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Update On Michigan Jihadists With 1,000 Untraceable Cell Phones


Well, well, well.

Back on August 12, 2006, JQWorld featured a story:
MSM: WHAT 3 Muslim Men With 1,000 Untraceable Cell Phones In The USA? The MSM briefly addressed --- then hurriedly removed --- this story, which came right on the heels of the foiled Islamist plot to bomb 10 U.S.-bound airliners over the Atlantic. There were so many more interesting stories to cover at the time... John Mark Karr, American Idol, etc...

Well now, along comes an interesting twist in this story: Turns out that untraceable cell phones purchased in America --- just like those 1,000 phones that the Michigan police found in the possession of "three Middle Eastern" men --- are being used to murder U.S. soldiers.

this story at the Northeast Intelligence Network. Excerpt:

Those on the side of the purchasers have consistently asserted that such purchases are made for entrepreneurial reasons – the phones are purchased in bulk and sold at a higher markup elsewhere.

The purchasers have been described by their families as "good boys" with no connections to terrorism and no malevolent intent, a template ripped from the pages of certain Islamic civil rights organizations to portray these young men as victims of a system too quick to profile. The Northeast Intelligence Network has consistently maintained that the cell phones are being used for terrorist purposes, although this possibility has been consistently downplayed by federal authorities and the media.

On Wednesday, however, authorities in Muleshoe, Texas questioned a man who confessed to buying sixty disposable cell phones in a variety of Muleshoe stores.

According to local news reports, he admitted that the phones would eventually be used as bomb detonators in Iraq – bombs that will undoubtedly claim the lives of our young men and women fighting in the dusty battlefields against Islamic terrorism – bombs built with components of cell phones purchased in the U.S.

According to this local news report, the man has since been released, and no charges were filed.

And check out the extensive list of links that supplement this article, at the bottom of the page.

Where is this story in the MSM? Is this revelation not more important than Paris Hilton's appeals for clemency, of the money-race for the 2008 presidential derby, of the latest diet fad, and celebrity gossip? Apparently not.

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