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The American Left: All Hate, All Jihad-Appeasement, All The Time




-- HuffPost creates a misleading headline to incite leftist hatred (again!), then attempts to backtrack and manipulate reality (again!)

-- Mother Sheehan: Iraqi murderers are like America's Founders; MSM: "Yawn"

-- Leftists' hate and jihad-appeasement erupts again on HuffPost thread describing jihadists' planned attack on Ft. Dix; HuffPost diminishes, then removes thread




There’s an old joke that goes around here at JQWorld: If you encounter a rabid American leftist, and ask them, “What do you hate?,” the inevitable response is “WHADDAYA GOT??? GRRRRR!!!!”

Well even that doesn’t quite go far enough.

Because when it comes to issues involving unspeakable jihadist barbarism, or anyone speaking ill of America, the rabid domestic leftists are the first to jump on board and justify, equivocate for, or attempt to defend the indefensible.

As has been documented at JQWorld innumerable times, with facts and sources, the seething American leftists
(most notably, those who frequent the Huffington Post) will be the first to jump on board with such jewels as, “It’s all Bush’s fault!!!” or “It’s those damned Israelis/Jews!!!” or that timeless classic, “They (the butchering jihadists) are only defending themselves against imperialist American/Western aggression/expansionism!!!”

And for one to point out that this is the exact excuse that the jihadists themselves use is to ask to be flamed
(thats "flamed" in Internet parlance, meaning to get hate/threats --- not "flamed" in JamesR parlance; sorry, an inside joke!).

This seething, rabid hatred and jihadist justification/appeasement was on full display once again today, in regards to the following HuffPost thread, entitled:

"Iranian Foreign Minister Walks Out On Dinner With Rice"

The actual article that this headline refers to, entitled “Rice, Iranian Have Little Contact,” is located here. (Note: This WAS the actual headline, before HuffPost admins started playing around with it more, relabeling it "Suspicions Remain After Conference"; see "Updates," at bottom of this JQWorld thread):

Nice manipulation of titling, eh? (This is far from the first time they've done this... see here, here). Just the ticket to incite the lunacy of the “miniscule minority” of “clearly unhinged, fringe” commenters; for background on these terms, see here.
(Whoops, I forgot... check the top of the HuffPost thread... it doesn't "solicit" comments... I love that one!)

The article excerpt
("Quick Read") posted with the thread was:

Iran's foreign minister walked out of a dinner of diplomats where he was seated directly across from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, ostensibly because a female violinist entertaining the gathering was dressed too revealingly.

"I don't know which woman he was afraid of, the woman in the red dress or the secretary of state," State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Friday, regarding the actions of Iran's Manouchehr Mottaki.

The Iranian Foreign Minister walked out of the dinner because a violinist was not dressed as modestly (veiled) as the repressive Iranian mullah-tocracy insists upon (an edict that it inflicts vicious punishments upon violators for ignoring)? Hm. But that wasn't the way the story was played on HuffPost. And it was right there in print, to verify --- the HuffPost editors didn't even try to hide it.

In a previous generation, creating misleading, inflammatory headlines like this, to stoke hatred and misperceptions, was called "yellow journalism." Yet look around HuffPost --- it has some of the biggest advertisers in America supporting it.

So, given all this, what do you imagine the supposedly "peaceful, tolerant, diversity-minded, understanding, inclusive, non-judgmental, justice-seeking" HuffPost leftists had to say about all this --- about the representative of Iran, the #1-ranked state sponsor of Islamist terror in the world, walking out on the U.S. Secretary of State --- especially knowing that HuffPost is one of the most widely-read leftist blogsites?

