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The NY Times: Militant Islamism's Bee-Yotch


As has been demonstrated numerous times here at JQWorld (here, here, elsewhere) and on other blogs, militant Islamists – like those who were planning to assault Ft. Dix to “kill as many American soldiers as possible” – enjoy the benefit of a resource that helps to keep the American people blissfully unaware of the specific indications that jihad is coming to our streets: our own mainstream media.

Examples abound: On this morning's network TV news shows, the "Ft. Dix Six" barely made mention --- and when they did, it was far into the broadcast, and they were referred to (as on NBC's Today Show) as "six New Jersey men charged with..."

Nothing about the fact that they are Muslims, or that they justified their actions because of their sworn allegiance to Allah, to Osama bin Laden, and to violent jihad. See an insightful analysis of this colossal omission by Andrew McCarthey of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies,

Nothing about the fact that there have been numerous other instances of militant Islamists having been busted across the United States for attempting to purchase military-grade weaponry (assault weapons, grenade launchers, explosives, etc.) to commit jihad on our streets (
here, here, here, here, here; more coming).

And nothing about the fact that three of the six were in the United States illegally, and were apparently operating a business and living quite openly --- and largely (driving Escalades, BMWs, etc.) --- even though they are illegals (as documented, in part,

The MSM has now all but blacked out this entire "Ft. Dix Six" episode from even a fraction of the coverage that they are giving to the pure fluff (Paris Hilton, American Idol, presidential money derby, celebrity gossip, etc.). And I'm certainly not the only one who notes the sudden subversion of this story --- and the Islamist component of it --- from our headlines, merely hours after CAIR, the Hamas-spawned Islamist terror-front group and -apologist (
here, here, here, here), issued a press release warning the MSM to "not link this case with Islam" (despite what these jihadists themselves said about their divine justifications).

There is no more timely or representative example of how our MSM has been cowed into submission (dhimmitude) than today’s New York Times.

The NY Times is supposedly America's "newspaper of record," which contains "All The News That's Fit To Print." Well, let's see what the NY Times decided was "fit to print" today. Cick on the above image: Do you see anything about the "Ft. Dix Six?" Nope.

Seems the following stories were deemed by the editors of the NY Times as being far more important --- and worthy of front-page coverage --- than the New Jersey jihadists (how I'll refer to them from hereon out), and the implications for our domestic security:

Pressed by Police, Even Innocent Confess in Japan

Highway Debris, Long an Eyesore, Grows as Hazard

Well those stories are certainly much more important than any planned assault on a U.S. military installation. One that happens to be located on U.S. soil.

Turn to page A2. Anything on the New Jersey jihadists, or related discoveries in recent months and years? Nope.

Page A3? Nope, sorry. Instead, the page is dominated by this: Blair Choreographs End to a Stewardship Dogged by Iraq

Page A4? Nope. Instead, this cheerleading piece for Venezuela's socialist tyrant, Hugo Chavez, and loving approval of his latest crackdown on freedom and free enterprise: Vendors’ Removal Brings a Venezuelan Gem Back to Life

Pages A5-A14? Nope.

Page A15? Sorry. Instead, we're treated to an
analysis of the Dallas, TX mayoral race, and a story of (yet another) Chicago Democrat who's been indicted for corruption.

Page A16? Nope. Instead we're treated to stories about
Purdue University investigating a professor for fraud, and the Treasury Dept's investigation of Michael Moore for his trip to Cuba. Both stories are clearly vital for Americans to understand the threats to their security, and their culture.

Page A17? Sorry. Instead we're treated to the story of why
the Dairy Council is ending one of its ad campaigns.

Page A18? Nope.

Page A19? Ditto.

Page A20? Well, we're getting closer, geographically at least; the page is dominated by
a loving portrait of N.J. Governor Jon Corzine (D) and his recovery from his recent auto accident. Oh, and Brooklyn's consideration of offering property next to a jail to developers to build... apartments.

Page A21? Hm, what's this? Well, there it is, right below "Latin Food At Yankee Stadium. Now, How About That?"... we FINALLY come to an article entitled:

Relatives Noticed Changes in Accused Plotters

After all that page-turning suspense, let's take a look at how the story was played. "Plotters" --- does that mean they were "plotting" to steal subway tokens? To engage in an ID-theft ring? To bring down Western civilization? No answer.

Anyway, here are some excerpts from the article underneath this non-descript, non-offensive headine:

Ramiz Duka said his three cousins started to change two to three years ago. Three young men who had grown up with more American friends than fellow ethnic Albanian immigrants began to lecture other Muslims about religion.

“They were praying different, they were talking different, they were telling people what to believe,” Mr. Duka recalled of Eljvir, Shain and Dritan Duka, three of the six men charged in southern New Jersey this week with plotting to attack the Fort Dix military reservation. “They thought they only knew the right way.”

Ramiz Duka, a Philadelphia area general contractor whose father is the brother of the suspects’ father, Ferik, said relations grew so strained a year ago that he declined an invitation to attend a family wedding. The playing of music — a centuries-old tradition at Albanian weddings — had been banned.

“What was inflicted on their brain, from who, I don’t know,” the cousin said in an interview on Thursday. “It’s not our faith. It’s not our religion. It’s not our people.”

“Who they met here, I don’t know,” Mr. Duka said. “They started growing beards. They were trying to disassociate from us, from my family.”

Agron Abdullahu’s family said he was not radicalized. Since arriving in the country eight years ago, he worked at a ShopRite supermarket in Williamstown, N.J.

“He works 10 hours a day,” said his cousin Arsim. “He would come home and work on his car at night. When he has time to do all these things?”

Wow. Well. That certainly helps to answer all of our questions. These were six ordinary young men, living large in America, half illegally (though not mentioned in the article), and got a bit energetic about their belief in Islam.

Summary: "Nothing to see here, people, just move along..."

Well, at least I can give the NY Times credit for one thing: Unlike many in the MSM, they actually used the word "Muslim" right there in the second sentence. But they never used it again in the rest of this 900 word article. Nothing. No al Quada, no bin Laden, no reference to the widening preparations for jihad in America (Feeling brave? Read this). Nothing.

Just obfuscations, denials, and evasions... exactly what CAIR ordered, and received from their lapdogs in the MSM, and the NY Times in particular. OOPS! Except for that one reference to "Muslims."

But hey, that's just a simple cut-and-remove from the online version. And then, finally, the NY Times will have completely dhimmified itself so as not to alienate those wonderful jihad-enabling and -justifyng "civil rights advocates" over at CAIR.


"All The News That's Fit To Print," indeed.

Have a nice day.



LGF has all the details here.

Question: Is the NYTimes on the payroll of militant Islamists --- or are they just offering in-kind contributions, in the form of obfuscating and downplaying stories that should (in a non-bizarro universe) merit front-page, top-of-the-fold attention? Hm.

What a different world we would be living in if papers like the NY Times would devote half the attention that they focus on celebrity culture and clashes, to stories that actually matter.

Have a nice day.

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