Friday, May 18, 2007

Countdown To The Leftists' Next Round Of Israel-Bashing


Pavlov trained his dogs to salivate when they heard a bell, indicating they were about to eat --- whether he intended to feed them or not.

The rabid leftists' Pavlovian cue to begin their hysterical, propaganda-riddled, vicious verbal attacks against Israel is whenever it decides to finally fight back against the constant acts of murder and attempted murder that are perpetrated against its civilians and soldiers by militant Islamists. Extra leftist insanity and Israel/Jew-hatred is stoked when Israel actually announces its intentions and its principles and objectives in clear, unambiguous language (unlike Olmert-Speak, which he apparently learned from The Democratic Institute for Linguistic Obfuscation and Doublespeak; see here and here).

Today, Israel's top military officer announced that Israel is going to "make Hamas pay" for its murder and attempted murder, primarily through precision retaliatory attacks. Unlike militant Islamists in Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, al Quada and others, Israel uses almost superhuman effort to kill only those who have murdered or attempted to murder Israelis, with minimal or no civilian "collateral damage." On the contrary, militant Islamists revel in targeting civilians with suicide bombings, and whenever possible, up-close-and-personal, knife-in-the-chest attacks, or the ultimate: public beheadings.

As I have observed here on JQWorld for almost a year now, leftist loonbat nutjobs --- from the blogosphere to the hallowed halls of academia to the boardrooms of the MSM networks --- have demonstrated an unerring ability to fail/refuse to distinguish between the murderer and the murdered, the criminal and the victim, the terrorist and the the terrorized. And with Pavlovian predictability, they will march in militant lock-step to blame and condemn Israel (and other victims, like America), while pooh-poohing, excusing, equivocating for and in many cases, actually justifying Islamist butchery.

So, it is with(out) great fanfare that I hereby announce...

The JonQuixoteWorld Countdown To The Leftists' Next Round Of Israel Bashing

As an exciting project has prevented me from even observing the (non-JQWorld) blogosphere for a few weeks now, and I'll be busy on it for the next week, I encourage JQWorld fans to email me links to threads in the leftooned blogosphere that represent what I and you know is coming from them. (Extra credit goes to those who cull the comments and submit only the most vicious and representative of what JQWorld has documented for the last 10 months!)

Even as an atheist, on a day like this, and knowing what's coming for Israel, I feel quite compelled to say:

God bless Israel.

God damn the Islamist butchers who are creating this mess, and those who enable, support and justify them.


God bless America, and our soldiers.

Have a nice day.

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