Read it for yourself:
(Thread link here; particularly hateful/loonbatted/Jew-hating/racist comments are highlighted in red; some comments are edited for brevity):

I can't say that I blame him. She'd spoil my appetite, as well
By: rand on May 04, 2007 at 09:17am

I would get up and walk away too if I had to stare at this gapped tooth mug over a dinner. As far as the state department spokesman talking shit about who is afraid about what he had better think about what it is he is saying before he says it. Just like when you are wlking down the street in a bad part of town you do not talk shit our own government should show some respect to others as a matter of fact I demand they respect others the comment was uncalled for and unprofessional
By: birdman on May 04, 2007 at 09:22am

Good for the Iranian Minister !!! I would walk out too if I had to look at Bush's..SWEETY..
By: pleeezzze on May 04, 2007 at 09:27am

(And we think we can really, honestly deal with these medieval people? Get real. By: ammobob on May 04, 2007 at 09:17am) Take a look at US foreign policy in the last 50 years and tell me with a straight face who is medieval. By the way, Iran isn't Iraq, Afghanistan, or Vietnam - she is much stronger than those lesser nations.
By: LittleGreenBaseBallz on May 04, 2007 at 09:27am

Can't blame the dude, really. Some sensitive people find it hard to keep food down because they can smell the blood coming off war criminals sitting right across from them. I mean, even seeing her on TV triggers my gag reflex, and I've sorta gotten used to her.He was probably afraid that if he stuck around, he would end up doing to Condi what Bush the Elder did to the Prime Minister of Japan. Excusing himself was definitely the better part of valor.
By: LittleBrother on May 04, 2007 at 09:29am

Who can blame him? Staring at that snake all through a meal would make any normal perosn want to hurl....Rice is just a bush ass-kissing enabler who's happy to be allowed onto the White House porch.republicans are the true enemies of a free America.
By: zerocoma on May 04, 2007 at 09:30am

This sneering, condescending, dismissive, insulting attitude toward other nations, other leaders, other cultures is the reason Bush & Co. and any neocon successors will never, ever restore diplomacy with other nations and the U.S. will never recover whatever respect and affection others had for us before 2000...
By: olivia on May 04, 2007 at 09:39am

Can you blame the man?
Condi smells.The Iranians are flexing their sinews a bit by miffing the Sleeza, and so openly. They are not waiting for Condi to act like the bitch she is... Condi is so discredited and hated by just about everyone. Basically, she's a joke in the international enclaves with no achievements to speak of.
By: LUNKHEAD on May 04, 2007 at 09:44am

Pelosi should've been sent.No one wants to deal with back-stabber, lying, mass murderer Bush or his concubine, Rice.
By: NotGuilty on May 04, 2007 at 09:46am

How interesting seating two killers directly across from each other at the dining table. Calling Miss Manners..................
By: VOTER on May 04, 2007 at 09:48am

I would not use Rice as Secretary of State. She's a most unimpressive female. She make me lose my lunch.
By: DefyAnt on May 04, 2007 at 10:02am

Is Rice a diplomat or not? She should have behaved like a representative of a strong nation and made the first move to speak to the Iranian diplomat. The Bush administration is rife with ineptitude.
By: mich929 on May 04, 2007 at 10:04am

Actually the Muslem foreign minister was doing pretty good condidering their religion dont let them talk to women, until Condi was served up a big plate of hog jowels, chittlins, and pork rinds...
By: CaptEdwardGraham on May 04, 2007 at 10:36am

If America attacks Iran, we will be summarily defeated. Iran IS 100X more powerful than Vietnam ever was; so what makes the neo cons think the war is winnable is beyond me.
By: LittleGreenBaseBallz on May 04, 2007 at 10:59am

(I am sooo sick of these Islam hypocrites. They need to clean up their own back yard before they judge ours. By: rbspickles on May 04, 2007 at 09:55am)
How about we BOTH clean up our own countries, then there won't be any problems...
By: Grunty1 on May 04, 2007 at 11:04am

(Just a question, would racism be excused if you are a Bush hater? By: gumby123 on May 04, 2007 at 11:01am)
what's racism got to do with it ? all he did was mention what passes for food among the southern trash like Cuntasleazy Lice
By: DonR on May 04, 2007 at 11:12am

Who would want to try and eat staring at that forehead..?Condi Rice, is still the lying incompetent overrated Oil Whore of Babylon..!She is as much a traitor to Our Constitution and nations best interest as Ron Brown was..Those two, Ron Brown and Condi Rice are the best examples for why we should end Affirmative put to murdering traitors where they never belonged..!
By: TJTelecaster on May 04, 2007 at 11:45am

