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August 6 Update to Roundup Of Western Government-Enforced Dhimmitude


This is the July 31 - August 6 update to the master directory,
Roundup Of Western Government-Enforced Dhimmitude:

Hat-tips to fans of JQWorld who've sent in story links, and to stories sourced from the real heavy-lifters who document these things, primarily JihadWatch, DhimmiWatch, Daniel Pipes, AmericanThinker, LittleGreenFootballs, AtlasShrugs2000, The Jawa Report, Family Security Matters, The Gathering Storm and BrusselsJournal.


Cambridge University Press (UK) bends over, grabs ankles to placate super-wealthy Saudi prince who's been funding jihadist terror for decades, claims it will destroy all books it published documenting his acts

U.S. taxpayer funds were going to support Hamas murderers, until it was recently stopped
(tip-of-the-iceberg alert from JQWorld)

NYC madrasses principal tied to "Intifada NYC" t-shirt; calls US foreign policy "racist;" but this school will absolutely, positively not engage in any kind of political propaganda --- nope, none, promise!

Weeks after
Bush admin announces plans to send diplomat to "learn from" OIC, including Muslim Brotherhood, jihadist terror-funding case in TX (with CAIR as unindicted co-conspirator) reveals Muslim Brotherhood's long-term planning statement to convert U.S. into Islamist-dominated nation

British health system: UK burn victims must wait for special treatment, we have a murderous follower of... no particular religion, who attempted to blow up Glasgow airport, to treat first!!!

British elementary school teacher tells 10-year-olds to write “Allah is the greatest,” and “I bear witness that there is no God but Allah,” for "handwriting practice."

French Dhimmitude, Part 9,336? Report - France selling advanced weaponry to Libya, helping to arrange for release of Lockerbie bomber from England

Euro-Socialists formalize their dhimmitude; aim to use power of government to stamp out "Islamophobia" (a/k/a free speech)

CAIR-salivation alert:
Heterosexual San Diego firefighters forced to march in "Gay Pride" parade, file discrimination suit in response
(JQWorld: Based on this precedent and others [here, here, here, here] how long will it be before CAIR and its admiring leftist apologists begin requiring anti-Islamist police officers, college professors, civil servants to march in "Jihad Pride" parades?)

Spanish Foreign Minister: Admires Iran's "constructive and effective role" in resolving conflicts in Middle East (JQWorld: Hm, wonder if this shocking European demographic data might have something to do with Spain's dhimmitude? In other news, militant Islamist attacks on Spanish cilivian train stations on 3/7/04 to be airbrushed out of Spain's schoolbooks, in act of "friendliness towards our Muslim overlords, er... neighbors.")

British police ignore video of radical imams who preach hatred, violence, urge takeover of Britain by followers of... no particular religion; videographers who filmed them --- not

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