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Infidel He-Men Of The Week: Robert Spencer & Jason Mattera


"He-men" have been celebrated throughout time for standing up and acting on principle, in the face of danger and consternation. Usually, their acts of bravery involve standing up to only a single foe, or a small group of bullies/miscreants/psychopaths.

But this week, Americans and freedom-loving people everywhere were shown what true courage is all about, when two men --- one, a seasoned truth-teller, the other, a younger spokesman for a national civic organization --- stood up to domestic Islamists (and their attorneys, and the mainstream media and academic and political "intelligentsia" that continually whitewash, defend and obfuscate for them) --- Robert Spencer of JihadWatch, and Jason Mattera of the Young America's Foundation.


Robert Spencer is the author of numerous books on the nature of the war that Islamists and jihadists have declared on Western civilization in general, and America and Israel in particular. Spencer's websites, JihadWatch and Dhimmi Watch, provide a daily dose of the brutal realities of the deadly foes facing us --- as well as those individuals and groups that appease and enable them, up to and including those at the highest levels of government in America and other Western nations.

Spencer was scheduled to speak at the YAF conference on August 2. The day before, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) --- long-documented of having ties to global Islamist terror, and now an unindicted co-conspirator in a jihadist terror financing scheme* --- had their attorney fire off a threatening letter to the YAF, demanding that it cancel Mr. Spencer's speech.

(*Background on CAIR here, here, here, here, here)

And just several days before that, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper leveled false and defamatory charges against Spencer on CNN.

(Q) And who is the attorney that CAIR retained to try to suppress Mr. Spencer's right to free speech, and the YAF's right to host the event, without fear of legal intimidation?
In the immortal words of Gomer Pyle, USMC, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!"

(A) It's none other than the attorney who represents the Democratic National Committee, Joseph E. Sandler.

(Yes, that's the same DNC that has been making such a diligent effort to subvert America's war against Islamist terror at every turn, to enable groups like CAIR to sue "John Does" who report suspicious behaviors to law enforcement officials, to chip away at our intelligence agencies' ability to intercept and monitor suspected jihadist communications, and to crush free speech in America by resurrecting the [Un]"Fairness Doctrine.")

Perhaps CAIR, Mr. Sandler and their DNC sympathizers were thinking that the YAF would just buckle under in dhimmitude, and comply with their demands --- like so many public and private institutions in America have now made it a practice of doing (see JQWorld's "Roundup Of Western Government-Enforced Dhimmitude").

One thing we know for sure: They weren't counting on a steely-spined free-speech advocate like Jason Mattera, spokesman for the YAF, who issued this brief, stunning response to CAIR's and attorney Sandler's "demand" for an answer by the end of the day:

(Mattera said) The decision was made to defy CAIR and its demand that Spencer's talk be cancelled. "We will not be intimidated by radical Islamic thugs," Mattera said. "Not only will we let Robert Spencer speak, but we will invite even more people to hear him. We are not going to fluctuate the conference just to suit their demands."

And in another statement, Mattera said:

"CAIR can go to hell, and they can take their 72 virgins with them.”

See the video of the second statement here.

Ouch! That's gotta hurt. But that's what a patriotic, free-speech-loving, concerned American sounds like, folks. Perhaps one day we'll have elected leaders and businesspeople who sound like that. Let's hope.


NOW, let's take a look at the speech that Robert Spencer gave at the YAF, that CAIR and attorney Sandler made such a fuss over, and tried to quash (click image to go to HotAir for playback):

Ouch, again. Yep, CAIR and its allies certainly had reason to worry. Because as more people (particularly the young) become aware of the reality of CAIR --- versus the public image that it presents, and that the mainstream media, academia and many politicians continually lap up, like kittens to warm milk --- the more they will start to stand up to CAIR and other Islamist front groups.

For their rigid spines in the face of intimidation and threats from CAIR and its allies, and for daring to defy all the "politically-correct" and "multiculturalist" pablum that our cultural leaders keep trying to stuff down our throats...

Robert Spencer and Jason Mattera are the



The Legal Project is a new division of the Middle East Forum, Dr. Daniel Pipes' Islamist research organization. Excerpts from the LP's August 2 press release:

CAIR's letter appears to be aimed at maliciously harming Spencer's reputation, interfering in his lawful employment, and aimed to discourage both Spencer and YAF from exercising their fundamental rights to free speech and assembly. Furthermore, the letter wrongfully implies that YAF has an independent duty to censor Spencer, and that it may be subject to suit for allowing Spencer to speak on private property. It is our opinion that CAIR's pre-emptive accusations are without merit, without any legal basis, and that CAIR has yet to prove any of its statements as true.

Therefore, the Legal Project hereby gives CAIR and its attorneys notice that it, too, will pursue "every available and appropriate legal remedy to redress any false or defamatory statements that are made" or have been made by CAIR and its attorneys against Spencer. We advise CAIR's staff to govern themselves accordingly.


It's tempting to say, "Finally, someone is legally standing up to CAIR intimidation!!!" But the fact is, there have been two major cases in which people in the USA have stood up to CAIR/Islamist intimidation, and won:

CAIR backs down from its lawsuit against Anti-CAIR

Islamic Society of Boston drops its lawsuit against 17 defendants

Heroes, one and all. (Even if the mainstream media was far too preoccupied with round-the-clock non-stories to find slivers of time to squeeze in coverage of these blockbusters, and as a result, only about 99.9% of Americans have no idea of what is going on.)



From HotAir (click image to go to HA for playback)

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Always On Watch said...

Meanwhile, Cambridge University is doing the equivalent of book burning.

JonQuixote said...


The big misconception is that it's radical Islam that we're fighting. Fact is, radical Islam wouldn't be getting anywhere without the enabling dhimmitude of our "enlightened" institutions that shape young minds.

Good call.