Listen up, ya slimy little Nazi lowlife motherfucker, the 2 biggest purveyors of state sponsored terrorism in the world are the USA and Israel.Now fuck off...
By: PissedoffVietVet on May 04, 2007 at 12:08pm

I guess he asked for a doggie bag.She definitely fell out of the ugly tree and hit every limb on the way down.
By: PigLipstick on May 04, 2007 at 12:39pm

If she exhibited such a lack of diplomacy among American academics, why should this guy trust her for a meal? BTW, her classes at Stanford were well known for being disasters. She was known around the campus for being scatter-brained and disorganized... Even Larry Diamond whom she hired to do a job in Iraq has abandoned her. If a fellow Hoover type has abandoned her, why not Iran?
By: colonelahab on May 04, 2007 at 12:40pm

Rice was only there to downplay the BushCo policy of not talking to our enemies. The idiot Dumbya's comments about (...) Diplomacy is easy if you care to be respectful to your counterpart's sensitivities and even easier if you intend to insult them. The Bush administration acts childishly and obviously wants conflict, not dialogue.The Crusade for Muslim oil will continue if any nine out of the ten GOP candidates win or even if Hillary wins. Our next election will be about the people's struggle to be free of corporate domination of our government. VOTE!!
By: SPEAKINGTRUTH2POWER on May 04, 2007 at 01:08pm

More Fuck You diplomacy. Condescending, flip, dismissive, as if politeness is not a given and is some kind of high ground or gift. The Fuck You administration has run out of good will and forgiveness and will soon pay the price for their inexcusable attitude.
By: olivia on May 04, 2007 at 01:31pm

FUCK THE TROOPS. I hope Iran rains thousands of missiles on the Green Zone if the Americans and Zionists attack. The troops are Nazis - in a fews years time they will say they merely were following orders. That doesn't fly with me. Send ALL of them to Guantanamo.
By: LittleGreenBaseBallz on May 04, 2007 at 01:52pm

The neocons/zionists appear hell-bent on bombing Iran. But if they support Israel, why are they willing to sacrifice Israel? Anybody know the answer?
By: wars4profit on May 04, 2007 at 02:55pm

(Oh I don't know why don't you, Rosie and Sean Penn go to Iran and convince them to let us live in peace.By: grandepulga on May 04, 2007 at 09:44am)
How about if said actors go to Washington and convince the Chimp to let the iranians and the rest of the world live in peace.
By: Tellintruth on May 04, 2007 at 09:39pm

War against Iran is only for two purposes: Zionist Religious Fanatacism and Israel. Every single architect of every single war in the Middle East was and is a Zionist, both evangelical and jew. Just a crazy set of coincidences.
By: Tellintruth on May 04, 2007 at 09:41pm

Zionism.Its a political movement based in religious fanatacism with hopes of creating the Apocolypse.
By: Tellintruth on May 04, 2007 at 09:53pm

It's time to bring Condi "Yellowcake" Rice to justice.She belongs behind bars, she should not be out destroying our credibility with other nations.
By: baghdadjoe on May 04, 2007 at 11:00pm


Behold, my fellow citizens: The "peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, diverse, non-racist, America-loving" left. (And to think, these people have the right to vote, and one of their major PACs, now claims that it has "bought, paid for and owns" the DNC. Sleep tight, eh?)


Regarding the comments on this thread, though, I can almost hear the hysterical cries within the HuffPost administrative offices...

"We need to deploy the 'Miniscule Minority Defense Initiative'... (info here) HURRY!!! Before that jerk JonQ starts to expose what was really said on this thread... we need to surgically scrub those few 'unhinged, clearly fringe' comments that JonQ will cherry-pick to make his points... HURRY!!!"

Whoops, too late, folks... I already saved a copy of the entire thread to a PDF file, which I'd be happy to email to JQWorld fans so they can see exactly what was said, where, when, and by whom, the entire thread, in all its glory... just drop me an email!

Have a nice day.



