Friday, May 11, 2007

"Leftist Gaza Protest Guide" - Bullseye!!!


Wow. Mere days after I posted my latest expose' on the leftist-Islamist convergence, here, YNet editorial writer Uri Orbach demonstrates that he sure does "get it."

Excerpt from his

"Leftist Protest Guide:"

This is how you fight the occupation: Bring five leftists along, give a camcorder to each one, and travel to the Territories. The nearest checkpoint is your playground. As you approach the checkpoint, attempt to express protest by moving roadblock rocks, swear at the soldiers, and do everything, and I mean everything, to piss them off.

Leftist, remember this: The soldiers are fatigued and worn out, and if you aim your swear words well, there is a good chance the reserve soldier at the roadblock will become upset. If you see some Palestinians on the other side, it's a good idea to start hurling stones.

However, all this should be done with extreme caution: Make sure not to film the stone-throwing by mistake. The photographers must focus on the reservists' reactions in order to convey an accurate picture of the incident.

Annoy them, bother them, swear at them, and yell out "occupation!" and "Aren't you ashamed of yourselves?" Block the road and climb the fence. Film the soldiers' reaction. The world loves to see violent Israeli soldiers. Should one of the reservists lose it a bit and hit you, you must immediately lie down on the ground (pay attention to the camcorder aimed at you) and start sobbing.

Read the rest here.

Wow. And I expect the MSM to ponder this reality, and how this kind of proven propaganda (more here) shapes public perceptions, any minute now...

... any minute now...

... any minute now...



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From Little Green Footballs... ya just can't make this stuff up. And it's a wonder why so many throughout the world are so sympathetic to those poor, poor Palestinians... for whom fomenting hatred, violence and murder are just part of their daily ritual --- but so long as leftist photographers and photo-editors will cover for them, why stop?

See it all here. Click on the picture of the "baby-jihadi" and watch the al-Reuters photo-show unfold.

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