Monday, March 05, 2007

The HuffPost Spin-Machine, Part 2

Fresh on the heels of my detailed blogging on the HuffPost Spin Machine Part 1, now comes this CLASSIC!!!

At 4:02pm today, HuffPost put up a new thread, entitled:

Cheney Diagnosed With Blood Clot After "Minor Discomfort" In Calf

Shortly thereafter, I followed this thread to see what were posted for comments... and yet there were none. I checked back again at 4:17pm, and again, there were NO comments!!!

THEN, at 4:31pm, I checked back again, and without a SINGLE comment being posted, VOILA!!! ---

"Comments for this post are now closed"

.... I guess Queen Arianna's tech minions really ARE pre-screening anything that will embarrass them anymore, by exposing to the world just how far into seething, hate-filled outer space that the leftarded lunatics (lovingly referred to as "HuffTards") really are.

What's that they say about "sunlight being the best disinfectant?"

Well, that or caffeine-juiced techies who can keep pre-screening and deleting one hateful comment after another as they come across the HuffPost wires, before they can be seen by the world for what they really are.

Wow!!! Was the Kremlin or the Politburo ever this busy --- or hilarious!?

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