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What's Persian For "Chutzpah?"


From the Friday, May 4 Wall St. Journal Letters To The Editor section:


Iran a Danger? Surely Not

In response to your April 27 editorial "Missile Defense Mischief":

Iran poses no danger to Europe or any other continent or country, including the United States, that warrants a U.S. plan to install an anti-missile defense system in Eastern Europe. The U.S. government's justification, that this is meant to protect Europe from missiles fired by Iran, is ludicrous.

Europe is Iran's main trading partner. Iran has not attacked any of its neighbors, let alone out-of-area countries, during the past 250 years and its military capabilities are purely defensive, given the recent history of Iraq's invasion of Iran, tacitly backed by certain Western governments, during the 1980s.

The U.S. must look for another scapegoat to perpetuate its post-Cold War sway over Europe.

Fortunately, the rest of the world is keenly aware of how U.S.'s hegemonic intentions are cloaked by manufacturing threats. Instead of continuing the old power paradigm, the U.S. must shift to a post-hegemonic course of action in order to restore its global credibility.

M.A. Mohammadi
Press Counselor
Mission of Iran to The U.N.
New York



The only questions left to ask at this point are:

When did Iran begin to provide training in stand-up comedy to its press corps?

Does Mr. Mohammadi get his talking points from seething American leftists, or do they get their talking points from him?
Because his letter sure sounds a lot like the seething left's America-bashing, jihad-appeasing rants (here, here, here, here)

For more information to help demolish the good Iranian press lackey's propaganda, please see:

U.S. Department of State: Iran is world's leading state sponsor of terrorism

Daniel Pipes:
More Reasons for Alarm at Ahmadinejad's Threats; Decision Time On Iran; more here

And a timeless JQWorld classic: "The Rebranding Of Uncle Mahmoud"

Or hey, have fun, and see the threats for yourself! Do a Goggle search on "Ahmadinejad threats," "Iran terror," and more.

(Word to the wise: Pay special attention to stories and blogposts by/about Euro-apologists, many of whom have been cowed into submission, or are profiting by selling advanced technologies to Iran and its madman-leader, for what they've assured us are... peaceful purposes).

Have a nice day.

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