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July 30 Update to Roundup Of Western Government-Enforced Dhimmitude

This is the July 24-30 update to the master directory,
Roundup Of Western Government-Enforced Dhimmitude:


The Wahabbification of American education; while we're supposedly "at war" with jihadist terror, one of its chief sponsors, Saudi Arabia, has been quietly injecting Islamist-whitewashing, jihadist-appeasing doctrines into U.S. schoolbooks.

Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) removes online search tool that helps investors identify and steer clear of companies involved in sponsoring terror

THE DHIMMICRATIC "YOUTUBE DEBATE": Strangely missing from discussion, the war that militant followers of... no particular religion have declared on the USA and Western civilization. Instead, Dhimmicrats focus on the war they'd rather be fighting --- against Bush, free enterprise, faux "inequality," faux "racism," etc. See analysis at AmericanThinker, HERE, and liveblogging at InfidelsAreCool, HERE.

(Taxpayer-funded) San Diego elementary school ordered to shut down madrassas, stop Islamist indoctrination; ACLU, MSM: "Yawn... hey, what's the latest with the Lindsay Lohan car chase?"

UPDATE: (Taxpayer-funded) NYC madrasses still on track to open in fall 2007; group formed to demand answers; MSM (sans FNC): "Yawn... hey, when does the new season of 'American Idol' start???

"JOHN DOE" LAWSUIT PROTECTION UDPATE: After months of leftist Democrats (Dhimmicrats) trying to keep "John Doe" lawsuit protections out of Homeland Security bill (in shameful attempt to win "hearts and minds" of radical Islamists, and hand trial lawyers' lobby a windfall), Repubicans and bloggers fight to keep it in... and it stays in, kinda-sorta... for now.
In ironic timing, more suspected jihadists are perpetrating "dry runs" on U.S. airlines... and if Dhimmicrats ultimately get their way, anyone who reports them will face the legal wrath of lawsuits from... dry-run jihadists and their supporters.

(Taxpayer-funded) Pace University has student arrested under "hate crimes" for throwing Koran into toilet; CAIR has fit of ecstasy at PU's dhimmitude; militant student followers of... no particular religion who stomp on, burn American & Israeli flags, claim... no particular religion should murder its way to global conquest... not. Updates here, and here

Condi Rice and jihadists agree: Israel must end "occupation" of West Bank
(JQWorld: Next --- Jews must be driven into the sea?) Well that was fast!!! After U.S. pushes for Israel to make "goodwill" gesture of releasing 250 Fatah jihadist murderers (on condition that they promise to not murder any more Israeli civilians...), and Israel capitulates... freed Fatah murderers say they won't stop murdering Israeli civilians!!! (Sound FX here: Gomer Pyle - "Surprise, surprise, surpriiiissseee!!!")

Mitt Romney: If elected president, I'll try to combat jihad by... imitating Hezbollah!! (well, their welfare-state, anyway)

France: Let The Jihadists Have Nukes!!!, Part II: Earlier this year, JQWorld documented how former French president Chirac expressed his support for Iran having nuclear weapons, here; now, the "conservative" Sarkozy is expressing support for terror-supporting Islamist states including Libya to be able to acquire "peaceful" nuclear technology, here

U.S. District Court: Islamist franchisee of Dunkin' Donuts can sue company for requiring him to serve all pork products on menu (JQWorld: By implication, now McDonalds franchisees are cleared to launch massive class-action lawsuit to upend McD's menus in stores owned by militant followers of... no particular religion; hello halal food, goodbye Sausage McMuffin!)

(Taxpayer-funded) George Mason University tells non-Muslim students to observe Islamist rules in... non-denominational "meditation area" that radical followers of... no particular religion have de facto taken over

New Haven, CT mayor welcomes illegal aliens, tells them they are "more courageous" and "more American" than... Americans, gives them welfare-service ID cards; anybody bother to check to see if they're militant Islamists or jihadists? (MSM: "Yawn... hey, who's gonna take over for Bob Barker on 'The Price Is Right'?")


Bush Admin., Part 1:
Saudis playing "counterproductive role" in Iraq, arming insurgent groups (as if funding jihadist terror around the world for decades, and now attempting to indoctrinate American schoolchildren isn't bad enough...)

Bush Admin., Part 2:
Let's sell the Saudis $20 BILLION in new weaponry!!!


UPDATE ON BBC BIAS, JIHAD-ENABLING SCANDAL: A devastating analysis and commentary of (taxpayer-funded) BBC by Graham Cunningham at AmericanThinker, HERE

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