Here we go again... although the artificialy inflammatorily, misleading title of the headline is now buried in a column of posts on the front page (see below, highlighted in red)...

... earlier, to click on that link brought up a story page labeled, "Rice, Iranian Have Little Contact." But NOW, clicking on this link brings up a story entitled... "Suspicions Remain After Iraq Conference." (screen shot below) Hm, where'd that come from? I thought the Iranian diplomat "walked out on Rice"!? How can the headline for a story change THREE TIMES in less than 12 HOURS!?!? (only in HuffPostVille...!)

Oh, well, at least I do have some form of proof as to what the original front-page headline used to lead to... which incited the loonbatted hate, rage, America-bashing lunacy that is so abundantly documented above... via a crop from the PDF I grabbed of the thread:

Sorry, HuffPost admins... nice try... but I still gotcha. :)




HAHAHAHHAA.... well, now the HuffPost admins have put the original title ("Iranian FM Walks Out...") back up on the comments page that the thread link leads to... Sorry, HuffPost admins, but you need to get up a lot earlier if you're gonna try to fool JonQ... ;)



After perusing the insane, hateful, America-bashing, jihad-appeasing comments from the seething American left that I've documented on this thread, I suppose it shouldn't come as too great a surprise to realize where at least some of their lunacy comes from. And in this case, it's pretty clear the loonbat certainly doesn't fall far from the tree of supposedly unquestioned valor and integrity and insight that was foisted upon us by the MSM in recent years, in the form of Mother Sheehan.

So I'll be waiting with baited breath for the MSM to take her to task for uttering such a profoundly ridiculous statement as this (h/t LGF, here):

"I answered the soldier and explained carefully to him the distinction between a “terrorist” and an occupied person in a sovereign country who is fighting for his/her freedom from an oppressive foreign country. I tried to get G.I Joe to recall his lessons about the American Revolution when our founding fathers and mothers did the same thing."

I will be waiting for Katie, or Brian, or Charles, or the New York Times, or... ANYONE in the MSM to document this little jewel from Mother Sheehan --- and if they are really feeling brave, to correlate this insanity to what is being "taught" (strike that --- propagated) to America's children re our Founders.

And speaking of the supposed similarities between jihadist butchers in Iraq and America's Founders... gee, I've read pretty extensively on both subjects, and I don't recall ever having read about our Founders committing acts like these (please, though, someone point it out if I missed it):

Iraqi Islamists install bombs in girls' school under construction

Iraqi Islamist suicide bomber targets, kills 8 schoolgirls and baby

Iraqi Islamist suicide bomber kills 35 civilians, wounds 80 at funeral

Iraqi Islamist suicide bomber detonates explosive vest inside civilian bus; 10 dead, 17 wounded

Iraqi Islamist suicide bomber targets civilian cafe': 26 dead, 22 injured

3 Iraqi Islamist suicide bombers target civilians: 27 dead, 59 injured

Iraqi Islamists kidnapping Christian Iraqis: Warn them to convert, pay hefty ransom, or be murdered

And unironically, the Iranian madmen share Mother Sheehan's appraisal, precisely:

Iran calls U.S. forces in Iraq "terrorists"

Yes, I'll be waiting for the American MSM to confront Mother Sheehan --- the supposedly unimpeachable mouthpiece of the rabid left --- with evidence of the insanity of her statements...








The first things I noticed about this thread, which HuffPost entitled Six Charged With Plot To Attack NJ Base To "Kill As Many Soldiers As Possible"
were the following:

(1) That the thread was 3rd from the top (beneath more anti-Bush propaganda)

(2) That the "Quick Read" feature didn't even mention that the attackers were militant Islamists (despite the fact that responsible news organizations were reporting this truth), or that three of the six suspects were illegal immigrants. Instead, HuffPost ran this excerpt only:

Six nationals of the former Yugoslavia were arrested on charges they plotted to attack the Fort Dix Army base and "kill as many soldiers as possible," federal authorities said Tuesday. The six were scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in Camden later Tuesday to face charges of conspiracy to kill U.S. servicemen, said Michael Drewniak, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in New Jersey.

