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Misleading Headlines And Hatred-Stoking At HuffPost, Part 1






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Oh well... as if this were the first time. Or the 300th. But it goes right back to my points earlier about how leftarded propaganda, deception and manipulation are part-and-parcel of the HuffPost creed, how those who call them on it are summarily banished, and extraordinary efforts are made to conceal what really goes on there. And how HuffPost's advertisers are probably unaware of any of this.

Case in point --- check out this headline at 4:40pm:

First, the headline isn't true: Roger Ailes was making fun of the Bush administration --- not Obama. Watch the video for yourself, here (h/t HotAir). Ailes did not "joke" about Obama being a terrorist. In fact, Ailes's comments were a begrudging compliment to how well Obama is doing in the polls, and his ability to keep taking away support from Hillary.

Further, if you watch Ailes's comments, you'll see that he took the lamestream media bigwigs to school --- of all things, on the nature of the First Amendment, and the desperate need for diversity in today's newsrooms. And lastly, this isn't even a "news story" - it is sourced not to any news organization, but to a partisan leftist loonbatted blogsite,

Second, let's see what else was major "news" as of 4:40pm on Friday, March 9, 2007... that HuffPost admins chose NOT to put up as a blazing headline:

Al Quada Chief In Iraq Reportedly Captured By US-Iraqi Military Forces

Top Democratic Congressman Caught On Video Lashing Out At War Mother; Cited "Liberal Idiots," Claimed Dems Are Using Appropriations Bill To Subversively "End The War" (video here; h/t HotAir)

Bush Approval Ratings In Poll Higher Than Democrat-Led Congress

Unemployment Rate Dips Again; Deficit Shrinks Again

Net Worth Of U.S. Households Skyrockets

Syria Deploys Thousands Of Rockets Along Israeli Border
The above are genuine news stories, that would serve to present a pretty "fair and balanced" portrayal of the important things that are happening, right now.

So, while Queen Arianna claims that her site delivers "news and opinion," and has a fair and consistent "Comments Policy," let's be clear: at this point, HuffPost is nothing more than a leftist, subversive, propaganda-oriented blogsite with double-jointed double-standards to match --- whose headlines are maliciously crafted to be nothing more than red meat to mislead and incite hateful comments from the most "unhinged" (Arianna's terminology; see
here), "fringe" elements of the rabid left.

And should anyone dare to point this all out, while keeping within the terms of HuffPost's de facto "Comment Policy" (which allows pretty much anything) well... "Ban them!!!"

I say this out of humorous observation, not out of spite --- for as anyone who knows me knows, I'm one of the nicest guys around. And I'm pretty good at generating accurate, verifiable observations on things, which is why I get to charge the rates I do for my work. ;)

More later!!!


MINI-UPDATE - 5:45pm, MARCH 9: Well isn't that special... now, the screaming headline and the link to the leftarded blogsite are mysteriously *gone!!!* Unreal. Straight out of "1984"... so Orwell-esque.

Let it not be said that JQWorld and other non-leftarded bloggers have no impact... ;)




Ah yes.... standard practice. The "U.S. Attorney Firing Scandal." Most Americans have absolutely no idea what this is about, how it relates to prior instances of attorney firings, and the circumstances surrounding them. Now, let's take a look at the screaming headline across The Huffington Post:

Wow. "Implicates" Rove, eh? Well, let's delve a little into the actual story that this screaming headline links to... (excerpts):
Presidential advisor Karl Rove and at least one other member of the White House political team were urged by the New Mexico Republican party chairman to fire the state's U.S. attorney because of dissatisfaction in part with his failure to indict Democrats in a voter fraud investigation in the battleground election state.

Several Republican activists interviewed for this story said their frustration with Iglesias dated back to before the 2004 election, and his decision to create a task force on voter fraud rather than try to prosecute Democrats who submitted allegedly fraudulent voter registrations.

On Sept. 30, nine donors were summoned to Weh's house for a $5,000-a-plate luncheon with Rove. Among them was Paul Kennedy, a former state Supreme Court justice who had advised state lawmakers on whether to impeach the state treasurer.

