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In response to a great suggestion from fan, here ya go: The most important recent posts at JonQuixoteWorld:

Roundup Of Western Government-Enforced Dhimmitude - When a culture's indoctrinated self-loathing and lack of rational principles (i.e. individual liberty, limited constitutional government, etc.) meets the power of law, and the government's monopoly on the use of force, this is what happens. This is a categorized roundup of domestic and international acts of "official" dhimmitude --- submission by governments, and the agencies and institutions they control, to the intimidation and demands of radical Islamists (often disguised as "civil rights" activists) --- that isn't available anywhere else. From "official" acts that enable militant Islamism, to ostracizing or prosecuting anyone who criticizes or opposes it, to whitewashing the reality of it, to looking the other way when one's culture is being progressively balkanized and subverted by it, this blogpost links you to information that is vital to understanding the true depth and breadth of this phenomenon, both here in the U.S. and elsewhere. Also see PBS Dhimmitude, Part I and Part II.

The American Left: All Hate, All Jihad-Appeasement, All The Time - There most certainly is a divide in America, and the fault line is drawn between clear-thinking Americans and the off-the-charts lunatic leftist whackjobs that infest the blogosphere, and the Huffington Post in particular (but certainly not exclusively). Put up a misleading headline concerning Condi Rice's Middle East diplomacy, and the leftists will side with the militant Islamists every time; put up a thread discussing the domestic jihadists' planned attack on Ft. Dix, ditto. Happens like clockwork. This thread details some of the more grotesque examples of the comments that were posted on HuffPost, and more. E plurbus unum seems to be but a fond memory at this point.

The (Literal) "Daily Call For Surrender" - Can you imagine what would happen if it were discovered that top leaders of the Republican party, or President Bush himself, were engaging in conference calls every morning with conservative activist groups, to discuss strategy, tactics, rallies, talking points, etc.? The MSM would go apeshit and cover this "outrage" 24/7. But when the top leaders of the Democratic party engage in this behavior, the MSM lets out one big collective "yawn."

The NYTimes: Militant Islamism's Bee-Yotch: A detailed analysis of how the NYT buried, then whitewashed the story of the "Ft. Dix Six" jihadists who planned to "kill as many American soldiers as possible," on U.S. soil. References earlier instances of similar dhimmitude by the newspaper that claims to publish "all the news that's fit to print." Uh-huh.

The "New DemocratSpeak," Part II - Will politicians only tell "the truth" when they are locked away in a hermetically-sealed bubble, instead of having to address it to the American people? According to DNC Chief Howard Dean, the answer is an unequivocal yes. A follow-up to Part I, in which I documented the shameless way in which top Democrats are manipulating our language in order to obfuscate their push to declare America's surrender to militant Islam, and more.

The Virginia Tech Massacre: Will We Ever Learn? - I don't know. It doesn't appear so. When law-abiding people are disarmed under force of law, a madman's (or terrorist's) carnage is legally empowered to run its course, unopposed --- especially when a culture's mainstream media stands by and leads the cheers for more oppressive anti-gun legislation, then takes surveys to gauge (and advertise) how effective their propaganda has been. Also see: Let's Go "Inside The Mind Of A Killer" - NBC's Lame Excuse.

HotAir: 2 Conversations with Dr. Walid Phares - A vital two-part video interview with one of the most prescient and knowledgeable experts on the spread of radical Islamism, and hints on how to oppose it, on principle.

Some of this isn't exactly inspiring reading, but it's all relevant and timely.

Enjoy your visit.

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