it in 1976. It basically hasn't worked in 30 years.

"The Breck Girl is also exasperated by the focus on his house. Says, '
Look, I've lived in every size house there is, including two room houses. It's what's inside a house that counts, not what's on the outside.' The Breck Girl is getting sensitive to this. The Breck Girl is also going 'carbon neutral.' He's pledged to run a carbon neutral campaign that would offset any contributions that he makes to global warming. He often travels in a private jet and so forth, so he's going the carbon route, the offset.
And as if that wasn't enough... check this out... it's as I've said here over and over... John Edwards is all about image, which is exactly what helped him to "earn" tens of millions of dolllars as a slick trial lawyer (again, hat tip Rush)... CLICK BELOW TO GO TO ONE OF THE MOST REVEALING VIDEOS YOU'LL EVER SEE ON A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:

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