Kennedy also represented the accountant who went to the FBI and U.S. attorney's office with the initial evidence implicating Democrats in the courthouse corruption case. He acknowledges that he thought indictments of Democrats would help Wilson's re-election, and possibly hurt Democrats all the way up to Gov. Bill Richardson. But he also insists that's not what was driving his impatience - that it was a matter of the serving the public interest.

"What was I supposed to do?" he asked. "Look the other way when I saw corruption? It had to go the FBI. We gave them a lot of solid evidence."
Ah, yes. Well, it seems this story ACTUALLY centers on allegations of massive Democratic corruption, and why the U.S. attorney in NM didn't prosecute them for it.

But wait... Democrats and leftists engaged in election and voter fraud? Would they do that? Would they pay ineligible people to "register" to vote? Would they commit ballot fraud? Would they tamper with the election process? Would they teach people how to "vote" 2, 3, 9 or 22 times in elections (especially "snowbirds" from the northeast who go to Florida for the winter)?

Nooooooooooooooo... never, ever, ever. For as we've all been taught, Democrats and leftists have absolutely NO history of this, especially not in Chicago, where their motto is most definitely NOT, "Vote early, and vote often!"

Now, re-read the screaming headline across HuffPost. Manipulation and obfuscation at its finest!!!




OK, this story is sad enough without having to resort to fakery to make your point. But of course, leave it to the HuffPost editors to use fauxtography to further humiliate the Israelis over this embarrassment.

The Israeli ambassador, Tsuriel Raphael, was found in an... ahem, compromising position in El Salvador.

The first question to ask is: Does this really qualify as news, on such a thought-provoking(gag) site like HuffPost? Apparently, yes. They put it up on a thread entitled, Israel Recalls Envoy After He's Found Outside Drunk, Naked And Tied Up.

The second question is: Are there any pictures of Mr. Raphael available regarding this incident? No. There's only one picture of him on Google Images, available here. He is the third from right --- the old guy. And none --- NONE --- of the other major media outlets did anything more with this story than to put up a text-based article about it, because there apparently aren't any easily-accessible "head shots" of Raphael on the Web. Let's see how the (dreaded!) Fox News Channel played the story --- here.
But hey, that's no problem to HuffPost headline writers &editors!!!

Apparently, their thinking went something along the lines of, "Let's just find a picture of a guy who ISN'T Raphael, and use it instead, to deceive our readers, and stoke further Jew-hatred and -ridicule on the threads!!!"
So, instead, they hunted down and used this picture for the thread, which they found as a file named "bondageguy.jpg." (Right-click on image and highlight "Properties" to prove this for yourself).
Notice anything about the picture? Does this guy look happy, or proud, or confident? No... he looks scared, guilty, and vulnerable. Why'd they pick this particular picture... of all the images I'd imagine are available of males who enjoy bondage?

I'm sure it has absolutely nothing with the general sentiment towards Jews, and Israel, on the HuffPost threads, which I have documented time and again. Nope, nothing at all.

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indycubsfan said...

jon q,

Once again you are spot on with your analysis. That was actually a very clever joke by Ailes and it no doubt is poking fun at Bush and his problems with words (obama mistaken for osama). Anyway I'm not surprised Arianna and her leftloons would interpret it that way they of course they need to keep feeding the moon-bats.

Have you also noticed that at least one a week or so they have some head line that claims the Bush white house is falling apart. They always quote some anonymous white house insider (how convenient). For as many times as Huffpost has declared the republicans/white house are crumbling you would think we would have President Madame Pelosi by now,I guess its just wishful thinking for the loons.

by the way i used to post on there as cheneyhasaweathermachine until I was banned about a month ago.

JonQuixote said...

Well I was wondering you you are!!!

Boy, they hated you almost as they hate me. But there was no reason to ban you... or me.... except for, oh, whoops, right... we were voices of dissent. Guilty!!! :)

Check out the link in this story also about how Bush's approval ratings are higher than the Dem-led Congress's:,,-6469695,00.html

Of course, this doesn't qualify as news - except in the non-leftarded universe.

Thanks for your comments. Fwd the link to your friends so more can be amused and enlightened with hard facts. :)