Friday, September 21, 2007

A Culture Of Corruption (and Betrayal), Indeed...


Senate votes to condemn slander ad against Gen. Petraeus;
25 Democratic senators, afraid to stand up to, vote against measure

American Thinker analysis here, with note on how Obama abstained from vote, which claims it has "bought, paid for and owns" the Democratic Party, is now organizing vicious retaliation campaigns against any Democrat who votes against it, or refuses to submit to its "surrender Iraq to al Qaeda" line

In bow of submission, Democrats now expected to resume their "daily call for surrender" with and other seething, America-hating, leftist pressure groups

Sen. John McCain echoes JonQuixoteWorld question: If Democrats can't even stand up to, how are they going to stand up against jihadists?

For a comprehensive chronicle of the Democrats' betrayal of America and our soldiers, and their emboldening of jihadists, see the following original JQWorld essays:

"But They Support Our Troops --- No, Really!!!" Parts I & II

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