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The (Literal) "Daily Call For Surrender"


Back on December 2, 2006, JQWorld noted
here how a few days earlier, Loonbat Brig. General Michael Moore threatened to declare holy war on the newly-elected DNC majority in Congress if it didn't force America to surrender to jihadists in Iraq, by bringing the troops home... "now... Not six months from now. NOW."

Well, it's been more than five months since Gen. Moore's threat was issued. Where are we?

  • The Democratic leadership launched what it knew would be a failed bid to deputize 535 members of Congress to dictate to our (actual) military commanders how to fight this war, and when to surrender, by cutting off their funding
  • General David Petraeus was confirmed by a unanimous vote in the Senate (yes, that includes Democrats) to be the new top commander in Iraq, so that he can launch a new strategy for victory, including a "surge" to assault the jihadists and insurgents who are killing our troops
  • 35,000 more soldiers will be headed to Iraq in the fall
  • Self-appointed alternative President and Secretary of State Nancy Pelosi has been (a) conducting unconstitutional foreign policy with jihad-enabler Syrian president Basher Assad, and (b) acting in exactly the jihad-appeasing, politically-(in)correct way that clear-thinking people knew she would, if she ever ascended to leadership (here)

So, what is the latest development?

Well, as creative and politically astute as I like to think I am, even I couldn't dream up as loonbatted a story as this:

Antiwar Groups Use New Clout to Influence Democrats on Iraq
New York Times, May 6, 2007

As you read this story, keep in mind that one of the groups,, claims that it has "bought, paid for and now owns" the DNC (so much for the leftists' whining about politicians or political parties being subservient to any money-laden masters). Excerpt:

Every morning, representatives from a cluster of antiwar groups gather for a conference call with Democratic leadership staff members in the House and the Senate.

Shortly after, in a cramped meeting room here, they convene for a call with organizers across the country. They hash out plans for rallies. They sketch out talking points for “rapid response” news conferences. They discuss polls they have conducted in several dozen crucial Congressional districts and states across the country.

Over the last four months, the Iraq deliberations in Congress have lurched from a purely symbolic resolution rebuking the president’s strategy to timetables for the withdrawal of American troops.

Behind the scenes,
an elaborate political operation, organized by a coalition of antiwar groups and fine-tuned to wrestle members of Congress into place one by one, has helped nudge the debate forward.

Wow. I'm no lawyer, but I am curious: Where do campaign-finance and lobbying laws come into play here? I mean, how many Congressional leadership bodies in the past have been on such a short leash from their campaign and lobbying masters that they are forced to have a daily conference call with them?

And can you imagine what would happen if it were disclosed that the Bush administration, or the Republican leadership in Congress was having a daily conference call to discuss strategy, talking points, polls, rallies, etc., with its supporters? Especially if national security, foreign policy and soldiers-in-battle were the subject of discussion?

Well, that's about the only thing I could conceive of that would compel the left-dominated MSM to knock Paris Hilton, American Idol, the 2008 presidential money derby coverage and the rest of the fluff off the headlines, in order to provide 24/7, wall-to-wall coverage of these "secret, illegitimate" lobbying meetings.

Yes, in this case, the New York Times did cover the story.

But it was presented as more of a blotter-page update as to the fact that the loonbatted leftist anti-war groups are not giving up --- not as it should have been: about how Congressional representatives from districts and states throughout America have collectively bowed down and are now taking their marching orders from an unelected, unaccountable shadow force that claims it has "bought and paid for and owns" the party, en masse.

Something to think about.

Have a nice day.

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