(3) As the day (May 8) progressed, the story thread kept moving down in prominence on HuffPost, beneath all the hate-Bush propaganda, beneath the appeals for clemency for Paris Hilton, etc... as if this were just some obscure story (nevermind that the responsible news media were playing this as a lead all day)

As anticipated, the rabid leftists that use HuffPost as one of their main gathering spots on the Web unleashed a torrent of loonbattery that, at points, even surprised a veteran HuffBuster like me. But as vocal as I am, in this case, I decided to just lay low and not augment this post, so as not to trigger the HuffPost "Miniscule Minority Defense Initiative."

Well, as of about 11pm last night, HuffPost administrators removed the thread altogether, despite the fact that this story is dominating the (responsible) news media today.

Gee, I wonder why?

Did they really think no one would be watching --- and documenting? How said. I saved a PDF of the entire thread (available via
email request), so there's now no hope for the HuffPost to go back and surgically scrub the "offensive" comments, or manipulate the headlines.

Want a taste of what was said on this thread, by these "peace-seeking, tolerant, America-loving, diversity-minded, inclusive, understanding" patriots?

Sorry. This administration has conditioned me to deem this to be wholly manufactured bullshit.Next !!
By: kenlog on May 08, 2007 at 09:17am

Obviously, those who made these arrests are NOT Bushie-loyalists and will be asked to resign, shortly.
By: getoffmedz on May 08, 2007 at 09:18am

Non-Muslim terrorists? White?The Right Wing should never have allowed this news to get out...
SkepticHume on May 08, 2007 at 09:19am

This plot was uncovered only by the grace of God. I am sure there must be hundreds of terrorist in this Country waiting for a chance to harm the people and especially the military. George Bush is creating more hate in the World every day that he remains in office...
By: veleria29 on May 08, 2007 at 09:24am

Wait, soldiers are supposed to be killed in Iraq not the USA.
By: PissedoffVietVet on May 08, 2007 at 09:29am

They could be Orthodox Christians, for all we know now, you bigot.
By: DocSarvis on May 08, 2007 at 09:31am

Sounds like pure Bull$hit Pentagon propaganda to me. Why would any terriorist go to all the trouble to attack US troops at Fort Dix, New Jersey when they can kill all the US Troops they want in Iraq, today, even as we speak? Very, very suspicious.Sounds like a feeble attempt by the Bu$h administration to recreate the 911 hysteria all over again.(The six were arrested trying to buy automatic weapons in a sale set-up by law enforcement authorities, the official said.)...
By: CaptEdwardGraham on May 08, 2007 at 09:48am

Before the Bush Rump Suckers cry foul they had best get their facts in order?The ethnicity of the suspects have not been released and if NOT Muslim the Bush Rectum Trumpets will cease to blow.Count on it....
By: getoffmedz on May 08, 2007 at 09:58am

Six people were going to attack an Army base? Right, uh-huh. Seems odd that this "plot" is exposed a day after the announcement of Bush's lowest approval ratings per the Newsweek poll. Also, why didn't the arrest announcement come from Homeland Security instead of from U.S. Justice? Trying to take some heat from Gonzales the week he goes before the House of Representatives? How transparent this administration is getting. Of course, the MSM is falling all over it, with no one questioning it. Pathetic.
By: mich929 on May 08, 2007 at 09:59am

So Dubya and the Pentagon Penguins didnt keep them over there. We are fighting them HERE!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing! I wish this admin would stop peeing on me and telling me it's rain.
By: grumbles on May 08, 2007 at 10:07am

These guys aint to bright. The ideal way to kill a lot of US troops all at once is to drive a van loaded with explosives onto the base and blow it up near the mess hall at chowtime or the church on sunday.Using automatic weapons will get a few surprised soldiers, then the rest are gonna scatter in every direction of the compass, then the party will be over. Six radicals simply cant chase down dozens of US Troops, even unarmed ones.Isnt it strange that the US Attorneys office dont seem to know much about these guys but they are perfectly sure about their plans to "kill as many as possible"?This will scare the crap out of the Republiwackos and Reich Wing Christiwackos, but any thoughtful person will see through this as poorly thought out Pentagon Propaganda of the simplist sort.
By: CaptEdwardGraham on May 08, 2007 at 10:15am

