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Combating HuffPost Hate & Hysteria - The Continuing Saga


Although I've not spent much time at HuffingtonPost.com lately, due to a combination of factors --- including my lack of interest, and the fact that I and other dissenters have been repeatedly "banned" since mid-December --- today was an exception.

I received an email heads-up from a friend who alerted me of the almost unprecedented level of hysteria and hate that was being expressed on a particular thread, which claims that according to a recent survey, "most of the world" disapproves of America, and its work in Iraq, in particular:

Excerpt from the BBC article at the root of this thread:

"The view of the US's role in the world has deteriorated both internationally and domestically, a BBC poll suggests. The World Service survey, conducted in 25 nations including the US, found that three in four respondents disapproved of how Washington had dealt with Iraq. The majority of the 26,381 respondents also disapproved of the way five other foreign policy areas had been handled."

And here are some of the posts that the "peace" and "tolerance" and "inclusive" and "diversity" crowd put up on the thread (which, as noted at JonQuixoteWorld repeatedly, wouldn't be complete without scorching diatribes against Jews, Israel and AIPAC):

The Bush/Cheney administration - arrogant, out-of-touch and dangerously out-of-control!WRITE YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS AND DEMAND THEIR RESIGNATIONS! DO IT NOW!Before y'all take another fucking pill.
By: getoffmedz on January 22, 2007 at 08:22pm

Bush to world: "I CAN'T HEAR YOU I CAN'T HEAR YOU I CAN'T HEAR YOU, LA LA LA LA LA LA "He doesn't care what anyone thinks, because he doesn't value thought!Well, Mr. Bush, FUCK YOU! I hope your secret service detail looks the other way...PEACE
By: braindeadsorry on January 22, 2007 at 08:30pm

Great -- everybody f'ing hates us! For next year's survey can we inform the respondents that that we don't actually run our own foreign policy. We have outsourced that to foreign Israeli lobbyists like AIPAC and AEI and Israeli generals who use our kids' lives and our nations' treasure for their own benefit. I bet you then they survey would show overwhelming compassion for the United States of Occupied Israeli Territories.
By: notafraidofneocons on January 22, 2007 at 09:14pm

Zionists and torture in Iraq (from GITMO to Abu Ghraib):
By: SAVEAMERICAFROMAIPACNOW on January 22, 2007 at 09:21pm

We used to love America, today we wouldn't shed a single tear if fascist ameriKKKa was vaporized once and for all.You use all the energy, make all the pollution, create all the problems (along with your zionist puppetteer), manipuilate markets, rig elections everywhere, you are the torturers, the Geneva Convention violators, the real false flag black ops terrorists, etc, etc...Actually, the world would have the biggest joy and relief explosion ever if you just went away and died!Perhaps soon, everybody everywhere will try to take shots at you no matter where you go on vacations... you can be thankful the rest of the world is not as gun crazed as the uSSa or many of you "american tourister" would be cheneyed at every chance and street corner!Perhaps soon!FUCK AMERICA, KILL AND CURSE ALL OF YOU NAZI MOTHERFUCKERS!
By: europe on January 22, 2007 at 11:00pm

Impeaching Bush and Cheney isn't enough. They should be put on trial and executed in public and in great shame. In fact, the people of the world should participate in this because Bush and Cheney have inflicted so much pain and suffering on millions in this world, directly or indirectly.
By: thehealer on January 22, 2007 at 11:24pm

By: gopnot on January 23, 2007 at 12:06am

Today America is nothing more than a giant corporation. It is run like a corporation and it smells like a corporation. And BushCo has managed to fumigate the entire nation with poisons from the Neo-con doctrine through their propaganda machine, Fox News. This has cultivated a society that is filled with brainless humans programmed to be slaves to corporate America. Lazy, stupid, and incompetent Americans are promoted and praised while the hard-working and honest folks get stepped on and tossed out.This is America today. An America that is run by the evil of corporate America. From pharmaceutical to weapon industry, the every evil of exterme capitalism characterized by greed has permeated deep inside the American culture, one that believes other nations' resources belong to America: "what yours is mine and what mine is mine".It's only a matter of time that the US will implode upon the gravity of greed and evil vigorously flowing through the veins of corporate America. Don't ever think for a minute that America will be destroyed from without. Self-destruction will most likely be the case for a short-live empire, the USofA.
By: thehealer on January 23, 2007 at 12:13am

Soon there will no longer be an America (nor israel)... and, as they have finally both revealed themselves for the monsters they really are... I, for one, say GOOD RIDDANCE ! History is being written on the walls these nazis erect...Halleluia... the age of Aquarius... of rebirth... but before that, much suffering, much evil, American and Jewish evil.But that too shall pass...
By: europe on January 23, 2007 at 12:50am

