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Leftist Racism - In South Carolina Schools, And The MSM? Yes.


I came across an article today, The Black And White Of "Ho" Culture, by Kathleen Parker, that should shock every rational American.

What Parker describes is so wrong on so many levels, it's hard to know where to begin.

Let's start here: Racism is defined as applying a separate, demeaning and destructive set of standards to all members of a particular race in a culture, based only on their race. Slavery was one of the outgrowths of racism, but it certainly wasn't the only one. For thousands of years, slavery has occurred in all parts of the world, and still is, in Africa and throughout sections of the Middle East. Racism is still alive in nations throughout the world.

America led the way in legally ending the abhorrent practice of slavery, which it inherited from the "old world."

This article, however, and those rare other ones like it, indicate one thing with crystal-clarity: that racism is still alive and well in America --- but not in the place we've been indoctrinated to believe it exists: it now exists firmly, squarely and almost inextricably in the heart of the American left.

The article describes how at a public (taxpayer-funded) middle school in Charleston, S.C., black students routinely and repeatedly use racial epithets and acts of violence against against white teachers that are so vicious, they make the entire Don Imus brouhaha look like a Sunday school picnic. One teacher, Elizabeth Kandrac, finally stood up for herself. From the article:

Let's be clear: What these children called this teacher is beyond reprehensible and could be only be construed as hostile and threatening. Here's a sample: white b----, white m----- f-----, white c---, white a------, white ho.

Other white teachers and students corroborated Kandrac's account, including a male war veteran who testified he would rather return to Vietnam than to Brentwood.

And what was the reaction of the school's administration --- which, like almost every other public school system in America, is obviously dominated by leftists --- when the teacher filed a lawsuit and EEOC action?

Kandrac's attorney, Larry Kobrovsky, argued that the repeated use of "white" made these slurs racists in nature. But school officials insisted that because black students were equally abusive to other blacks, the language wasn't inherently racist...

(D)efense attorney Alice Paylor told jurors that the kids heard this same language at home and there was "no magic pill" to make them behave.

Of course! Let's just excuse the little miscreants, and claim it's just "part of their culture" --- and if that weren't insane enough, let's claim that the teacher is just a golddigger! Excerpt:

But a white Kandrac -- who faced a daily barrage of insults, who had books and desks thrown at her and her bicycle tires punctured -- was treated like an incompetent wimp. She was just a lousy teacher out for money, the defense attorney said.

(Yes, I too can hear the echoes of that classic James Carville line, "You drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park and you never know what you're gonna get," in reference to Paula Jones, and the other DNC-labeled "trailer trash" women who accused Bill Clinton of having sexually molested, harassed, raped or attempted to rape them. Oh, those tolerant, peaceful, understanding, women's-rights-defending leftists...)

In one sense, Parker nails it:

Here's what we know without question: If majority white students had used similar language toward black students and teachers, the case would have been plastered on the front page of The New York Times until heads rolled.

A black Kandrac would have a million-dollar book deal, a movie contract and hundreds of interviews to juggle. Her oppressors and those who passively facilitated her abuse would have been pilloried by the media -- their faces all over the evening news -- while the reverends Al and Jesse organized protests.

But in another, she drops the ball:

Though Kandrac lost her job, the real losers are the children deprived of an education by the actions of a tyrannical few. And the worst racists are those teachers and administrators who denied these empowered brats the expectation of civilized behavior.

May the rest of America now be emboldened to act decisively in the interest of students who want to learn.

Amidst a valid point, Parker caters to pure leftist-statist appeasement drivel. Does Parker really believe that anyone with more than one functioning brain cell (this excludes you, HuffPost nutjobs) seriously thinks that this situation is limited only to a school in South Carolina?

This is but one facet of the abdication of responsibility that public (taxpayer-funded) schools from coast to coast have been allowed to get away with, as every major study of core curriculum proficiency has demonstrated in recent years. And such a situation as this, and that which is described above, could only occur in one type of environment: one that is forcibly constructed and maintained via government monopoly, under force of law.

Can any child can learn --- or any teacher teach --- in an environment in which children are forced to attend that particular school, and which taxpayers are forced to support, no matter how dismal the results --- and where teachers, administrators and slick trial laweyers are empowering this very type of racism?