Only Republicans can know this. It's in their super-tough terrorist fighting genes. You see if your a liberal you want terrorists to attack and kill Americans. How do I know this? Because you are against the invasion and occupation of entire countries in order to kill, kill, kill, every fucking muslim you can. Also you can rape a few too because after all their fellow muslim jihadists hate America so that gives us the right to kill:A) Their Granpas & GrammiesB) Their childrenc)their DogsD) any insects they may have traveling with them (Tip: use a flame thrower for's cool)....
By: andyboy on May 08, 2007 at 10:19am

These guys are dumber than a mud fense. This kind of dumb can only come from Bu$h himself, not from Cheney.
By: CaptEdwardGraham on May 08, 2007 at 10:21am

When it's all over, you'll discover that it was some undercover government spy who cooked up the plot, convinced some dopes to go along, and then had them arrested...
By: liberalveteran on May 08, 2007 at 10:21am

Seems fishy. Can't imagine that they were not able to buy their weapons without being "set up" by law enforcement. Haven't they heard of e-bay?THis story sounds manufactured to push all the jingoist buttons:"Islamic terrorists planning to attack the troops that defend our freedom"....oh brother. By: brooklyncitizen on May 08, 2007 at 10:38am

The bad guys are the people that attack a country that never was a threat and kill, abuse and maim their population.The bad guys are Nazi trash who think they have some fucking divine mandate to rule the world and then wail like babies when they are attacked and a lousy 3000 people are killed.The bad guys are so STUPID that they don't realize the whole world is fast becoming fed up with their FAT ass dipshit mentality.
By: RepublicuntAsswipeCoward on May 08, 2007 at 10:54am

The official said that the men had lived in the United States for some time and were arrested as part of a joint federal and local investigation. Yeah , these guys certainly sound like the equivalent to our Navy SEALS/Green Berets , don't they ?
By: MCMetalLivesYetAgain on May 08, 2007 at 10:55am

I KNOW it was a deep disappointment to a portion of the trolls when they read the first line of the article;"Six nationals of the former Yugoslavia...".How big a letdown it must have been to find out that they couldn't use this incident to further justify their racism towards Muslims and people of Arab descent.False alarm. Back to the Mexicans you guys.
By: ChiGuy on May 08, 2007 at 11:00am

Too bad we have to be a bit discerning about this news coming just as the Bushies are losing ground. What better than catching a few islamic terrorists lodged in theis country to give our corrupt administration a boast...
By: mmeflutterbye on May 08, 2007 at 11:02am

At least they were going after military targets, which was smart of them, and yes, courageous of them. It would have been too easy for them to shoot up a high school or a tech school; they were smart enough to leave it to drugged-up middle class American kids.I'm sorry, but when you use your military against others don't expect me to shed any tears for you.
By: PatrickWalker on May 08, 2007 at 11:22am

So Pres. Bush's approval rating drops to an all time low of 28% and within a few days some alleged terroists are arrested for plotting to attack Fort Dix...just a coincidence of course
By: infinity on May 08, 2007 at 11:23am

By: FightingtheRight on May 08, 2007 at 11:24am

And that's only analyzing pages 1-6 of a 16 page thread. (Oops, I forgot --- according to Arianna Huffington, I must be just "cherry picking" a "miniscule minority" of the comments by "clearly unhinged, fringe" posters).


No wonder HuffPost removed the thread.

Because if casual observers (let alone the advertisers who support HuffPost) could see this kind of insane, hate-laden, America-bashing loonbattery --- and reflect upon the fact that these people have the right to vote --- it would be a sober awakening as to the true nature of the rabid American left, which now claims it has "bought, paid for and now owns" the Democratic Party.

Whoops. The documentation is right here. Let's just hope this thread goes far and wide through the blogosphere, so that maybe ordinary Americans will wake up. Finally.

Have a nice day.

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