5-The media, heavy with AIPAC and other fanatic jewish group members and shills, ignores what is going on in Gaza, as the Israelis continue war crimes against a civilian population, like Israeli soldiers shooting Palestinian children in fields and riding bikes...and more!!... Isn't this a bitch?The 2 nations that make war,threaten everyone at the drop of a hat, are Israel and the U.S.
By: FayezHamda on January 23, 2007 at 02:47am

Dear World:On behalf of the better 49% of Americans (now up to around 65%) we are still sooooo fucking sorry.
By: neocommie on January 23, 2007 at 04:02am

It should be clear to all but the hopelessly stupid and partisan, that our presence on the Middle East is not and never has been to make it and the world a safer placeWe are there for resources and because Israel requires it--the master plan is all out war and then a new world order--fascism and slavery for all of us, courtesy of the elite
By: PeteChrisman on January 23, 2007 at 09:42am

Get Barney to bite off Bush's penis and then let him and his doggie friends play it while the prez is forced to watch! Now doesn't that sound the perfect punishment for this man's crimes?
By: TLV on January 23, 2007 at 10:04am

And that's just a sampling.


Here was my response to this internationalist lunacy, and the UN-worshipping, America-bashing diatribes:

Europe and Asia have been responsible for more than 100 million deaths in the 20th century, whereas the United States has been responsible for liberating and extending the lives of more people than any nation in history.

For decades, Eurotrash weenies have had the chance to deal with the hotspots in their backyards (when they weren't arming and supporting thugs, dictators, etc.), and they punted (if not endorsing these miscreants to positions on the UN "Human Rights Commission."

And it's been America, time and time and time again, that has gone in, alone or with friends, to take care of business.

And it's precisely for this reason that we are so resented - because we finally realized that with or without Eurotrash allies and Asian weasels, we had to go take care of business, again.

It's kind of like a gang of unruly kids who resent the one parent in the neighborhood who actually enforces the rules and protects them from themselves, and those they've surrendered to. Look at France - they can't even muster the backbone to deal with legions of 15 year old punk jihadists, who are overwhelming their police forces. They propose to tell us how to deal with rogue nations (who they've helped to arm, and who they sold their votes in the UN to protect, in exchange for oil subsidies)? The French have nothing to teach us except appeasement and self-destruction, as they are now surrendering their entire culture to jihadists. England is well on its way to following France's lead:

Sure, it's nice to be "supported" by supposed "friends," but there are precious few around.

And that's the crux of why this "poll" is meaningless. We don't have to ask for permission from anyone - let alone the body of miscreants, pimps, murderers and tyrants that comprise the UN - to enforce UN resolutions, and that which is in our security interest.

International poll? Screw 'em..

By: JQ4U2(*) on January 23, 2007 at 10:55am
*This is my 16th new login ID since mid-December, because as I said earlier, "JonQuixote" and 15 subsequent IDs had been repeatedly banned by HuffingtonPost.

You can guess the reaction to this post. Go here, and to subsequent pages to see it for yourself.


A February 2006 essay by the fabulous Mark Steyn sums up this lunacy even better than I have. Excerpts:

Transnationalism is the mechanism by which the world’s most enlightened progressives provide cover for its darkest forces. It’s a largely unconscious alliance, but not an illogical one. Western proponents of Kyoto and some of the other loopy NGO-beloved eco-doom-mongering concepts up for debate in Montreal at the moment have at least this much in common with psychotic Third World thugocracies: they find it hard to win free elections, they regard transnational bodies as useful for conferring a respect unearned at the ballot box, and they are unduly troubled by the lack of accountability in global institutions...

...(T)he UN is a shamefully squalid organization whose corruption is almost impossible to exaggerate. If you think—as the media and the left do in this country—that Iraq is a God-awful mess (which it’s not), then try being the Balkans or Sudan or even Cyprus or anywhere where the problem’s been left to the United Nations. If you don’t want to bulk up your pension by skimming the Oil-for-Food program, no need to worry. Whatever your bag, the UN can find somewhere that suits—in West Africa, it’s Sex-for-Food, with aid workers demanding sexual services from locals as young as four; in Cambodia, it’s drug dealing; in Kenya, it’s the refugee extortion racket; in the Balkans, sex slaves. On a UN peace mission, everyone gets his piece...

... (W)hat should replace the UN? Some people talk about a “caucus of the democracies.” But I’d like to propose a more radical suggestion: nothing. In the war on terror, America’s most important relationships have been not transnational but bilateral: Australia’s John Howard didn’t dispatch troops to Iraq because the Aussies and the Yanks belong to the same international talking shop; Tony Blair’s reliability on war and terror isn’t because of the European Union but in spite of it. These relationships are meaningful precisely because they’re not the product of formal transnational bureaucracies.