Does any clear-thinking person
(sorry, DailyKos lunatics) think that students such as those desribed above actually want to learn? And more, does any rational person (sorry, CounterPunch, TruthOut and Wonkette trolls)
actually think that such a travesty could occur --- or be tolerated --- in a private school, where every parent has to write a check out to pay for his/her child's tuition?

In a private school, these students would be kicked out --- immediately --- and the ones who committed acts of violence against school personnel or other students would immediately be turned over to law enforcement for criminal prosecution, as they should be.

How do I know this? Would you willingly cut a check to, and send your child to a school like this, day after day, where incidents like those described (and acknowledged) in this lawsuit occur on a routine basis? Would you willingly pay to send your child to a school that cannot demonstrate its ability to teach even the basics of reading, writing, math, history, economics, geography, science, etc.? And even if you didn't have children, as just a taxpayer, would you advocate legally forcing parents in your neighborhood to do so --- because you, or the legislators you support, could muster 50.001% of a "vote"?

This case, therefore, while demonstrating state-sponsored, state-defended, and state-enforced racism, is but one aspect of how government education has subverted our entire culture. But this case has an added dimension: The poor and minority students who so desperately need a quality basic education to break out of poverty are being deprived of it, via state mandate, and at taxpayer expense, precisely because they are forced to attend whichever government-run school they're ordered to, under penalty of law. (To my leftist critics: These poor parents can just send their kids to private schools, and pay for it, you say? Really? Have you talked to any poor parents recently? Ever proposed to them that they should pay twice for their child's education --- once, for the school they don't want them to attend, via tax dollars extracted from them --- and again, for private school tuition? Yeah, I didn't think so.)

The only solution (in the near-term*)
is school choice and vouchers, which enable parents to send their children to any school that they feel will provide them with best educational opportunity.

But of course, every teacher's union, leftist advocacy group and Democratic legislator fights choice and vouchers tooth and nail, to protect the government's legally-enforced monopoly on "public education," using (as always) an unconscionable mix of race-based demagoguery and statist-socialist propaganda. The mere suggestion of recognizing the natural right of parents in a free society to not be forced to send their child to any particular school, to remove their children from failing schools, and put them into a school that actually performs, is to the teacher's unions and their supporters what kryptonite is to Superman.

(*The solution in the long-term is total educational freedom, in which all transactions are voluntary, and no citizen is legally forced to pay for the education of anyone else. In such a society, education would be valued even more, because there would be no more mysterious "public dollars" being spent or fought over to pay for it. Just as in every other economic transaction, from purchasing consumer electronics to dog-training services to autos, every last dollar would be contributed or paid to schools voluntarily, with the requisite demand for promised performance --- or the institution would be forced by the market to go out of business, as it should.)

Will we see anything about this case in the mainstream media, on all the evening newscasts and talk-show gabfests, least of all as a huge justification of the need for school choice?

Of course not.

According to the (leftist-dominated) MSM, (leftist-dominated) public school teachers and administrators "mean well," and are only doing what they do "for the children." With the exception of Parker's courageous article, this outrage will be buried --- period. Even if, as any thinking person
(sorry, this excludes you, DemocratUnderground nutjobs) knows, and as Parker so ably pointed out, were the situation reversed, the leftist race-hustlers and (supposed) do-gooders who pose as "journalists" would have satellite-TV trucks out front of this school, for weeks at a time, for as long as they could possibly milk this "race" story.

And if this all isn't enough to shock you, here are three more things to consider:

These racist middle-school barbarians will be able to vote in six years or less (the vast majority of whom who will have obtained not even the most rudimentary grasp of history, current affairs, or the basic skills to learn about them, thanks to schools such as the one described above)

The public school teachers, administrators and lawyers who perpetrate this racist nonsense and who defended the school's (in)actions already do vote, and more --- via their unions and lobbying, they constitute the largest single source of campaign finance and lobbying dollars for to the Democratic Party

This isn't the only recent "inconvenient" (horrifying) race-based incident that the leftist-racist MSM refuses to cover. Don't follow
this link if you've just eaten, or are about to eat --- trust me on this one.

Have a nice day.

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