... (W)hen the tsunami hit last year, hundreds of thousands of people died within minutes. The Australians and Americans arrived within hours. The UN was unable to get to Banda Aceh for weeks. Instead, the humanitarian fat cats were back in New York and Geneva holding press conferences warning about post-tsunami health consequences—dysentery, cholera, BSE from water-logged cattle, etc.—that, its spokesmen assured us, would kill as many people as the original disaster. But this never happened, any more than did their predictions of disaster for Iraq: “The head of the World Food Program has warned that Iraq could spiral into a massive humanitarian disaster.” Or for Afghanistan: “The UN Children’s Fund has estimated that as many as 100,000 Afghan children could die of cold, disease and hunger.”

... (I)t’s one thing to invent humanitarian disasters to disparage Bush’s unilateralist warmongering; but in the wake of the tsunami, the UN was reduced to inventing a humanitarian disaster in order to distract attention from the existing humanitarian disaster it wasn’t doing anything about.

... (W)hile the UN and its agencies were on television badgering and hectoring the West for its stinginess, the actual relief efforts were being made by a couple of diverted U.S. naval groups and the Royal Australian Navy. The Scandinavians can’t fly in relief supplies, because they don’t have any C-130s. All they can do is wait for the UN to swing by and pick up their check. And it says something for the post-modern decadence of the age that that gives you supposed moral superiority.

It’s a good basic axiom that if you take a quart of ice cream and a quart of dog mess and mix ’em together, the result will taste more like dog mess than ice cream. That’s the problem with the UN. If you make the free nations and the thug states members of the same club, the danger isn’t that they’ll meet each other half-way but that the free world winds up going three-quarters or seven-eighths of the way. Indeed, the UN has met the thug states so much more than half way that they now largely share the dictators’ view of their peoples—as either helpless children who need every decision made for them, or a bunch of dupes whose national wealth can be rerouted to a Swiss bank account. Perhaps that malign combination of empty European gesture-politics and Third World larceny would be relatively harmless, at least in the geopolitical sense, if these were quieter times. But they’re not.

... (T)his is an age in which America and its real allies—a bigger number than you’d think—need to be free to act without being a latter-day Gulliver ensnared by Lilliputian UN resolutions from head to toe. After all, consider the alternative to American action. As you may have noticed, the good people of Darfur in Sudan have been fortunate enough not to attract the attention of the arrogant cowboy unilateralist Bush and have instead fallen under the care of the UN multilateral compassion set. So, after months of expressing deep, grave concern over whether the graves were deep enough, Kofi Annan managed to persuade the UN to set up a committee to look into what’s going on in Darfur. Eventually, they reported back that it’s not genocide.

... (T)he transnational establishment’s alternative to Bush and his “coalition of the willing”: appoint a committee that agrees on the urgent need to do nothing at all. Thus, last year the UN Human Rights Commission announced the working group that will decide which complaints will be heard at its annual meeting in Geneva this spring: the five-nation panel that will select which human-rights violations will be up for discussion comprises the Netherlands, Hungary, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe. I wouldn’t bet on them finding room on their crowded agenda for the question of human rights in Cuba, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe.

Read it all here. Also, check out Mark Steyn's fantastic speech recently at The Heritage Foundation, here.

But leave it to the mainstream media, America's government-strangled school system, and Eurorash-worshipping, UN-idealizing blogsites like HuffingtonPost.com to continue to foment hatred of America, of its motivations and actions, and of our underlying principles --- particularly the right of self-defense and the rule of law.

International polls be damned: There may be some merit in some of their criticisms, but we also need to consider the sources: the hundreds of millions of "world citizens" who believe it is their duty to live under the most corrupt, oppressive, murderous regimes --- or those "cultured" nations" who look the other way or worse, enable or even justify these regimes --- many of whom participated in this trumpeted "poll."

Ayn Rand described this phenomenon best: "The hatred of the good for being good."

If America didn't exist, or was removed from the planet, the status quo of oppression, murder and surrender to religious or statist tyrants would be so much simpler. There would be no "shining city on a hill" to stand in stark contrast.

America doesn't exist to make things simpler for freedom-haters, liberty-bashers, and those who refuse to act in their self-defense.

America exists for its own sake.

And this, combined with the fact that we have made more progress in terms of advancing and defending freedom and human life in the course of our relatively short existence than any other nation in history, is what they really resent.

International polls --- with these subjects as the body of those being polled?

I say again: Screw 'em.


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